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Denim On The Rise: Greg Lauren

Friday, February 20, 2015



What do you do when you’re a former soap opera star, nephew to Ralph Lauren and acclaimed artist? Start a fashion line! This is what Greg Lauren has done. One may say that his work was slow to start, beginning in 2011 and taking four years to get recognized on Style.com (like, totally, that’s when you’ve “made it” as a fashion designer!) With so many careers under his belt, it’s easy to see how he’s able to marry several aesthetics in some kind of cohesive manner with his 2015 collection. A bit of military, a bit cowboy, a bit zombie apocalypse, Lauren’s sartorial dystopia is a far cry from his “All American” uncle.

I’m loving how the patchwork denim is not merely patches on traditional styles of jeans. The jeans are tailored, patched, destroyed, and tailored some more. Kind of reminding me of that franken-jean we talked about a few weeks ago. Only, this is no DIY project, but that of a skilled artisan.  Not bad, and once the zombie apocalypse breaks out, I’ll be first in line to get a bite out of this collection.

greg_lauren_aw15_denim8 greg_lauren_aw15_denim7 greg_lauren_aw15_denim6 greg_lauren_aw15_denim5 greg_lauren_aw15_denim4 greg_lauren_aw15_denim3 greg_lauren_aw15_denim2

Free People Releases “Vintage Loves: She Sent Post Cards” Collection

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Free People Vintage Loves- She Sent Postcards 8

Free People has always embodied the bohemian look of yesteryear. Especially with their denim looks which couldn’t be hotter now that “that 70’s look” is really going to happen for 2015.

What better way to celebrate the vintage look than by releasing the “Vintage Loves: She Sent Post Cards” collection of hand-selected pieces:

The roughly 150 piece collection is marked by special cotton tops, gauze dresses, and embroidered jackets featuring a broad array of bright colors and bohemian inspired prints. Some highlights are one-of-a-kind denim pieces, including patchwork widelegs, painted denim cutoffs, and 4 pocket shortalls. The apparel heavy collection also features unique accessories, including oversized statement woven bags and leather sandals, ideal for the warmer months ahead. 

I was personally  impressed by the variety in the collection, well-edited, yet varied enough to find just the right thing to add to your 70’s wardrobe. The collection is available here, hurry, because it looks like it’s selling fast!

Free People Vintage Loves- She Sent Postcards 5 Free People Vintage Loves- She Sent Postcards 10 Free People Vintage Loves- She Sent Postcards 4 Free People Vintage Loves- She Sent Postcards 3 Free People Vintage Loves- She Sent Postcards 2 Free People Vintage Loves- She Sent Postcards 1

Rachel Comey Is the Queen of Cool Denim Style

Friday, February 13, 2015


Since Rachel Comey started including denim in her collections just a few years ago, it’s been interesting to see how she’s developed her craft, from being fairly inconsistent with the form and silhouette going between standard and avant-garde, she has certainly hit her stride where you can look at a denim piece and almost know it’s Rachel Comey. That way she creates clothing that’s both comfortable and chic, the kind you can just throw on and look amazing. If any American designer can create “effortless cool” to rival the Parisians, it’s certainly Rachel Comey.

Rachel-Comey-09-1366 Rachel-Comey-08-1366 Rachel-Comey-07-1366 Rachel-Comey-05-1366 Rachel-Comey-04-1366 Rachel-Comey-02-1366 Rachel-Comey-10-1366


Images via Style.com

DL1961’s Spring ’15 Campaign Creates the Perfect Seasonless Uniform

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


If you didn’t know by now, I live in jeans. Denim is my neutral. What changes over time is the fit, the wash, the choice to distress or not. But living in San Francisco, the seasons are all pretty much the same, and they all entail wearing denim. DL1961‘s Spring Campaign is the perfect balance of  Spring transitional, and well, seasonless dressing, which is great for people like me who hate wearing “Spring colors”.

