My Five Ridiculous Minutes With Khloe Kardashian

This article was originally published at Stylenik, where you can read it in its entirety.

I received the email at 12:32am during a bout of insomnia on May 8. I was in the regular practice of falling asleep with our 4-year-old around 8pm, then finding myself wide awake around midnight but too brain-tired to do anything productive. So I did that thing you’re not supposed to when you can’t sleep and checked my email.

Usually that means groggily deleting junk mail, but one email stood out for its aggressive subject line: THE GA PROJECT 002: YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED !!

I would have assumed spam had I not recently recently entered myself in a competition to become a model for Khloe Kardashian’s new denim line (this, and other sentences I never expected to write, coming right up).

In order to keep myself up to date on all things indigo, I have a Google Alert set up for “jeans” and “denim.” When I got the alert that Khloe Kardasian wanted “real” models for her upcoming denim project, I figured what the heck. I’m real. All I needed to do was send a photo of myself in jeans and fill out an online form. I sent the photo below, in which I’m wearing high-rise, dark-wash skinny jeans by Grana (which, by the way, I didn’t buy and wish I had).

The email also said I needed to be in Los Angeles on Monday—technically the NEXT DAY—for a 10:45am call time. That meant I had to either pay too much for a flight down there (which wasn’t happening because my husband was unemployed and I was underemployed at the time), or make the seven-hour drive from Pacifica.

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