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Surprise Move: Good American Adds No-Stretch Denim

Sunday, March 26, 2017

In an unexpected turn of events, Khloe Kardashian’s Good American brand has added no-stretch denim to its lineup. The $169 style is unexpected, but refreshing. It’s nice to see a slightly less overtly sexy silhouette from this brand, which launched last year.Good American jeansGood American also launched a rigid, oversized denim jacket, which as you can see here, Khloe has styled in an off-shoulder fashion. At at $265, it’s a bit pricier than I expected.

Good American jeans

As always, styles range in sizes from 00 to 24, and the brand will be adding new styles bi-weekly.

Alex Steele Makes Vintage Denim Into Works of Art

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

When I visited West Coast Craft in November, I was on the hunt for anything and everything denim (as per usual). Have you been to West Coast Craft? It’s an amazing collection of artisans that happens twice yearly at Fort Mason in San Francisco. It’s extremely well-curated and you’ll find incredible handmade and beautifully-designed items to wear and for your home. (Check some of my other favorites at Forbes!)

When it came to denim, Alex Steele’s booth grabbed my attention like no  other. Not only did she have perfect vintage Levi’s, but they were decorated with her really cool art. She paints with bleach directly onto the denim. The palm-leaf print initially caught my eye, and her nudes (and more) on jackets won me over.

I quickly learned that Alex doest much more than paint on jeans—she has dabbled in everything from jewelry design to taxidermy. Check out our interview below!   Read More >

UPEEPZ Demonstrate How to Dance in Uniqlo’s Kaihara Jeans

Monday, January 30, 2017

Filipino Hip Hop dance world champions Upeepz are famous for their synchronized performances featuring an impossibly huge group of dancers. Now they’re coming together for Uniqlo’s denim line manufactured at the Kaihara Denim Mill in Japan. They are amazing to watch!!

Questions to Answer Before You Try to DIY Ripped Jeans

Sunday, January 15, 2017

I was just doing a little denim Googling, as denim bloggers are wont to do, and I found this gem from Marie Claire UK on how to rip your jeans without ruining them. It seems like such a simple thing but, alas, there is a reason why ripped jeans often cost more than intact ones.

Ripping is an art and a skill, and you’re not careful when DIYing, you’re liable to straight up trash those jeans you’d hoped to make cooler. Key points to consider before you dive into a denim-ripping DIY session:

  1. Are you OK with sacrificing the jeans should the project not work out? Buy a test pair at your local thrift shop so you can answer YES to this one.
  2. Do you have the proper tools?
  3. Do you have time to devote to proper preparation? Do to it right, you’ll need to prewash and mark your jeans carefully with chalk or a pen.
  4. Are you denial oriented? Or can you be for a few minutes? Without the finishing touches, your DIY rips might look a bit to contrived.

Answered yes to all of the above? Head on over the Marie Claire and let us know how it goes!

[Photo by Matthew Henry via Unsplash]








The Evolution of Denim in Hip Hop

Thursday, January 12, 2017

hip-hop-denim-style-evolution-unnamed2-1200x800 Jeans worn by hip-hop artists did not always strive to show as much of one’s underwear as possible, High Snobiety reveals. In the seventies, when hip-hop first emerged, artists in the genre wore remarkably well-fitting jeans:

In a decade where high style was characterized by stretchy polyester, shiny satin and chintzy velour, hard-wearing denim dungarees symbolized a utilitarian sense of rebellion.

Moving into the eighties, artists even wore head-to-toe denim, and gravitated towards much less showy stagewear that one might imagine in the context of a pretty opulent decade.

Check out the entire evolution of denim in hip hop at High Snobiety, and check out their tips on how to rock the looks from every era now.

[Photo via High Snobiety]

’70s Pants Party at Wallflower in San Francisco, Friday!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

15940967_1870268423216134_2902433819791133710_n-2If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, celebrate the beginning of a few days without rain (it’s returning next week!) with Wallflower’s 70s pants party. There’s nothing I love more than a good pair of 70’s jeans, and I love the idea of celebrating them with friends, snacks and beverages. I will be there in spirit only, unfortunately. Being a mom of a preschooler, I do fun things like mandatory preschool meetings on Fridays. But you should go, because Wallflower is RAD not only for 70s pants but for vintage clothing in general as well as home items. Make your way to the back of the store for macrame, brass lamps, mirrors and all sorts of funky interior pieces. RSVP here! Have fun and happy weekend everyone!

