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Denim Review: SOLD360 Plaid Soho Skinny Jean

Friday, October 18, 2013

sold360_plaid4This season, fashionistas are clad in plaid. It’s everywhere, tartan, gingham, checks, it’s all out there. Granted, plaid is no more a trend than say… black, but we’re seeing it even on denim, so that’s why we’re stark raving plaid today. I’ve had my eyes on a few pairs of plaid denim, notably the Current/Elliott Soho Zip Jeans in Red Plaid, but it was a little too ska girl for me to pull off. That’s when I found the Sold360 Soho Skinny Jeans in grey on grey plaid.  It was the perfect way to try out the plaid jean trend without making anyone’s eyes bleed.

The Denim


Upon receiving the sample for review, I was surprised how soft these jeans were. The print, I was somehow expecting (don’t ask) a layer of ink to be on the jean, but no, it appears to be a wash, making the texture of the jean seamless. They are more along the likes of a jegging / denim legging than a true pair of jeans, with a pull on style sans zip and button waist closure. That being said, I tend not to tuck in pull on jeans, but the way these worked with faux pockets and a faux fly I was able to tuck in my blouse without feeling like I was wearing a pair of leggings.  I liked how the thighs had a been washed out more than the calves, but thought there could be a bit more contrast as you moved down the leg. All in all these were a fun pair of jeans to style, and very comfortable to wear.


How to Wear Plaid Jeans

sold360_plaid5 I know, I know… pattern mixing is IN. The truth is, I can’t do it. Unlessssss….. one pattern is very subtle. Wearing plaid jeans with a subtle wash with a plaid shirt was easy to pull off, plus I felt like I had my own “inside joke” going on. “How nerdy can I be, wearing a full plaid outfit?” Nerdy enough to make inside jokes to myself. Anywho, if plaid is too loud, or you want to try your go at pattern mixing these are the pants for you. I went the classic route mixing the jeans with a button down Burberry shirt, loafer (albeit studded loafers) and a simple red clutch. Button down with an edge, not a “plaid” idea if I do say so myself!


Wearing: Jeans: SOLD360 (sample loaned for review) • Top: Burberry • Sunglasses: Wildfox • Clutch: IIIBeCa by Joy Gryson • Ring: Elizabeth and James • Shoes: Zara • Bracelet: Club Monaco

Denim Review: LACAUSA ‘Denim’ Overalls

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

LACAUSA sent me a pair of their ‘denim’ L.A. overalls last week, and while receiving a denim gift is always fun, this was extra exciting because I’ve been eager to try a pair of denim overalls but honestly a bit scared to pull the trigger. Stunning overall looks are crowding the street style blogs, but I was worried I couldn’t pull them off without looking like a child. So LACAUSA encouraged me to go for it! And I’m happy they did.


The Material

First off, the material is not denim. It’s a super Tencel twill (100%) dyed to mimic denim. I don’t own a single piece of clothing (second to a pair of silk pants) that come even close to the comfort of these bad boys. It’s like wearing liquid. So when this fabric met this overall style — magic ensued. I’ll be wearing these a lot during the spring and summer, and actually pretty often in fall when layered with the right shirt and jacket. They’re definitely not as durable as denim, but these are classy overalls, I don’t plan on digging up any gardens or tending to the farm in them so I’m good.


The Fit

I’m nearly 5’9 and normally a size 29 or 30 in jeans, but with overalls can be larger because of the way they fit. So to be safe I went with a Large. The thinking was it’s better to have them fit a little big than too small. And they are overalls anyways so the bigger the better. And I was right. Large is the perfect fit. They are just long enough, and very comfortable. The straps were a bit long but I fixed that quick like I did in grade cool (with a knot above each button). Yes, these have buttons instead of hooks which is a bonus. Less hardware, making them super light. Available sizes are XS, Small, Medium and Large and retail price is $152.


The color

I’m in love with the faded blue pigment. I can be discouraged to go with lighter denim in the fear of staining them, but so far one day in and no stains. Not yet.  But the color seems to pair well with a lot. I went with a casual white v neck and dressed things up with a pair of stripy Zara sandals, Current/Elliott Jacket and 3.1 Phillip Lim Ryder Satchel.


