Day Trippin’… Mother Denim Loves Embroidery



It’s hard not to love embroidered denim.  And so does MOTHER Denim. While everyone is focusing on the retro looks of the 70’s, MOTHER reflects back to those hippy days of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Inspired by psychedelic art, this embroidered collection feels like it’s been in the Yellow Submarine.

Of course, I have my own memories of the 70’s. But mostly from a child’s eyes. The denim on the jacket reminds me of that trippy pinball song on Sesame Street:

But for those who cannot remember, and want something a little more every day… these denim shirts and embroidered denim shorts can be integrated in almost any wardrobe. The loosey fray short with embellishments to make any summer the summer of love.




Images courtesy of MOTHER Denim


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