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Wrangler Gets Retro With Iron-On Patches

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wrangler retro patches

I’ve written several posts here at ESD about patches for jeans, but I’ve never had my own until now! I was so excited to partner with Wrangler on their new retro patches. Wrangler is a heritage brand that has a special place in my heart. I have fond memories or wearing Wranglers in grade school: specifically (and I also told this story over at my personal blog where you can see more photos if you’re so inclined) a day in first grade when my neighborhood friend Brent Walker paid me a visit wearing Wrangler jeans. I was wearing Wranglers that day, too! We played on my swing set—it had monkey bars. I recall little else of the encounter other than the excitement that we were both wearing Wranglers.

Wrangler retro patches

I think my favorites in this new collection are the cactus one above and the rose one that I attached to the lapel of this Wrangler jean jacket. I placed one patch on the outside of the lapel and one on the inside as well, so a patch would be visible whether the collar was popped or down.
Wrangler retro patches

I also love the lips patch, which you can see below. Stay tuned for more patches and more photos, as well as some new pins that the brand has coming up soon!

Wrangler retro patches
Wrangler retro patches

Wrangler retro patches

Wrangler retro patches

Photos by Anna-Alexia Basile

J Brand’s Head Designer Talks Perfect Denim Styling

Saturday, January 16, 2016

emanuelle_alt_denim_16Mary Bruno, head of J Brand, chatted with W magazine about her denim expertise, and confirmed something I’ve always suspected: Emmanuelle Alt is the queen of denim styling. When asked about her ultimate denim icon, this was her response:

It’s all about Emmanuelle Alt. For me, she is the modern day denim icon. She is a huge source of inspiration for me at J Brand–the perfect mix of effortless chic and casual elegance. And the fit is always amazing on her! Finding the perfect fit and length is absolutely key. She always wears jeans with the right shoe… she just gets it!

I could not have said it better myself. Ms. Alt (editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris), has always been one of my favorite street style fixtures. I can’t wait to see the styles on the street for the fall ’16 shows in just a couple weeks!

Trend Test Drive: Dress Over Jeans

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Favorites - 3 of 3

Back in September during fashion month I collected photos for this gallery focusing on dresses layered over jeans, and I’ve been dying to try out the look ever since. I finally gave it a go with a pair of high-waisted flared  jeans that Forever 21 was kind enough to send to me, along with this silk shirt dress by Marine Layer. It’s a pretty solidly 70s look and I dig it.

It does feel a little bit sad not to show off the high waist of the jeans, which are very comfortable I might add, but there will be plenty of occasions for that because I foresee myself pretty much living in these jeans for the foreseeable future. Scroll down for shopping details!Favorites - 2 of 3

Favorites - 1 of 3The jeans are from Forever 21, and here are more high-waisted flare jeans! The dress is no longer available at Marine Layer, but here’s a great one that’s similar (and on sale!), and here are even more. The booties are from TopShop and no longer available, but here are some great options. The bag is the Rebecca Minkoff MAB tote, check out tons of colors, shapes and sizes of the MAB here!

What do you think? Will you try the dress over jeans trend this winter?

Her Fancy Pants Are Distressed Jeans

Monday, November 30, 2015

A quick scan of Kate Ogata’s blog The Fancy Pants Report will tell you that she’s a pretty huge denim fan. She’s wearing jeans (different ones!)  in nearly every outfit post—and looking incredibly stylish while she’s at it. In this recent shot she’s wearing a pair of skinnies by Paige denim. Skinnies may be on their way out, ut clearly this is a woman who doesn’t follow trends, and who knows what suits her! Also, I need that hat.

The In-Demand Jeans That Are About to Be Back in Stock

Monday, November 30, 2015

Screenshot 2015-11-30 15.28.04They were all over the fashion week streets from New York City to Paris: those frayed jeans from 3×1. Well, the street style mavens looked so good in them that they sold out fast. But Refinery 29 tells us they’ll be back in stock this month. Get on the waiting list by clicking the link above, or mark your calendar for December 15, when the brand says they’ll be restocked.

Can’t wait? Try out this DIY tutorial from Honestly WTF! Or, shop some alternatives here.

Simple, Perfect Denim Street Style at NYFW, Part 1

Saturday, September 19, 2015



Sometimes jeans can be a blank palette for getting over-the-top creative with your outfit. But sometimes the simplicity of denim IS the outfit. And there’s a fine line between looking chic without trying to hard, and looking like you didn’t try at all. The subtleties aren’t easy to master, but these street style stars, spotted recently outside the spring and summer 2016 shows at New York Fashion Week, nail that balance like the experts they are. That perfectly placed pop of color, an unexpected shoe, a blouse that falls just so—those are the details that make these simple but never boring denim looks stand out.

Stay tuned for part two of my perfect, simple denim collections and lots more from NYFW! (Note: adjust the size of the gallery images with your trackpad!)