The campaign highlights several trends from DL1961’s Spring collection, including vintage fits reimagined – like the seventies flares and relaxed skinny, Americana detailing such as red and blue side taping and fringe – all in the brand’s revolutionary fabrics, DLX and dlpro.






Colcci Dresses Gisele Bundchen in Denim for Fall

Tuesday, February 10, 2015



Colcci is fast becoming one of my favorite Brazilian Denim brands. Of course, the brand has been featuring supermodel, Gisele Bundchen in their ads since forever ago, but with a hometown hero like Gisele, why not?  The brand really plays up the denim washes like no one else. I’d almost go as far as to say it’s a bit gaudy for my taste, but on the other hand the washes carry a lot of depth to the denim. Again, I’m seeing the knee holes ABOVE the knee, and oddly enough, I saw a friend wearing a pair of black skinnys with similar hole placement. Maybe the third sighting makes this a trend? Quite possibly. Then again, basically anything Gisele wears can be made into a trend.



gisele-bundchen-colcci-denim-fall-2015-ads01 gisele-bundchen-colcci-denim-fall-2015-ads02

Sail Away with Daria Werbowy in AG Jeans Spring Campaign

Monday, February 9, 2015

AG- Daria Werbowy campaign image

 Daria Werbowy is probably one of my favorite models, and AG Jeans makes some amazing jeans, yes, but I’m also loving their campaigns with Daria. Last fall they were out in the countryside, this spring, AG takes us sailing. Now, I get some serious seasickness, but this campaign makes me want to pop some Dramamine and suck it up. This video is simply gorgeous. And, of course, so are the white jeans.

The brand worked with a stand out team for the campaign; which was shot in Marina Del Rey.  Art direction was given byBerger & Wild (founders of The Last Magazine and Magnus Berger is also the Creative Director of WSJ magazine).  Photographed by Lachlan Bailey and styled by Alastair McKimm (Art Director of I.D.).  Videographer was Jacques Naude

Free People’s February Lookbook: The Streets of Rome

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Free People February 2015 8


While La Dolce Vita is on our minds after the passing of actress Anita Ekberg, Free People takes us to present day of the streets of Rome. Still as picturesque as ever, it provides the perfect setting for February’s lookbook. I’ve never thought about it this way, but the label’s boho-chic also makes for wonderful traveling attire. Flowy layers, trendy pieces, and that easy spirit you usually want to have on vacation.

I’m loving that twist on the slit knee skinny jeans… just above the knee instead of right on the knee. Railroad stripe jeans mixed with an indigo top will give you that indigo fix that’s so hot right now, and if you’re meaning to try culottes this year, the ones by Free People look promising. Now if we can just get off to Rome!


Free People February 2015Free People February 2015 10 Free People February 2015 7 Free People February 2015 5   Free People February 2015 6 Free People February 2015 4 Free People February 2015 2


Images courtesy of Free People

Cheap Monday Burns Down The House for Fall 2015

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I’d say that Fashion Month is about to begin, but I’ve been writing about fashion shows for the last two months, it seems that there is a “Fashion Week” somewhere all the time. Kind of like how the Big Bang Theory is mysteriously on television 100% of the time, only much, much cooler.

Stockholm Fashion Week is in full swing now. Much to my delight that means that Cheap Monday presented their Fall collection. One of my long time favorites for super comfortable and affordable jeans, they are among the more trendy of the denim labels. Kind of like a bit more fashion forward version of Blank NYC (which I also love). This show was a bit of a spectacle, combining fire and snow, the models had a bit of a post-apocalyptic styling to them. Ripped jeans, layers upon layers, upon layers. Cheap Monday’s mens line and the womens line were interchangeable in aesthetic making their very collection unisex.

cheap_monday_denim_2015_7 cheap_monday_denim_2015_6 cheap_monday_denim_2015_5 cheap_monday_denim_2015_4 cheap_monday_denim_2015_3 cheap_monday_denim_2015_2 cheap_monday_denim_2015_1 cheap_monday_denim_2015


