The Jeans Fit Project, Part One

So, as you know, I run a denim blog, and I have been doing so for nearly three years. I bet you can imagine that in that time I have accumulated many pairs of jeans. My love of jeans runs historically deep, so I had a good start even before I took over ESD. Bottom line: I have a lot of jeans in my drawers.

Sadly, 90% of them are currently going unworn because I ate too much ice cream last year and they no longer fit. I’m not beating myself up about the number on the scale, or how I look. OK maybe I am but I’m trying really hard to be nice to myself because my therapist says that’s a better way to live. I also refuse to buy all new jeans.

So I’ve given myself a goal of March 15 to fit into them again. And not just fit, but feel comfortable and not require unbuttoning when sitting down.

I’m using the pair of Tricia Fix reconstructed vintage Levi’s pictured here as prototypes. Yesterday, I took a “before” photo, planning to share it with you. But I could not get them buttoned and decided I couldn’t handle anyone seeing it until I can also exhibit an accompanying photo in which I can actually button them. In the meantime, here’s a photo of them from Shopbop, where I purchased them. Don’t they look great on the model? They look nothing like that on me, I promise.

If you’d like to follow along on my journey to get somewhere in the vicinity of these jeans fitting, I’ll be posting periodic updates. I’ll also start posting on my Instagram with the hashtag #thejeansfit Wish me luck.



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