The Hem

The leg is pretty wide, and I loved the way the designer styled them in their look book I basically copied that. In reference to yesteryear, I pegged the bottoms creating more of a balloon hem. But the normal bottoms are fine as is I just wanted to show off my shoes, if I wore unpegged they would be covered. P.S. LACAUSA designed an Amelia Jumpsuit for Spring 2014 next on my list!!

Denim Review: Joe’s Jeans Ankle Trouser Jean

Friday, October 11, 2013

joes_trouser_jeans2After jeans… my second favorite kind of pant style is the slouchy trouser. You know the old fashioned kind you wear with suits. Waist sits on top of the hips, loose fitting, tapered at the ankle. It’s both comfortable and put together. When I saw that Joe’s Jeans had come out with a denim version of the trouser, I had to give them a try! After all, once you have a denim suit, you really can wear jeans to work and no one the wiser, right?

The Denim

joes_trouser_jeans1The Joe’s Jeans Suit Ankle Trouser ($165) is not an ordinary pair of Joe’s. With absolutely no branding on the pockets, seems or anywhere, anywhere on the jean except the inside label, you immediately get the feeling that this is a more formal jean.  Inspired by the 60’s power suit, they have a zip fly with hook closure, slant side pockets, and welt back pockets.  The indigo is the darkest blue and is meant to hold up to at least 100 washes without fading (though the care instructions call for dry cleaning). There is a bit of stretch in this jean with a 92% cotton/6% polyester/2% elastane composition, however, they are a bit more stiff and rough to the touch as compared to some of the other more distressed denims out there giving the jeans a crisp look. I probably could have gone a size down, but you know me, I tend to like my jeans slouchy, but they did hold up their crisp silhouette thought out the day which is more than what you can say about a lot of regular trousers! All in all, I loved these jeans a more formal take on the casual classic.

How to Wear the Joe’s Jeans Suit Ankle Trouser


I would wear these jeans like I would any pair of… trousers. I would not treat them like jeans for styling. Except yeah, here wearing a dose of double denim, but even here, I’m treating the denim shirt as a blouse. Tucked in, buttoned up and ready to roll. The days of high contrast double denim are over, so you can pretty much get matching denims to pair. It gives this trouser a 1940’s Rosie the Riveter look. Just throw on a pair of heels and you’re no longer a grease monkey, but a polished lady. Ha! Me? A lady? Anyway, you know what I mean. If you are tall, you can probably wear flats with this trouser jean, but I prefer heels to give them the classic look they deserve.

Wearing: Jeans: Joe’s Jeans Suit Ankle Trouser $168 (gift for review) • Shirt: J.Crew • Belt: Vintage • Glasses: Super Sunglasses • Clutch: Gigi New York  (gift) • Bracelet: Debut • Shoes: Prada


Denim Review: James Jeans High Class Moto

Friday, October 4, 2013


If there is one trend that is hot decade after decade, it’s the motorcycle trend. From Rebel Without a Cause, to Grease, to Sons of Anarchy (Katey Segal looks amazing as a bad ass!) Even if you get all moto-ed out today, chances are the pieces you get will be cherished years from now. The past couple of seasons, I’ve noticed the moto-trend seep into the premium denim collections. James Jeans has created several versions that has been a favorite on Eat, Sleep, Denim. This season, it’s about the High Class Moto  which I was thrilled to receive a sample for review.

The Denim

james-high-class-moto2This moto jean, has a high waist (9.57″ rise), a super skinny fit, and clean wash. The feel of the jean has a slight “coated” however it’s not a coated jean, it must be the polyester rolling in at 6% to 93% cotton ratio. The jeans have a good amount of stretch, but I wouldn’t call them a “strechy” they fit to your shape and stick there like a pair of spanx or something. These fit true to size, I am wearing a size 26 in these photos, my normal size being 27 and they are snug, but still fit. However, I would try each jean at your normal size, as much as I love James Jeans (I have bought more than a few pairs for my personal denim collection) I have a pair of 27s in Trixie style that almost fall off, and a pair of 28s in the Moto Legging that barely go over my thighs. So, don’t be disparaged if the size doesn’t fit right away, they are jeans that hold up over time once you get the right fit.

