MOTHER Denim “Swing” 2015 Lookbook



We may be heading into the holiday season, but in the fashion world, we’re already plotting what’s on for Spring. MOTHER Denim released their “Swing” lookbook (aka Spring) for 2015. Of course, I’m a big fan of MOTHER, and this season does not disappoint. With embroidered denim shirts, skinny jeans split at the cuff and denim rinsed with that “worn in” looks really quite natural. Guess we’re going to have to get some embroidery in our wardrobes for next spring! (Ok, twist my arm, will ya?)


mother_swing_15_12  mother_swing_15_10 mother_swing_15_9 mother_swing_15_8 mother_swing_15_7 mother_swing_15_6 mother_swing_15_5 mother_swing_15_4 mother_swing_15_3 mother_swing_15_2 mother_swing_15_1


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