What: ’70s Pants Party

When: Friday, January 13 from 6-9pm

Where: 1176 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA

Why: ’70s denim, duh!

Khloe vs. Kylie: Denim Wars?

Friday, December 30, 2016

Obsessed with my new @fashionnova jeans 🍑Get them at FashionNova.com 😍 #ad

A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Read More >

George Michael’s Faith Video Jeans are Stashed at His Dad’s House

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-10-52-10-amThis year has been the absolute worst in so many ways, in particularly in the killing of ’80s icons department. George Michael was taken from us entirely too soon on Christmas Day, while many thousands of people were certainly listening to his beloved holiday tune, Last Christmas.

Forgive me, but when I think of George Michael, I think of his derriere in the Faith video. Those jeans! They were perfect. People magazine interviewed the artist back in 2010 when he told the publication that the Levi’s he wore were his own, and the distressing was authentic from having worn them so much.

My dad’s got them stashed away at his house. They were my own jeans. The rips were genuine, because I wore them so much. I used to ask my mum to sew up new rips. In the end, they were so worn out, she refused.


In fact he styled his entire outfit for the video—this was back in the days before he could afford a stylist, and before they were even used regularly. I hope his dear old dad has them properly preserved. We will miss you, George Michael.

People Magazine Editors Love Melissa McCarthy’s Denim Line

Friday, December 23, 2016

Melissa McCarthy jeans

Melissa McCarthy’s foray into designing clothing has most recently focused on jeans, a garment McCarthy says she didn’t own for a decade because she couldn’t find any jeans that fit her comfortable. She aims to change that with her new denim designs, which are part of her clothing line Seven7.

Eight People magazine editors who tried the denim mostly loved every pair. The biggest complaint was that they run big, so they recommended sizing down. Other than that, it was mostly raves. And I love that the collection includes a flared silhouette as well as sequin embellishments.

Like Khloe Kardashian’s Good American brand, McCarthy doesn’t classify her sizes as “Plus.” The line includes sizes 4 to 24, and some retailers are stocking her clothing in the “plus” category, but McCarthy says she intends to make clothing for all women.

Photo via People

From Scraps to Fab: Parker Smith’s Upcycled Capsule

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Parker Smith designers had the bright idea to take the denim scraps from their cutting room floor, which otherwise would have been destined for the trash, and made these beautiful tops. The description says “may contain pen marks on the interior—one can hope so! upcycle-1

You Won’t Believe This Art Was Made Only With Denim

Saturday, November 26, 2016


Last year we told you about the chic, denim themed wedding of Ian Berry and his bride Asa. It wasn’t just a novelty—Berry is an artist whose medium is denim.

Now, he has an exhibition of artwork created only with denim presented by Catto Gallery at Gallery Different, 14 Percy Street in London.  The exhibit goes until November 30, so if you’re in the area, don’t miss it!

Berry uses only “as is” denim—he never bleaches or dyes the fabric to suit his needs, but uses scraps from naturally weathered vintage pieces.  From a distance, you would never guess his pieces are made only from denim. Take, for example, the work above, and this earlier work depicting Blondie:


See more of his incredible work at his website, read our Q&A for more insight into how he creates his art, and learn more about the London exhibit in the video below:

Ian Berry ‘Behind closed doors’ Promo 2016 from Catto Gallery TV on Vimeo.

If You Love 70’s-Style Denim You Need to Check Out Native Funk & Flash

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

img_0311Native Funk & Flash, an Emerging Folk Art was written by Alexandra Jacopetti and published in 1974. The patchwork and embroidery trend back then turned out not to be a trend at all but an enduring classic aesthetic. The book was reissued in the last few years, and if you’re someone who enjoys getting creative with denim (or other fabrics), I highly recommend grabbing a copy before it goes out of print again.


It’s worth the price tag if only for the positive effect it will have on your coffee table aesthetics. If you’re a maker yourself, leafing through Native Funk & Flash will provide endless inspiration. Or if you simply appreciate originality when it comes to denim designs, you will also find plenty to love in this book—and it’s the perfect holiday gift for anyone who falls in any of those categories.

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