Images via Style.com

Denim Pairings: The 2Bandits Spring Jewelry Collection

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Ok, so we’re taking a little break from denim to talk about what to wear with your jeans. Accessories! One of my favorite up-and-comers 2Bandits released their Spring lookbook, Rodeo Queen, today. Not being their first rodeo to the Southwest esthetic, they’ve remixed some classic motifs, like the Concho Wing Neck Cuff. To be honest, I never knew I wanted a neck cuff until I saw this one. While this lookbook doesn’t feature denim, the look and feel could well incorporate a pair of high waisted jeans and button down blouse with layered cuffs and rings galore. It’s the perfect way to add a bit of edge to your standard uniform.

w3bIZ_1024x1024 KSBaV_1024x1024 mHCwD_1024x1024 mXOrI_1024x1024 idMx3_1024x1024 A0k8r_1024x1024 hq4hA_1024x1024 fiQm6_1024x1024 uahtG_1024x1024 SzpRm_1024x1024 PMQQY_1024x1024 hv7te_1024x1024 ztCai_1024x1024 5dYyr_1024x1024 7YhKI_1024x1024


Images via The 2Bandits

Fall Denim 2015 Mens: Band of Outsiders

Friday, January 23, 2015


Denim has always had its roots in workwear, which is what makes Band of Outsiders Fall Mens collection such a treat. Riffing off the cliche of “hardware store chic,” this collection brings workwear front and center. Both playful and classic, many elements like the denim jumpsuit echoing that of a pair of coveralls you’d see a mechanic wearing. Or a pair of slacks that could well be a pair of Dickie’s. Winter gloves that could be mistaken for work gloves. All styled in a way that lets you know that this is no ordinary hardware store attire. I have to say, I love it. All the best collections riff of the every day, which ultimately brings to light the beauty in ordinary things.

Band_of_Outsiders_016_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_003_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_011_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_010_1366

Images via Style.com


Cropped Jeans & Denim Culottes at Valentino Pre-Fall 15

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Everywhere the 70’s are coming back.  But does that mean we all have to throw out our skinny jeans and throw on a pair of flared jeans? Well, not so fast. Pre-Fall 15 has been super interesting this year and to tell the truth it’s also fascinating what kinds of collections designers come out with for the seasons “no one” pays attention to. Pre-Fall, Resort, Holiday. They are the baby collections, and some designers do little snippets to keep our fashion appetites curbed and others, like say Valentino came out with a 97-look mega-collection. Even for Fall and Spring it’s pretty huge.

What I took from sifting through all the looks was the presence of denim (and the next generation of that Rockstud IT shoe!) How the wide legged jeans suggested a flare but were neat and slightly cropped, kind of like a grown up culotte. This style is updated enough to look fresh but classic enough to pull off any time of the year. Which I’m have to say is pretty awesome.

Valentino_074_1366 Valentino_073_1366 Valentino_049_1366 Valentino_032_1366 Valentino_033_1366 Valentino_020_1366 Valentino_019_1366


Image credit: Valentino



Sonia Rykiel’s Pre-Fall ’15 Styling May Be The One to Get Us On Board With Flared Jeans

Wednesday, January 7, 2015





I believe everyone has a “decade.” You know, style-wise. Some people are great at appropriating that 70’s look so it doesn’t look like a costume. Me? Not so much… I have a very hard time with flared jeans. While I do like wide-legged jeans a la Katharine Hepburn, it’s very hard for me to really work a pair of flared jeans without feeling like a poseur.

With the Pre-Fall collections STILL coming in (do designers ever get a break from fashion shows?) before Fall-Winter Fashion Month commences next month, Sonia Rykiel squeezes in a couple of denim looks that update that 70’s flare while still being true to the era. The photo above with the long trench coat over a pair of high-waisted, flared jeans reminds me of something my mom used to wear around the time I was born. The 70’s were all about length, maxi-dresses, long coats, long hair, long legs. And it’s all in this collection, yet it’s surprisingly 21st century.

Sonia_Rykiel_008_1366 Sonia_Rykiel_005_1366  Sonia_Rykiel_002_1366

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