M.I.h Brings Back it’s Best in the Marrakesh 1971 Capsule Collection

M.i.h jeans has reissued some of its best pieces this spring for the Marrakesh 1971 capsule collection. Die-hard M.i.h fans will be thrilled to see the much-loved Marrakesh flare style once again available. (Check out our review of them here.) The jeans were originally released all the way back in 1971 when the brand was called Made in Heaven, and was the first flare designed and made in Europe

If you’re not hip to the history of this denim brand, it was originally called Made In Heaven back in the 60s. It was founded by Tony O’Gorman and his wife, denim model Chekkie Lonsdale. Their daughter Chloe Lonsdale now carries on the family business, which she relaunched in 2006.

The 7-piece capsule includes the 1971 fit both as a flare and as denim cut-offs. It also includes a logo tee, overalls, and zip front jeans. Shop the capsule collection here.



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