How to Find Your Premium Denim Size

Size matters, but only as a starting point to find out the right fit for your jeans. These days, most contemporary brands size to a national sizing system, US, UK, French, Italian, Japanese…etc. Premium denim however, is international, and unisex in it’s structure.

When you look at the size tags of premium denim, often you’ll find sizes 26 or 30. Where do you start? Often times I hear women talk about how much they don’t like jeans, or having to try on a million pairs of jeans to find the right fit. That might be in part because they don’t know where to start for their size, and trying on a pair of jeans that are two sizes too small is bound to discourage anyone.

Premium denim sizes are based off your waist size.

  1. Start off by measuring your waist with a tape measure. The measurement you get at the smallest part of your waist is a good point to start.
  2. If your waist size is 26, start off with a pair of size 26 jeans, if your hip/waist ratio is smaller maybe get a size down or if your hip/waist ratio is bigger, go up a size.
  3. I measured my waist at 26.5 and I usually go between a size 26 or 27, but in some brands like Paige, I’m a 25 and in Rag and Bone a 28. This method is really a starting point, but whether ordering online or in a shop it makes a big difference in finding the right size for you.

Remember that denim stretches, so if you’re looking for a pair of jeans that has a snug fit, be sure to get a pair that you can barely squeeze on, maybe feeling like they’re half an inch too small. Anything more than that, you’re probably better off going up a size. If it fits perfectly right away, you’ll probably need to go down a size as the stretch will leave you with a relaxed fit half way through the day. Which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you’re looking for.


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