Laundry Day in Denim


There is a 99% chance that at least once in your life you wore jeans while doing the laundry. Or at least some form of denim. Unless you’re like me and put off laundry until absolutely necessary and there is nothing left but my prom dress. In which case, I’m usually overdressed on laundry day. That 80’s powersuit? Yeah, I’m probably wearing that with a pair of Spanx because there is no way I’d wear any of that if I had a clean pair of sweatpants.

In all seriousness though, Vogue Brazil’s August fashion editorial took our reality of wearing jeans on laundry day and made it a fashion fantasy. A denim bucket hat with indigo fringe earrings and an acid wash denim vest, that could well be something you’d see at the local laundromat! Oversized denim jacket worn with a tie-dye dress or patchwork jeans? ┬áIt’s far fetched, but also kind of not, several pieces are on my wish list and for heaven’s sake these are a hell of a lot better than my dry-clean only clothes.

hanne-gaby-odiele-katryn-kruger-by-henrique-gendre-for-vogue-brazil-august-2014-6 hanne-gaby-odiele-katryn-kruger-by-henrique-gendre-for-vogue-brazil-august-2014-1 hanne-gaby-odiele-katryn-kruger-by-henrique-gendre-for-vogue-brazil-august-2014-2 hanne-gaby-odiele-katryn-kruger-by-henrique-gendre-for-vogue-brazil-august-2014 hanne-gaby-odiele-katryn-kruger-by-henrique-gendre-for-vogue-brazil-august-2014-5 hanne-gaby-odiele-katryn-kruger-by-henrique-gendre-for-vogue-brazil-august-2014-4


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