Two Videos to Help Find Your Perfect Denim Fit

How do you find the perfect denim fit? If you’re not in the habit of buying jeans, getting a new pair of jeans can be a bit daunting, especially with all the denim brands out there. I have been working on a fit guide and in my research have found a few videos that pretty much cover all the bases. The top video Designer Jeans – Denim 101 Guide Does a great job of breaking down the elements of a denim fit:

They even explain how to find the right high waisted jeans for each figure type, something that’ll come in handy next year. They also go through some brands on the video, while some of them are not exactly my taste, it’s a great place to start. We’ll be talking about which brands to keep an eye of for 2011 later this week!

For every figure type there are different brands that work best. This video, Denim for All Body Types, talks about which styles work best for a slender woman and for a curvy woman… and they’re both very cute and fun to watch.

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