How to Wear the High Class Moto

james-high-class-moto3I love the motorcycle look, but I am not as bad ass as Katey Segal to carry it of convincingly. I smile way too much. Anyway, I took elements of moto and elements of prep to create my own look. Layering with a denim jacket, using a plaid shirt to tie around the waist that’s by Burberry so, it’s more prep than punk. A pretty statement necklace, kitten heels and a clutch to polish off the look. And of course, sleek hair. I had a lot of fun styling this up, because there are a lot of places you can take the moto look these days. Maybe next time I’ll do a motorcycle mama. We’ll just have to see about that.

Wearing: Jeans: James Jeans High Class Moto (gift for review) •  Jacket: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Levi’s • Necklace and Pumps: J.Crew • Shirt: Burberry • Clutch: Gigi New York (gift) • Sunglasses: Super Sunglasses • Earrings: Anita Ko

Denim Review: Joe’s Jeans Oblique Skinny Ankle

Monday, September 30, 2013


Just when you think they’ve done all they could with a certain trend, like, say, with  colored denim… something comes along and makes you fall back in love. When I found out about Joe’s Jeans Oblique Skinny Ankle ($179), the small details actually took my breath away. Slight cuts of black that optically slims your silhouette from the front, and from the side, adds an edgy twist to a playful classic.

The Denim


The Oblique is rather the modern answer to the chino (even chinos are still around…) whereas chinos are stiffer and more causal, the stretchy twill of the Oblique allows for a sexier cut without comprising comfort. I am finally back in my regular 27 size and found them to be as comfortable as leggings, but of course, very much pants. They broke in relatively quickly, within a few minutes of putting them on, they contoured to my shape and kept that shape quite well.  The sateen fabric is a bit more formal than ordinary chinos (and denim for that matter) and the recommended care is to be dry cleaned, though the care tags also allow for cold wash and hang dried… so unless you really like going to the dry cleaners, these jeans wouldn’t be your “everyday” jeans. All in all, I found these to be a special pair of jeans, they have a trendy element that doesn’t broadcast “2013” you know, like some of the trends, like say… color blocking. So you could well wear these jeans for several years, making them both a trend piece and a classic.


How to Wear Joe’s Oblique Skinny Ankle


The great thing about the Obliques is that they can be dressed up for a night out, or when dressed down, can be cozy without being sloppy. Here I’ve broken the “no mixing navy and black” and paired it with a fancy jacquard sweatshirt from J Crew and Equipment Signature Silk Blouse. Throw on a pair of gold heels and it’s mixing this season’s metallic trends with everyday comfort. However, if you’re not doing anything fancy these jeans can just as easily be worn with a white tee-shirt and loafers, and the jeans still make the outfit.

Wearing: Jeans: Joe’s Jeans (gift for review) • Sweater: J Crew • Blouse: Equipment • Shoes: Repetto • Bag: Proenza Schouler • Sunglasses: Super Sunglasses • Bracelet: Club Monaco

Denim Review: J Brand 1265 Ace Cropped Boyfriend Jeans

Friday, September 20, 2013


One thing is for certain about boyfriend jeans. It’s not a jean that everyone can pull off.

When I received a sample to review the J Brand 1265 Ace Cropped Boyfriend Jean  and tried them on, my husband walked into the room and laughed…”You’re not going outside with those jeans?” To which I replied, “If I can’t style these jeans, what kind of blogger am I?” He walked out… then after trying on a few different outfits, he started to warm up to the style.

Boyfriend jeans are so relaxed, it’s easy to look like you’re slumming it if you don’t play your cards right. Believe me, when I wear baggy jeans, more often than not, I’m slumming it. But unless you’re rolling in dough, shelling out $218 for a pair of jeans to slum it in, isn’t a very wise investment. However, if you can make them look fancy… that’s another thing!

