Shopbop’s Fall Sale Is a Good Time to Shop for Unexpected Jeans

Shopbop’s sales are always a great time to buy any clothing you may have been craving for your wardrobe. And I always like to take the opportunity of a sale to shop for jeans that might be harder to rationalize buying at full price.

To me, that means risky silhouettes, out-there trends, and any other design that might be a bit outside my comfort zone, but fun to rock nonetheless. Below I’ve collected a few gems that fall into this category, just in case you, too, might go for ultra-high-paper-bag-waist, shredded, black, tapered-leg jeans if the price is right.

paper bag waist jeans

IRO.JEANS Muylo jeans, $185

R13 Double Classic skirted jeans, $278

Agolde crisscross jeans, $107

3×1 Kelly paper bag jeans, $147

wide leg jeans

Tortoise Ganni slouchy wide-leg jeans, $218

3×1 W4 Shelter wide-leg crop jeans, $135

Tortoise Lucy high-waisted baggie trouser jeans, $225

Mother The Tomcat Roller Chew jeans, $147

ultra high waist jeans

Marissa Webb Lyle pants, $315

Isa Arfden contrast cuff jeans, $245

Paige Sutton wide-leg jeans, $


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