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My Five Ridiculous Minutes With Khloe Kardashian

Saturday, April 29, 2017

This article was originally published at Stylenik, where you can read it in its entirety.

I received the email at 12:32am during a bout of insomnia on May 8. I was in the regular practice of falling asleep with our 4-year-old around 8pm, then finding myself wide awake around midnight but too brain-tired to do anything productive. So I did that thing you’re not supposed to when you can’t sleep and checked my email.

Usually that means groggily deleting junk mail, but one email stood out for its aggressive subject line: THE GA PROJECT 002: YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED !!

I would have assumed spam had I not recently recently entered myself in a competition to become a model for Khloe Kardashian’s new denim line (this, and other sentences I never expected to write, coming right up).

In order to keep myself up to date on all things indigo, I have a Google Alert set up for “jeans” and “denim.” When I got the alert that Khloe Kardasian wanted “real” models for her upcoming denim project, I figured what the heck. I’m real. All I needed to do was send a photo of myself in jeans and fill out an online form. I sent the photo below, in which I’m wearing high-rise, dark-wash skinny jeans by Grana (which, by the way, I didn’t buy and wish I had).

The email also said I needed to be in Los Angeles on Monday—technically the NEXT DAY—for a 10:45am call time. That meant I had to either pay too much for a flight down there (which wasn’t happening because my husband was unemployed and I was underemployed at the time), or make the seven-hour drive from Pacifica.

Read the rest at Stylenik!


Happy New Year! What Are Your Denim Resolutions?

Thursday, December 29, 2016


kristen-18Denim is a huge part of our lives. We live in jeans, and whether they’re comfortable and whether they makes our backsides look attractive has an enormous impact on our states of mind on a day-to-day basis. That said, I suggest that it’s not entirely weird to make denim-specific resolutions. Here are mine:

1. Stop Sweating the Numbers

My size is historically between 28 and 29 in most jeans, and anytime I have to suffer the higher number, I become slightly depressed. I don’t go so far as to refuse to purchase size 29 jeans, but I don’t do it happily. And I have, on occasion, forced myself into a 28 when a 29, a would have been much more comfortable.

But everyone knows that denim size anything but uniform across brands. And beyond that, a number should not have such a strong impact on one’s self esteem. And so, in 2017 I resolve to only wear jeans that are comfortable and look good, even if the size on the tag is outside of my comfort zone.

2. Mind the Trends

Not every trend is going to look great on every person. And while this is obvious to everyone including myself, sometimes I forget, just like the Naughty Bunny so often forgets to be good. Certain lengths and cuts flatter my wide-hip, narrow-waist (hourglass?) figure. I resolve this year to not force myself to believe I look good in those trends that do not. It’s ridiculously difficult to be objective with ones self, but I vow to try my best.

3. Quality Over Quantity

Being the author of a denim blog, it’s probably not surprising to hear that I’m a denim hoarder. And since denim brands often donate jeans for me to review or feature them, I have accumulated an embarrassingly large collection of jeans over the years. My point is that some are better than others, and I vow to dump the crappy ones and wear with pride those that are well-made.

Now let’s get this crappy year over with and move on to 2017, shall we?! What are your denim (or otherwise) resolutions for 2017?

A Picture of Denim Addiction

Thursday, April 28, 2016

I came across this video in the Racked archives, and although it’s about a year old, this is a woman after my own heart, so I had to share.

Denim all day every day!

Let’s Discuss: How Many is too Many?

Thursday, March 20, 2014


(image via Citizens for Humanity)

I recently re-watched a J. Crew video with Jenna Lyons from last year, and among being blown away as always by her trademark style and confidence, I couldn’t stop thinking about her massive shoe collection. She owns 280+ pairs of shoes, and while she admits to not wearing them all, she’s proud. When it comes to shoes, there’s the general theory that one can never own too many shoes. If you have the room, why not right? Getting dressed is that much more exciting and you’ll never have the excuse ‘I didn’t have anything to wear.’ This got me thinking about denim. How many jeans is too many? Sometimes I stare at my stack of denim (I own about 10 pairs) and the consensus is that I should add to this, not take away. 10 seems few to me. Like Jennine, I clean out my closet, almost too much and unlike Jenna, can’t hang onto pairs I haven’t worn in over a year. But I’ve learned that there are countless styles, fits and colors of jeans — the options are endless and there really is no such a thing as owning too many pairs of jeans. Maybe I need to practice more of what I preach, but my opinion is, there is no answer to ‘how many is too many.’ You can’t own too many. If they fit, and you have the space, desire, and the will power not get overwhelmed with options every morning — keep them! A closet full of countless denim is a happy one.