The Denim:


I’ve been reviewing a lot of jeans with stretch in them over the years. In fact, I didn’t like wearing jeans until they introduced the “stretch” to the fabric composition. It’s not often I come across styles I like that are 100% cotton. The 1265’s are not only pure cotton but soft to the touch thanks to the mild distressing in the thighs and the whiskering. They’re also “high waisted” by which I mean, they have a 10.5 inch rise (most mid-rise jeans have 9 inch rises), however that “high waist” sat on my hips in my regular size. If you think these jeans look too baggy on me, I would suggest ordering a size or two down. You’ll have a lot of room to play with fit-wise with this style. The inseam is 25″ making it a cropped jean with plenty of room to roll, which is what you see most often with boyfriend jeans. I don’t normally like cropped jeans, but for the boyfriend style, cropped is a must, else, you just look too baggy all over the place. That said, I don’t know if I’d want a boyfriend who wore clam diggers.


How to Wear the J Brand 1265 Ace Cropped Boyfriend Jeans

It’s really hard to look put together wearing boyfriend jeans with flats, unless you’re tall and gorgeous. The rest of us should really wear heels, and the higher the better. With boyfriend jeans, I found myself to gravitate towards more unisex type pairings, ie, a motorcycle jacket (guys wear motorcycle jackets too), a blazer (old standby, but also worn by men), and a button down shirt. I of course wore my trusty chambray shirt from H&M which is about to disintegrate from wearing too much, but an oxford shirt, or a button down silk blouse both work. Boyfriend jeans are a lot easier to style than I thought, as long as a pair of high heels are involved. I was going to wear suede pumps, but changed to a leopard print Stuart Weitzman booties to make it a bit more girly. Because you know, I’m a girl. 😉

Wearing: Jeans: J Brand 1265 Ace Cropped Boyfriend Jeans (on loan for review) • Chambray Shirt: H&M • Jacket: Marc by Marc Jacobs • Booties: Stuart Weitzman (gift) • Sunglasses: SUPER • Bag: Proenza Schouler

Denim Review: FRAME Le Color Rip Skinny Jeans

Friday, September 13, 2013


Every time I buy a pair of ripped jeans, I think of an old man say… “WHY DO YOU BUY JEANS ALREADY RIPPED?” As if I’m buying a defective product. The truth is, I love ripped jeans, and I’m bad at distressing my own jeans. I’ve tried cheese graters, bleaching, cutting, sanding, you name it, and I just lose focus and start watching cartoons or something.

The thing is finding the perfect pair of distressed jeans. I’m weird, I like rips, but orderly rips. I have a pair of J Brand 811s with pre-made holes in them and I wear them so much, they have actually worn authentic holes in them (ok, one of those holes was from when I tripped on the sidewalk… good times).  It’s rare when I see a pair of jeans that have a bajillion holes in them, but are somehow still minimal. Yet, FRAME was able to accomplish this with their Le Color Rip Skinny Jeans.

The Denim:

A bit like the classic black jeans you wore on a date with Edward Scissorhands, these jeans have orderly, yet plentiful slices with distressing. As a stretch jean, the Le Color Rips can be worn either as a second skin or like I like to wear my jeans, slightly relaxed. The fit is pretty amazing, the second I put them on, it felt like the sexiest pair of jeans I ever wore, yet incredibly comfortable. With the composition at 91.5% cotton/6% polyester/2.5% lycra, these are a pair of jeans you can wear all day and feel cozy in, but the flip side to the presence of the lycra is that you can see it in the distressing (not the little white squiggles around the holes, that’s the lycra). It bothered me a little bit, but overall, I loved these jeans so much, they just have to be part of my denim collection…. after all they are the sexiest jeans I ever wore.

Word on the street is that FRAME denim runs small, and so I ordered a size up, even though now my regular jeans are fitting again… and I would have to say they were only slightly bigger than my regular 27s. So if you’re ordering these for the first time, you might want to find a store that has these in stock, or order two pairs. They do give a bit because of the stretch, but don’t bank on that too much.

All in all, if you’re looking for something rock and roll, but with a teeny bit of class, these jeans are made for you.


