Denim Editorial: Numero China February 2015


There is always something nice about seeing how other countries style their fashion editorials. To be honest, I’ve not seen much fashion editorials from China, and when I found this one from Numero China, The Libertine. it was so exciting to see how they incorporated denim in the looks. Patchwork denim like I’ve never seen before above, and high waisted, wide legged jeans which make me wonder if that JNCO jean revival could be stylish after all (second one down). ¬†And that Faustine Steinmetz denim art or is it fashion? Forget about those Maison Martin Margiela boots… dang, they still look good season after season. It makes me think that I may be able to wear that wide cropped jean with all my ankle boots after all.


natasa-vojnovic-by-txema-yeste-for-numc3a9ro-china-february-2015-14 natasa-vojnovic-by-txema-yeste-for-numc3a9ro-china-february-2015-13 natasa-vojnovic-by-txema-yeste-for-numc3a9ro-china-february-2015-4 natasa-vojnovic-by-txema-yeste-for-numc3a9ro-china-february-2015-3 natasa-vojnovic-by-txema-yeste-for-numc3a9ro-china-february-2015-6 natasa-vojnovic-by-txema-yeste-for-numc3a9ro-china-february-2015-2 natasa-vojnovic-by-txema-yeste-for-numc3a9ro-china-february-2015-15 natasa-vojnovic-by-txema-yeste-for-numc3a9ro-china-february-2015-21 natasa-vojnovic-by-txema-yeste-for-numc3a9ro-china-february-2015-20


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  1. March 15, 2015 / 7:22 pm

    i always am minsisg the basics to make an outfit come together (probably because i love pieces that make a statement and am never drawn to plainer things, plus the basics rarely pop up in sales). i would use the card for the perfect black pencil skirt. then wear it 200 times and need a new perfect black pencil skirt in 6 months

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