Cropped Jeans & Denim Culottes at Valentino Pre-Fall 15


Everywhere the 70’s are coming back.  But does that mean we all have to throw out our skinny jeans and throw on a pair of flared jeans? Well, not so fast. Pre-Fall 15 has been super interesting this year and to tell the truth it’s also fascinating what kinds of collections designers come out with for the seasons “no one” pays attention to. Pre-Fall, Resort, Holiday. They are the baby collections, and some designers do little snippets to keep our fashion appetites curbed and others, like say Valentino came out with a 97-look mega-collection. Even for Fall and Spring it’s pretty huge.

What I took from sifting through all the looks was the presence of denim (and the next generation of that Rockstud IT shoe!) How the wide legged jeans suggested a flare but were neat and slightly cropped, kind of like a grown up culotte. This style is updated enough to look fresh but classic enough to pull off any time of the year. Which I’m have to say is pretty awesome.

Valentino_074_1366 Valentino_073_1366 Valentino_049_1366 Valentino_032_1366 Valentino_033_1366 Valentino_020_1366 Valentino_019_1366


Image credit: Valentino




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