Photos 1-7 via NYMag, 8-9 via Harper’s Bazaar,  10 via WWD, 11 via Elle, 12 via NYFW

Bloggers in Denim: Carlina of Allergic to Vanilla

Monday, April 27, 2015

Welcome to Bloggers in Denim, a new ESD series highlighting the best denim looks on our favorite bloggers

Allergic to Vanilla- SF Style Blog, denim on denim, all denim, J Brand, grey denim, distressed denim, striped buttonup shirt, mini scarf

There’s not much we love more here at ESD than a denim on denim look. And one that pops with a bright red lip really makes us swoon. Carlina Harris of Allergic to Vanilla covers both, with the added bonus of caramel-colored booties and tasseled clutch, plus a perfect top knot. The title of her post is “The Perfect Denim Jacket,” and that Gap specimen really is pretty perfect. Show ’em how it’s done, girl! Oh and if you’re wondering, she’s not actually allergic to vanilla. I asked.

Allergic to Vanilla- SF Style Blog, SF style, denim on denim, perfect red lipstick, red lips

Photos via Allergic to Vanilla

New Trend? Denim Pelvage

Friday, July 18, 2014



Ok, so the internet exploded when Kendall Jenner showed up on the red carpet bearing slivers of her pelvis, Keke Palmer bared patches of her pelvis peek-a-boo style at the BET awards. And around the same time The Sartorialist posted this photo of a woman on the streets of Milan.

At first, I couldn’t figure quite what made this so, I don’t want to say shocking, but, intimate? I thought the jeans were just low rise at first, but it occurred to me post-Kendall, that it is her pelvis we are looking at. More succinctly, her pelvage. Now, this is far from the red carpet, which might make it even more surprising. Her outfit appears relaxed; she’s wearing one of those belts you can buy from the street vendors in Italy, with a possibly vintage shirt and mens jeans (not boyfriend jeans). Dirty mens jeans.

I guess since the masses have pretty much adopted the high waist jean that perhaps it’s about time that the low-rise will return. Will be interesting to see if and how it does.

More will be revealed. Literally.

13 Denim Looks from Coachella We Love

Monday, April 14, 2014


If you’ve been online the last week, you’ve probably run into an influx of Coachella posts. It seems like EVERYONE is going, except us, right? Well, rest assured not EVERYONE is going. That said, it’s still quite fun to be all lurky by checking out the styles at the festival, because in all reality this being April, and it being sooo hot in Coachella, CA this is a great window into seeing what’ going to be hot for the summer style this year. As you can see, denim shortalls are going to be everywhere (I mean they’ve been trying to bring back overalls for what… three years now?) So I’m delighted to see the overall trend looking well. And of course how short are those denim shorts? Not short enough! It’s amazing how short these are and still looking amazing. Gotta love youth in the summer.
coachella_denim11_elle coachella_denim9_elle coachella_denim8_r29 coachella_denim7_r29 coachella_denim6_r29 coachella_denim5_r29 coachella_denim4_r29 coachella_denim4_elle coachella_denim3_elle
coachella_denim2_racked coachella_denim1



Photos from Refinery29, Elle.com & Racked

Weekend Denim Style: Rosa at The Flea Market

Friday, April 11, 2014

rosa_chambray_shirtHappy Friday!

What are you all doing this weekend? Last week we went to the Alameda Flea Market, which is rather a fashion affair for San Francisco Bay Area peeps. While there were some pretty wild outfits, I pretty much fell in love with this very simple, yet very chic outfit worn by our friend Rosa. A simple denim shirt paired with a floral skirt, crossbody purse and a pair of unassuming shoes makes for an outfit that’s completely and effortlessly chic. Perfect for the weekend, right?



Denim Roundup Milan Fashion Week 2014

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Milan Fashion Week may be over, but the street style looks are still coming in. Between London and Paris fashion weeks, Milan has a special place on the denim spectrum style-wise, playful yet refined. It’s really quite a wonderful mix! This season, there is loads of distressed denim with a 90’s influence across the board, but at Milan Fashion Week, I love the details spotted with beautiful pastel patches and embroidery. Even a simple sherpa lined denim jacket  Perfect for spring transitional weather.


patched jeans_mfw



embroidereddenim_mfwImages via Bazaar.com, WWD.com, and NyMag


Denim Street Style: Blast from the Past Denim

Friday, August 2, 2013

Ali and Christine show off their denim style at Phono Del Sol

I love that there are silhouettes and patterns in fashion that if you wear them, they visually tell a story about a certain era. In what Barthes calls “The Language of Fashion” you are letting people know that you are referencing a specific time in history. Ali and Christine are broadcasting very specific and different times in history told through the wash/print/cut of their denim pieces. Ali is wearing acid wash denim leggings and a Steel Pulse tee, which immediately calls to mind the mid-80s in an awesome way. Christine looks equally amazing in an outfit that screams the 60s with her fabulous oversized white sunglasses, denim trucker jacket, and amazing printed jeans.

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