Acne Blå Konst Denim Collection for Summer 2019

BLÅ KONST Acne Studios 1999 Black Patch Black / Black 1500x 001Acne launched its Blå Konst arm in 2017 to give the brand’s denim it’s own identity. Acne started out with denim, and its creative director Jonny Johansson wanted to carve out a space for its original product.

For 2019 there are some pretty massive silhouettes—both tops and bottoms are oversized, which is nothing new for this brand. Acne is not the place to typically find your basic skinny jeans. Check out the jean jackets, the patchwork palazzo jeans and pleated mom-and-then-some jeans below, and click here for the entire collection.

BLÅ KONST Acne Studios 1999 Blue Water Indigo blue 1500x 001

BLÅ KONST BK-UX-OUTW000004 Blue/pink 1500x 001

BLÅ KONST BK-UX-OUTW000003 Indigo blue 1500x 001


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