Citizens of Humanity Spring 2018 Lookbook

I love when spring cookbooks come out to see the new designs, of course, but also to take in the styling, art direction and photography. I’m obsessed with the Citizens of Humanity Spring 2018 campaign and its golden hour (maybe actually post-golden hour) sunset light.

Sunsets are a favorite subject on my personal Instagram feed. Plus, I love the arguably risky choice of a darker look in a world where all photographs seem to be fading into a universal blank white palette.

What’s my favorite pair of jeans in this campaign? I’m so glad you asked! It has to be the Drew Fray in cream pinstripe. The crossover at the back of the hem is so cool, and the pinstripes are actually sewn in.

If I were forced to choose, the Emma is probably second on my list, and reminds me very much of my old favorite, the Melanie. What’s your favorite? 


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