IRO for Spring 2015: Edgy Basics


Ok, so it’s October. Only “fashion” people are thinking about spring. I get it. But in reality, it really helps to map out what investments to make in your wardrobe (where to splurge and what to skip) when you have an eye on what’s coming out next season. Not sure about white jeans for fall this year? Well, it’s not such a big gamble if you know that white jeans will still be white-hot come spring.

IRO, is a French label that hopped on the “timeless basics” trend before it became a trend again (this year), most of their collections are founded in the black and white color palettes, and this coming spring is no exception. What I’m loving about this season are the cropped white jeans ┬ápaired with a lace-up ankle boot.┬áJeans that are faded almost white with a very slight cuff is an subtle twist to some of the more statement cuffs we’ve seen on jeans lately. But no matter if the jeans are crisp and white or tattered it’s all in the crop. So we’ll see if it’ll take to the streets since cropped jeans have almost been entirely reserved for the moms on vacation. On the other hand, you can get away with anything wearing those lace-up booties!


Iro_022_1366Iro_020_1366 Iro_018_1366 Iro_006_1366 Iro_016_1366 Iro_017_1366

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