When You’re Expecting… Premium Maternity Denim

Before my mom gets all excited, I’m not expecting. However, many of my friends have taken the plunge into parenthood. The other day, talking with my friend, Monica, at lunch about the horrendous time she had finding decent clothes to wear during her pregnancy, one things became apparent many maternity lines look like they’re designed for older women even though only younger women can get pregnant. But not to worry, there are loads of great choices for maternity wear online!

While some women can get away with a BellaBand with their regular jeans, some women really do need true maternity jeans. Though you can go with fast fashion options, there are advantages for going with premium maternity denim. Today, I’m going to talk with Julie Wax of IHeartHeels.com about her experience with premium maternity denim.

Eat, Sleep Denim: What brands of denim did you wear?
Julie Wax: 7 for All Mankind boot cut jeans as well a pair of 1969 distressed skinny jeans from the Gap.

ESD: What was your biggest surprise about the jeans?
JW: My inability to find them! Even before I became pregnant, I knew I wanted to rock a pair of designer maternity jeans. So when I set out to find a pair, I got frustrated at the lack of availability of stylish maternity wear in the stores. I ended up having to purchase them online. But I did love how I could wear my Sevens and look just as if I were wearing a pair pre-pregnancy. They have that same flattering look!
ESD: Did you have any pregnant style icons? Who were they?
JW: Nicole Richie. She started her maternity line at the time I was pregnant, so I had several pieces from her collection. I adore her boho-chic style.
ESD: What’s the biggest piece of style advice you’d give to the newly knocked-up?
JW: Keep it simple. Dressing a pregnant body is not easy, and you really shouldn’t go overboard with trends. Too many patterns and trends will only make you look bigger, so I suggest you keep it as simple as possible and add cute accessories. Super-chic jeans are a great place to start!

Do you have your maternity story? Get in touch! eatsleepdenim (at) gmail.com
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  1. December 3, 2010 / 11:44 am

    I tried on maternity 7 For All Mankind and I agree – they are fabulous and make you feel you have some bit of the body you used to have before baby. I went with Paige for my premium denim and absolutely love them. The best part about investing in maternity denim is that there is no need to pack them away the minute the baby is born. I plan on wearing mine until the baby weight comes off and I get my old jeans back!

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