London Calling: The BETHNALS Unisex Jeans


I can’t believe it’s taken THIS long to figure it out. I mean, both men and women wear denim. Sometimes my husband and I will accidentally get dressed both wearing a chambray shirt and jeans. Like, one of us HAS TO CHANGE.

Anyway, especially with the rise of the “boyfriend jean” and the “dad jean” the denim men and women wear are becoming more and more similar (I mean, can you imagine guys wearing low-rise skinny jeans with pink stitching? heh.) Now, I normally roll my eyes at Kickstarter projects (Advanced Style, I’m still waiting for that DVD) but this fledgling label is something I really think is pretty awesome.

Bethnals (Bethnal Green is a neighborhood in East London) is a label that focuses on not mens jeans, not womens jeans… but a jean that would fit all of human kind.

“Bethnals asks- why should men have to buy women’s jeans to nail the perfect skinny aesthetic? And who said women have to have a boyfriend to get just that – the ‘boyfriend’ fit? With this ethos in mind, she started Bethnals with the aim to bridge this gap and create a brand of denim, cut to suit both the male and female silhouette.”

Initially creating three cuts, skinny, straight and relaxed, their line is dedicated to finding that classic fit that goes beyond the trends. Kind of finding that “perfect uniform” while, I’m thinking that “timeless” is a trend within itself these days, as there are several labels that are searching for that holy grail as well, I do find the pieces from Bethnals to be just that. Timeless. Hopefully, they make their Kickstarter goal, because I would love to give these jeans a try!

thebethnals_denim4 thebethnals_denim3 thebethnals_denim2 thebethnals_denim


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