The Jeans Fit Project: Missed My Goal but not Giving Up

I launched the Jeans Fit Project in February with the goal of fitting into a certain pair of embellished jeans (see below) by March 15. That date has come and gone and those damn jeans still don’t fit. I have failed at my goal.

Originally, when I came up with this date, I declared that if I didn’t meet my goal, I wold basically give up trying to fit into my old jeans, accept my new size, and go shopping for some new denim. But now that I’m here, I’ve had a change of heart. I may have blown my deadline, but that’s certainly not a first for me. Sometimes blown deadlines have serious consequences, and it would have been awesome if I’d met this one. But this failure is not a deal breaker.

One thing I haven’t failed at is my workout. I’ve been doing this Strong workout, which incorporates strength training and HIIT, for the past couple months, and I feel really good. I’m stronger, I have more energy, and I’m all-around happier (most of the time).

The missing piece is my eating. While I’ve been eating significantly less sugar and refined carbs and drinking less than I did over the holidays, I haven’t been eating enough vegetables and I’ve had too many cheat days. I get lazy and resort to pasta or pizza when I’m cooking for the kids—then end up eating some myself. I’ve been giving myself the weekend as a time when I can drink and eat whatever—but the weekend can be three days long! That’s approaching half of my overall life, so I need to reign it in a little bit.

I’ve also been relying way too much on protein bars and shakes. They’re great for emergencies and that important hit of protein post-workout. But using them as a meal replacement too often has left me feeling nauseous, which in turn makes me unmotivated to eat healthy.

SO, with all this in mind, I’m not giving up. I’m acknowledging my failures and making changes going forward. More veggies, less lazy pasta and pizza, and keep on keepin’ on with my workouts.

I’ve been taking incremental photos of my progress and although I’ve only lost a few pounds, I do see some changes in my body. I’m not ready to share yet but I’m confident the day will come! I turn 50 on May 18, so that’s my new goal. Here’s to not blowing this one!


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