Alexa Chung for AG Jeans Throws a Tri-City House Party

Want more 70’s inspired denim? Yeah, you do! My eternal hair muse, denim icon,  Alexa Chung has collaborated with AG Jeans to make Spring 2015 all about the 70’s.  From embroidered denim, denim shirt dresses, tunic dresses and those perfectly flared jeans, Alexa makes everything look so easy.

What’s more is that AG and Alexa are going on a three-city tour, with stops in NY, LA & London, to promote the collection with three unique house parties.  So if you’re in earshot of any of those three cities, I guess, know that someone somewhere is having a lot of fun wearing denim. Ha! That’s like every day. I can forgive that, because even though I am not sure what Alexa is famous for, she still is fabulous. And so are AG Jeans.

Alexa-Chung-AG-Jeans-Collection-2015-6 Alexa-Chung-AG-Jeans-Collection-2015-16alexa-chung-for-ag-2015_01 alexa-chung-collaborates-with-ag-jeans-body-image-1421325247

Images courtesy of AG Jeans



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