How to Wear the Le Color Rip Skinny Jeans

Basically my answer to anything, is with a white tee-shirt and blazer, and these are no exception. you could actually wear these jeans with anything if you want to have an edgy outfit. The pale pink blazer and white tee are offset by the black distressed jeans. Here, I opted for a trendy shoe like the Jeffery Campbell Melina cutout bootie, to pair with these jeans, but they also would work with a Chelsea boot. The jeans are definitely a statement, so you can go full out rock and roll with a vintage concert tee and a motorcycle jacket, go super casual with a chunky sweater. Obviously, since I bought these jeans I can think of a million ways to wear them.


Wearing: Jeans: FRAME Le Color Rip Skinny Jeans $199 • Blazer: Aritzia • Tee: Splendid • Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell • Bag: 3.1 Philip Lim (gift)  • Sunglasses: Prada

Denim Review: Etienne Marcel Side Zip Skinny Jeans

Friday, September 6, 2013


For denim lovers, the beauty is really in the details.

Whether it be the subtle way one jean fits over the other. The texture of the denim. The color of the stitching. The rivets and buttons. The branding. It all plays together as a whole, yet it’s the small things that make the difference between a favorite and a failure. Etienne Marcel, a Los Angeles based brand founded in 2011, while their brand styling isn’t normally my cup of tea, when I saw the grey jeans skinny jeans with the red side zipper, I just had to check them out. You see, as someone who looks at jeans all the time, it’s hard to write about a skinny jean, a dark rinse for winter, you know the regular jam week in and week out. Novelty jeans are great, but can also get tired. What I’ve been feeling lately are classic pieces with a twist. Actually, I’m always feeling classic pieces with a twist.

The Denim


The thing that surprised me about these jeans was how lush they felt. My stand by grey jeans are the J Brand Ankle Skinny Jeans in Silver Lake I purchased a few years ago. The Etienne Marcels have a similar feel to them, down to the grain of the and the mild distressing. The difference being for some reason, the Eteinne Marcels 29″ inseam hits riiiight at my ankle, so they’re perfect for heels, while the J Brand pair needs to be cuffed. They’re also considerably stretchier the stretch with 74% cotton/24% polyamide/2% elastane composition. The red zip is the perfect detail that makes these jeans stand out without being over the top.  The cool thing is, it’s not just in the ankle where you find the red zipper, it’s also in the fly. The button has very subtle branding, and one of the belt loops has a few stitches in blue, white and red like the French Flag.

How to wear the Etienne Marcel Side Zip Skinny Jeans


Grey jeans are hot this season.  Actually, they’re classic enough to make sure they’re in your denim rotation every season. I bought my J Brand’s three years ago, and still wear them regularly. Here I’ve riffed off the zip detail and paired red accessories with the jeans. My favorite red shoes, and a red clutch, and the top, I’ve opted to keep it simple with a grey and black striped sweater (I’ve been wearing more slouchy sweaters post-baby). With these jeans it doesn’t take much to make an outfit, so it’s ok to tone down the tops (as with most grey jeans, I’d recommend to be more bold). Either way, I’d say these jeans were fun to style, and I certainly felt stylish wearing them.

Wearing: Jeans: Etienne Marcel Side Zip Skinny ($187) •  Sweater: Vince • Sunglasses: Super Sunglasses • Clutch: Brahmin (gift) • Shoes: J. Crew

Denim Review: R13 X Over Camo Jeans

Friday, August 30, 2013

R13_CamoCrossover1There are expensive jeans, and there are expensive jeans. Even though I truly believe in wearing high quality denim, as cheap jeans tend to lose their shape and don’t fit as well, there is a limit to what I will go for. Once I tried on a pair of $900 Balmain jeans, and the denim was rough, the fit was lackluster and the cut wasn’t anything to write home (or on ESD) about.  R13 is one of those brands where it requires a denim connoisseur to appreciate the splurge, since the brand produces their line in Italy with Italian, Japanese and Turkish denims. However, it doesn’t take a connoisseur to see the beauty of these jeans. When I ordered the R13 X Over Camo Pant, the crossover cut was the main thing that caught my eye, that and the camouflage print made these jeans a must try. I didn’t know much about the Italian brand with an anonymous designer, except that it was a relatively new label starting in 2009.

