The Great Jeans: Current Elliott Founders Know Good Jeans

The Great was found by Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, and if those names sound familiar, it’s because their other brand Current Elliott has been a mainstay denim brand since 2008.

The Great skews more artisinal. The styles are less trend driven and honestly I can’t describe it better than Vogue did:

THE GREAT. reaches for an entirely different kind of California cool, something set high in the mountains at a time when “the Great” was a wider circulated epithet – the times of the Great Houdini, The Great Gatsby, the Great Depression. You could picture Chaplin’s daughter retiring to a farm in the hills in this line.

WhoWhatWear said the following:

Current and Elliott always bring a playful, intelligent spirit to whatever they touch – their finished looks are almost like the styling equivalent of a Sofia Coppola film or a Jenny Lewis album: deeply personal, a little quirky, and completely wonderful.

It does not surprise me one bit that fashion writers got so poetic about The Great. It’s an inspirational collection of clothing that, at least for me, caused severe swooning when I first had a look at the website.

The brand has just a small collection of denim, but it’s impactful and noteworthy and I want all of it. Literally every. single. pair! The rest of the collection would also be welcome in my closet any time of day or night.


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