How Many Pairs of Jeans Do You Own?

In high school, I had a friend who bragged that she had 11 pairs of jeans and I didn’t believe her even though it was probably true. It seemed like an unbelievable dream to have that many pairs of jeans. I think I had two, maybe three, because my family was extreme minimalist way before it was cool (also not by choice). When in junior high I convinced my grandmother to buy me a pair of (very tight) Jordache jeans because they were all the rage it was a VERY big deal.

But now, I have quite a collection of jeans, both purchased and gifted. Many do not fit, yet they sit in my drawers as so many carrots, taunting me to try them on in an overly hopeful moment.

Anyway, I found this article discussing how many pairs of jeans various people own and how many they feel they need a pretty good read. A big difference between my childhood and now is that fast fashion wasn’t a big thing yet. The Deb Shop was a glimmer of the Forever 21s and H&Ms to come, but denim wasn’t really in the mix.

Anyway, I just counted my jeans and I own 32 pairs. I wear literally three of them right now which is distressing. Time to get some Konmari up in here.

How about you? How many pairs do you own and how many do you actually wear?



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