The Denim

Upon opening the box, I could tell that these jeans are special. They are soft to the touch. The fit is like a pair of trousers, but since they’re a medium weight denim they are quite substantial. I’m still figuring out my size getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight, my old 27s still give me muffin top, so I ordered a size up in 28. They fit almost too big on me, so I’m going to try a smaller size, however I still found them to be wearable and very comfortable. It’s just that they will stretch with the 98% cotton/2% elastane composition, and if I do end up getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight, they will be way too big. That said, the texture of the denim is amazing, much to the likes of brands like Current/Elliott, but with a more unique design. The R13 cross overs are certainly a special jean.

R13_CamoCrossover4 R13_CamoCrossover3 R13_CamoCrossover2

How to Wear The R13 Crossovers

For those of you tired of skinny jeans, but aren’t into the boyfriend or boot cuts, these jeans will be perfect for you. The crossover cut can be worn pretty much like any trouser, but since they’re denim they have a bit of edge to them. I pretty much think you can pop on a structured blazer with a pair of sharp pumps over almost any tee-shirt and jeans, and you got yourself an outfit that’s put together. Not bad, if say, you’re wearing sandals in the day and need a day-to-night look.

Wearing: Jeans: R13 X Over Camo Pant • Tee-Shirt: J.Crew • Blazer: Juicy Couture (gift) • Necklace: Juliete & Co.  Pumps: Yves Saint Laurent • Clutch: Gigi New York (gift) • Sunglasses: Prada • Bracelets: Gorjana, Chan Luu

Denim Review: [BLANKNYC] Denim Paneled Skinny Jeans

Friday, August 23, 2013

This year, I really, really, really have a thing for leather. Especially seeing the Isabel Marant paneled leather jeans during the AW13 runway shows. When [BLANKNYC] Denim came out with their version, only with black instead of indigo, and only for $88… of course you know I had to give them a try.

The Denim:

BLANK Denim is a brand that lies between luxury premium denim and high street. If you’re looking for trendier jeans but don’t want to get a pair that will completely fall apart or lose shape, BLANK is a generally a good bet. Using the Spray-On Super Skinny with paneled faux-leather it creates a chic and versatile jean. The actual denim is super light weight and stretchy with a 71% cotton/27% polyester/2% spandex composition. I found that they had just enough give to make sure nothing lost it’s shape, as faux-leather tends to stretch. The 30″ inseam was a bit long for my liking, I ended up folding them under to accommodate my Pierre Hardy wedges. The faux-leather is 60% polyurethane/40% viscose and is paneled within the paneling giving it a nice texture. I found the jeans to be very comfortable and well fitted from the second I put them on, probably because of the amount of stretch in the denim.

How to Wear Them:

The fun part about these jeans is you can really edge them up because of the leather. Basically, anything you wear these with will be edgy. A white tee shirt, silk blouse, blazer, anything. I would prefer to wear these at night, or on the weekends, but if you have a more creative job, you could totally wear these to work without causing too much of a commotion (just pair it with a blazer). I paired this with a plaid silk blouse, strappy sandals, and a classic motorcycle jacket. This is definitely a look for gallery night!

Wearing: Jeans: [BLANKNYC] • Blouse: Aritiza • Jacket: Marc by Marc Jacobs  • Clutch: Clare Vivier • Glasses: Prada

Denim Review: The Townsen Quilted Bomber Jacket

Friday, August 16, 2013

townsen_JACKET_1In the world of denim jackets, it’s easy to get caught up in the traditional trucker jacket. However this season we’re seeing all kinds of new jackets hit the market, mostly the bomber, letterman, and baseball jacket silhouettes. Another thing I’ve been seeing around is the quilting. As if it was an homage to the Chanel bag or something. When I saw the Townsen Quilted Denim Jacket, I absolutely had to give it a try!

