Rachel Comey Denim

Disclaimer, I’ve been a Rachel Comey advocate for years. So the fact that she started working with a lot more denim for spring ’14 was at first not only exciting but a bit worrisome. Will it work? Will I love what she does with denim? Will I want her denim as much as I desperately ‘need’ her clothing and shoes? Yes, yes and yes. Rachel can safely refer to herself as the designer who does new things with denim. Just as she incorporates a vintage aesthetic to her pieces, she blends denim into her collection with unique pieces you probably do not own yet in denim: fitted tanks, trench coats, printed pencil skirts, culottes, boxy shirts. Each piece can be paired denim on denim or with a non-denim piece from her collection so the options are endless. Here are a few snapshots of Rachel Comey’s denim for spring.


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(Images via NY Mag)


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  1. April 2, 2014 / 12:57 pm

    I basically want everything here. EVERYTHING.

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