Denim Gems From the Spring 2017 Calvin Rucker Lookbook


Calvin Rucker founders Caroline Calvin and Joie Rucker met in 1995 as designers at Levi’s in San Francisco. Calvin had come from François and Marithé Girbaud in the late 1980s and then led the LEVI’S European design team. She eventually returned to the States to spearhead LEVI’S Vintage Clothing, RED and men’s skinny jeans.

Rucker also has a formidable resume: she moved to Los Angeles in 1997 for a gig as VP of design and product development at Guess, then in 2001 left to launch Joie in 2001, then Rich & Skinny in 2006.

They brought their skills together in 2015 to launch Calvin Rucker, and it’s no surprise that denim plays a key role in their collections. Here are some of my favorite ensembles from their spring 2017 lookbook, entitled Rebel Belle and inspired by Billy Idol. Click through for all the looks!

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