The Jacket:

Since this is a jacket with quilting, the “denim” for this jacket is more like an indigo dyed chambray than it is actual denim with a 65% cotton 35% tencel composition. Which is fine, because you wouldn’t want to have a heavy fabric like denim with quilting, it would make for a very stiff jacket. The lining of the is polyester, and fairly light, it’s not a puffer jacket by any means, perfect for fall and spring (or if you’re in a mild climate, pretty much all year). I like the faux leather trim on the cuffs, waist and along the neck, which makes it a trendy item for this season, excellent for pairing with paneled leather pants, or denim shorts, or whatever leather you’ve indulged in this year!

The only thing is more of a personal preference, I felt it was a bit puffy for my taste, but that’s more the style than the fault of the jacket itself. All in all it’s a very cool jacket, perfect for those who want to try out a bomber jacket but don’t want to be too “military chic.”


How to wear it:

Here I’m doing a triple denim look, with a simple pair of black skinny jeans, a chambray shirt and the jacket. Lately I’ve just been keeping it simple in general, and here is no exception. I tried this jacket with many things, and it goes best with tight skirts or skinny jeans, the volume of the jacket can create a bulky silhouette if you wear it with boyfriend jeans, wide leg trousers, a-line skirts. If you’re particularly svelt, you may pull it off, but I’m still working on the baby weight!  Anywho, I particularly loved the idea of pairing this with a button down blouse, or denim shirt, and threw in a pair of heels to give it a feminine touch.

Wearing: Bomber jacket: Townsen • Chambray Shirt: H&M • Jeans: Hudson (gift) • Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent • Sunglasses: Prada • Clutch: Clare Vivier

Denim Review: DL1961 Amanda Skinny Jeans

Friday, August 9, 2013

Autumn is coming.

Not that it means much here in San Francisco, our seasons may yield a 10° difference, but all in all, it’s a great excuse to start with the fall colors. In denim world, that means, darker washes. Of course, I’ve been loving the distressed jean trend, and have been wanting to check out a few pairs for months, so of course, upon finding the DL1961 Amanda Skinny Jean in Seville, I absolutely had to give these a try.

The Denim:

This is my first postpartum outfit photo since my baby was born seven weeks ago. I’ve been squeezing myself into jeans for a few weeks, but now I’m actually getting to the point where I can wear normal outfits (ie. not leggings and tee shirts!). I’ve been hearing a lot about DL1961’s stretch denims, the 4-Way stretch which holds 90% of it’s shape. These days, I need all the stretch I can get! It’s true, the jeans did retain their shape, and they do have a bit of give with 88% cotton and 12% Lycra (most jeans have a 98% cotton / 2% Lycra composition). I ended up having to wear a belt after wearing them a few minutes, but that might have something to do with the fact I ordered a pair two sizes up from my “pre-pregnancy” size. I might have been able to get away with only going one size up… but yeah, I didn’t.

It’s really hard to find the perfect amount of distressing, whether it be in the wash, or the actual holes, and the hole placement. I loved how the jeans had a little bit of dimension with the whiskering and on the thighs, only enough to give a bit of contrast, not enough to notice, you know how some jeans get carried away with the sandblaster and you have super light thighs with dark denim. It looks cheap. Here in the Seville wash, it’s perfect.

Getting the knee hole placement, didn’t work so well with my petite stature, with a 31″ inseam, the Amandas are better for tall women. However, I didn’t mind so much overall with the complete outfit. I actually liked the way they fit two sizes up, slightly relaxed without being dowdy.

How to wear them:

These jeans can go with anything, but I really loved wearing them with a classic pair of pumps. Of course, I haven’t worn pumps since before I was pregnant, so digging out last year’s Schutz pumps, it was nice to see that they work perfectly with this season’s return to the classic pump trend. You can throw on a slouchy sweater, sunglasses, and hey you got an outfit! I just loved how easy they go with almost everything in my wardrobe. That’s why we love jeans, isn’t it?

Wearing: Jeans, DL1961 Amanda • Sweater: Zara • Bag: Givenchy • Sunglasses: Prada • Shoes: Schutz

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