Get Your Coat On. Coated Jeans That Is.


Coated Jeans are one of those things you think will only be around for a season or two. But no… they have stuck around long enough to be a permanent member of the denim family. An alternative to leather (and pleather), coated jeans are both light weight enough and breathe enough to give that edgy look without the cost. This season, DL1961 has a great collection of coated jeans utilizing their 4-way trademark stretch, giving you that perfect fit that retains its shape. The Emma Coated Legging Jean is a classic style to add to your fall wardrobe.

The only thing is how do you care for coated jeans? Turn them inside out and hand wash, or you can also send them to an eco-friendly dry cleaners that doesn’t use heat. You ¬†could also recoat your jeans, but try it first on an older pair so you can practice your technique.

RiverPintuck_TOULOUSE $268 Florence_BARCELONA $178 Florence_LONDON $178 Emma_Clash $178 Emma_Platinum $179


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