Back in Basics: Paige Denim Summer MENS Lookbook


What are they guys wearing this summer? As far as I can see things, the trend towards classic dressing for men is still going strong. Yet, if anything it might be relaxing a bit. This summer Paige Denim’s mens lookbook, showcases all the basics a man needs in his casual wardrobe. Crisp chinos, grey jeans, black jeans, even a pair of cargo pants to wear with sneakers. Maybe it’s the normcore influence or “Dad Jeans” but people all around are mellowing out their style statements and going for the understated…. but that doesn’t mean sloppy! I’m loving the clean looks in the Paige collection this summer, and looking forward to seeing it continue into fall.

Paige_Denim_Mens_Summer14_5 Paige_Denim_Mens_Summer14_4 Paige_Denim_Mens_Summer14_3 Paige_Denim_Mens_Summer14_2 Paige_Denim_Chino_Mens_Summer14_1Images from Paige Denim



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