Denim on The Rise: Bliss And Mischief


My love affair with vintage has always been more like an on-again-off-again kind of deal. I wore vintage when it wasn’t cool, hated vintage when it was cool, and now? Well, only here and there will I dabble. One place that seems to be getting better in terms of the ‘vintage gold rush’ is re-worked vintage denim. Some people really love the cuts of Levi’s vintage jeans, how they’re 100% cotton, and how they fit at the waist, worn in and faded in a way that can’t really be achieved by even the best of denim wash houses.

Hilary Justin founded Bliss and Mischief this year after nearly a decade of fashion design and vintage selling. Combining her skills in both fields, she creates one-of-a-kind re-worked vintage pieces in denim by embroidering them with desert motifs. Where each piece of denim goes from being an old treasure to a piece of art.

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