The 5 Best DIY Videos on Distressing Denim

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This week I’ve finally decided to get out of my fear around DIY distressing jeans. I frayed the hems of a few pairs of jeans and am wearing them around. The whole thing got me itching to try out some other denim DIY techniques to get them distressed just exactly the way I want them.

While I regret nothing about buying my jeans pre-distressed, sometimes a pair of jeans would be “perfect” if they had just that piece of distressing that’s updated and on trend or subtle enough not to feel like I’m trying too hard. Distressing your jeans at home is not just a matter of taking a pair of scissors to them. Learn from the mistakes of others, and maybe get some inspiration to try your own experiments.

Here are a few videos I found to be helpful on distressing jeans at home:

The Basics on Distressing:

For the Sliced Knee:

For the Frayed Hem:

To Lighten Your Jeans:

To Splatter Bleach Your Jeans:


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  1. July 16, 2015 / 12:19 pm

    I love your blog! An entire blog devoted to denim? Amazing. I love this post too. I recently wrote a post about laser distressing:

    It’s so cool to see that you can do it on your own at home though. Especially if you have jeans that are kind of on the brink of ruin. You can just distress them and they’re a whole new pair of pants!


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