Vogue.com’s Spring 2014 Denim Inspiration


While I love fashion editorials that incorporate denim, it’s quite often that they’re more conceptual than points of inspiration as to what to wear right this second. Vogue.com’s denim story for Spring 2014, is nothing of the sort. With loads of goodies from railroad stripe denim, expert layering, denim pencil skirts and large cuffs (and under a skirt at that). I clicked away from this editorial thinking I needed to get my laundry done so I can start hopping on some fresh denim outfits. Like I said yesterday, denim isn’t just for cowboys and rockers anymore, nor is it for slumming it up on laundry day… I love experimenting with denim fashion-wise. So here you go…

jeans-denim-jacket-shirt-skirt-guide-28_165044641574 jeans-denim-jacket-shirt-skirt-guide-26_16504351493 jeans-denim-jacket-shirt-skirt-guide-20_165038555008 jeans-denim-jacket-shirt-skirt-guide-19_165038472389 jeans-denim-jacket-shirt-skirt-guide-18_165037267663Images via Vogue.com



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