DIY Dip Dye Denim Shirt

I’ve stared at my beat up old Madewell chambray shirt for weeks now, debating over whether I should let it go, or transform it into something new and exciting. I’ve opted for the latter option, yippee! Inspired by the dip dye denim shorts and jeans spotted on blogs and the runway (Dries did an amazing bleach job a few seasons back I keep dreaming about), I pulled a little diy dip dye effect on my chambray button up. And the best part, I bought all the supplies from the .99 store for just under $5! I love that place.

 You’ll Need

Chambray or Denim Top
Plastic Bucket
Household Bleach
Durable Rubber/Latex Gloves
Either a pants hanger or plastic clothes pins
Tailor’s Chalk
A ruler Optional


1. Make sure you have all the supplied lined up and ready to go. Don’t forget your gloves, and try to find a clean area away from anyone and anything that can disrupt your D.I.Y.

2. Use your tailors chalk (and ruler if you need one) to trace a line for your bleaching. Keep in mind that the bleach does run so mark a bit below where you would like the dye to start.

 3. Create your bleach solution by pouring 1 part bleach to 2 parts water. Make sure you have enough liquid to submerge fabric.  If using a hanger fold top part of blouse and clip. Dip your blouse bottom first into the liquid, and stop at chalk line. Drape hanger over back of bucket while keeping fabric submerged. If using clothes pins pin the top part of blouse over bucket. Let sit in bleach for 45 minutes (or longer depending on desired effect).

4. Remove blouse from bleach solution, soak in bath tub with water for a few minutes, and then rinse thoroughly. Hang blouse to dry completely. Wash and dry solo first time around.



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