6397’s Spring ’15 Collection Focuses on Essentials


The label 6397 was named when founder Stella Ishii dialed “n-e-w-s” on the phone. Just thought I’d throw that tidbit… the label is a project that focuses on minimal and essential clothing for the tomboy in all of us. Each piece has it’s updated twist, sometimes quite literally… remember those Levi’s “Engineered” jeans circa 1999? Well, 6397 has reimagined them in a slouchy skinny jean. Softer and more more lightweight than the Levi’s version. The denim jumpsuit, 6397’s signature piece based on old Italian boilersuits, makes an appearance for Spring of next year.. therefore giving any splurges on your denim jumpsuits this fall at least another year of on-trend wear.  I love the fits of this collection, beyond the boundaries of what constitutes as “standard” in the denim world. However, the washes I’m not soo crazy about. They have a hint of G-Star during the Aughts in them, a little too over the top. So basically, I’m not ready to relive the Aughts…. too soon, even in 2015.

6397_ss15_denim_8 6397_ss15_denim_7 6397_ss15_denim_6 6397_ss15_denim_5 6397_ss15_denim_4 6397_ss15_denim_3 6397_ss15_denim_2 6397_ss15_denim_1Image Credit: 6397



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