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My name is Christina Topacio, writer and stylist for my blog, Profresh Style. Before creating PS, I worked as a denim specialist for a private company creating their own denim. I learned everything there was to know about denim-from the sketches to the manufacturing. The company was clear about wanting to set the trends so trendy denim was one of my fortes’. However, I had a slight difference of opinion when it came to buying trend denim.

Trends come and go-it’s all about what’s hot, what’s in and what’s new. Should that synopsis pertain to denim shopping too? No, not always. The trendiest denim jeans today all go along similar routes-new/updated cuts, changing shades and adding pizazz (i.e. shredding, dip-dye, embellished, etc.) Buying trendy denim is a risk you take because you never know what will be worth the money.  However, here are a few tips to keep yourself up-to-date without going over budget.

  • You shouldn’t invest in a pair! (unless your budget allows) There is no sense in buying a pair of dip-dye (aka ombre) skinny jeans for the same price as a dark-rinse skinny jean. Being trendy is about being disposable. It’s fun to try new fashions but don’t go wild and crazy by buying ever single trendy denim out there. You’ll go broke before you’ve even had a chance to wear these now, out-of-date, jeans.
  • Buy in the mainstream. Stores and online boutiques that have disposable fashion are the best places to find the trendiest denim if that’s what you’re sought after. Not only will the selection be widespread but you’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy for half the cost of what a premium pair would cost.
  • Just because it’s trendy, doesn’t mean you should buy it. If your body shape doesn’t allow you to rock skinnies, then don’t buy the latest shredded, grommet-studded, sandblasted pair of skinny jeans. Just because it’s the trendy pair of skinnies, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for your body type. Stick with what works for you.
  • Allow yourself some fun! Enjoy playing around with trends! It opens up a gateway of creativity to flow through your style.
    Stick with the shapes that mesh well with your body type and go for it! So many denim brands offer a plethora of trendy denim-just grab a stack and play!

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  1. August 23, 2010 / 12:32 pm

    Great tips! I’m loving the denim jeggings trend.

  2. lazypadawan
    August 23, 2010 / 7:26 pm

    There are trends and then there are fads. At the onset, it’s hard to tell what’s is going to be around a while and what’s going to be so over by the next season. What I do is either wait a while to see if something is going to survive, i.e. look at forecasts or read stuff about runway shows for the following season or just buy the cheaper version. The first pair of skinny jeans I ever bought were from Target back in 2006. Once I saw that it was here to stay, I invested in premium versions.

  3. Rae
    August 24, 2010 / 9:43 am

    As far as shredded, studded, or dyed denim goes, I say take an old or stained or ripped pair out of your closet and make it over. Dying usually works best when the jeans are white or very light, if you only have dark ones, play with bleach. Also, you can find awesome white premium jeans on Ebay for cheap because it seems as if people don’t buy white jeans as much, so they’re usually marked down. I took a pair of really sweet Stella McCartney white jeans that I spilled something on and dyed them khaki green, so now they look very on trend, Balmainesque. You can use RIT I guess, but the powdered dyes from art supply stores seem to work way better. Also, pre-treating them with soda ash helps the fabric absorb the dye better and washing them with Synthrapol after prevents bleeding and fading. It’s kinda addicting once you see how easy it is. Also, old school carrot graters are awesome for shredding!

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