125-Year-Old Levi’s Have Sold for Nearly $100,000

A pristine pair of (very) vintage Levi’s jeans sold at auction earlier this month for nearly $100,000.

The jeans were originally purchased in 1893 by Solomon Warner, a shop-owner who helped settle Tuscon, Arizona and who only wore the jeans a few times before he fell ill and passed away shortly thereafter.

Warner must have been quite an imposing figure: the jeans’ waist is 44 inches with a 36-inch inseam. Danile Buck Soules of Daniel Buck auctions, who appeared on Antiques Road Show for 11 years (watch him unveil the jeans here) estimates Warner weighed approximately 300 pounds.

The jeans have a button fly, no belt loops (they wore suspenders back then), and only one back pocket. Levi’s added the second back pocket in 1902.

Weirdly and disturbingly, the post-civil-war jeans’ inside patch reads: “Made with white labor and enjoy a National reputation.”

The buyer’s identity is being kept private, but Fortune reports that the individual had the jeans inspected by a representative in advance, and that the buyer is located in Southeast Asia.


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