Trave’s Latest Lookbook Brings the Denim Suit to Life

A trave is a crossbeam or formal support structure against which others can rise. So it’s not surprising that Trave the denim brand was founded by an engineer.

I.J. Kim has learned through his experience as an engineer that every component of the structure must work together to create a supportive structure, whether it’s a bridge or a pair of jeans.

The spring 2019 lookbook is chock full of staples, from must-have trucker jackets matched perfectly with a pair of high-waisted jeans to create a proper denim suit, to the ultimate white shirt that will forever make your denim sing.

You’ll find some colored denim here in a wide leg and high rise—brands can can try for a trend-free approach, but rarely can escape them. Still, you’ll find many staples and likely a few lifers among the classic silhouettes.


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