Denim On The Rise: Greg Lauren



What do you do when you’re a former soap opera star, nephew to Ralph Lauren and acclaimed artist? Start a fashion line! This is what Greg Lauren has done. One may say that his work was slow to start, beginning in 2011 and taking four years to get recognized on (like, totally, that’s when you’ve “made it” as a fashion designer!) With so many careers under his belt, it’s easy to see how he’s able to marry several aesthetics in some kind of cohesive manner with his 2015 collection. A bit of military, a bit cowboy, a bit zombie apocalypse, Lauren’s sartorial dystopia is a far cry from his “All American” uncle.

I’m loving how the patchwork denim is not merely patches on traditional styles of jeans. The jeans are tailored, patched, destroyed, and tailored some more. Kind of reminding me of that franken-jean we talked about a few weeks ago. Only, this is no DIY project, but that of a skilled artisan.  Not bad, and once the zombie apocalypse breaks out, I’ll be first in line to get a bite out of this collection.

greg_lauren_aw15_denim8 greg_lauren_aw15_denim7 greg_lauren_aw15_denim6 greg_lauren_aw15_denim5 greg_lauren_aw15_denim4 greg_lauren_aw15_denim3 greg_lauren_aw15_denim2


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