 What’s your opinion? How Many is too many? Is there a limit to how many pairs of denim one should own? 


Let’s Discuss This Denim Trend: Oversized All Over

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Now that the polar vortex has frozen more than half the country, and most people are packing on the layers — I thought it a perfect time to broach a topic I’ve been struggling with lately. Oversized all rover. A la Olsen. Typically, oversized boyfriend jeans are paired proportionately with tighter tops, sweaters, sexy heels — enough to balance out their sometimes masculine, voluminous look. But, not lately.

New York Fashionweek ss2014, day 5

A new trend is emerging (or just returning) — to pair those boyfriend jeans with your boyfriend sweaters, shirts and even jackets. Don’t get me wrong, I love a comfy, oversized look and would totally wear this combo. BUT, I feel frumpy, larger than I really am, and just not fabulous. Am I alone here?

Not ready to embrace this trend? Do you like the look for normal people, or is it reserved for ultra tall, think models.



(images via here and here)

2014 Denim New Years Resolutions

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year! Like Jennine mentioned already, I can’t believe it’s 2014 — 2014! I’m excited to see what denim trends continue and emerge this year, but I’m also excited to make some denim resolutions for the first time. We focus so much on denim, I’ve had some time to reflect on blue jeans, and how they affect my life. There are some major areas for improvement, experimentation, etc. So dramatic for just jeans? Ha, yes but that’s what we do. We mean business. Here are five resolutions — I aimed for more, but baby steps seem like a smart move.

7358dbadc136182bfb9951e7932b2f7a(image via Sincerely Jules)

1. Try three new denim brands. As a creature of habit, even though we’re emailed daily with look books on new brands, I tend to stick to the same few: MOTHER, J Brand, Rag/Bone JEAN, but 2014 is the year I break out of my comfort zone and try some new brands. On my list: R13, Frame, 6397.

2. Wear more color: I wear blue and black jeans, sometimes a print here and there but although I post about them, I rarely wear colored jeans. And that’s about to change. First up: Red. Wait, maybe orange, decisions decisions.

3. Wear my denim vest: Again, something we post about often but honestly I’m a bit reluctant to try. I even own one it just sits in the closet. Back to the whole creature of habit thing, I tend to just wear the same denim jacket — with sleeves. In 2014 I promise to wear mine w/out.

4. Edit down my denim collection: Denim hoarder? Maybe .. just a little. It’s so hard to let go of your favorite styles, even if they’ve had their day and then some. I vows to donate at least three (hopefully more but we’ll see how it goes with the three) pairs of jeans this year.

5. Buy (and wear) a denim jumpsuit: This one may just be the hardest resolution for me, but I’ve been staring at too many chic jumpsuit images for too long it’s time I own one and actually wear it.

That’s it! What are your New Years Resolutions? Anything that involves Denim? 

Denim Review: Rag & Bone/Jean Portobello Shorts

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rag & Bone/JEAN Portobello Shorts

I was in denial until about mid-June, but I’m onboard now. Even, Seinfeld Current Day has something to say about it. I’m officially calling it, this is definitely the summer of jorts! (But can we call them jean shorts, yeah?)

Besides my unwillingness to admit what is clearly the sartorial choice of most of my friends and neighbors, there’s been personal trepidation in embracing jean shorts. Understandably, it’s taken me a little time to adjust to being bare legged, since most of the year San Francisco is cold. Or if not cold, very rarely hot. Living here the last 5 years, I’ve gotten out of the practice of wearing anything shorter than an inch or two above my knees and usually with tights. I’ve been testing the waters lately, first with the Current/Elliott Five Pocket Skirt and now with this pair of Rag & Bone/Jean Portobello Shorts.

Rag & Bone/JEAN Portobello Shorts

The Fit:

The Rag & Bone/Jean Portobello Shorts, constructed of distressed chambray, allow for a roomy fit. Being my first foray this summer into jean shorts, I was grateful for the relaxed feel that allowed room around my upper things, coupled with a short rise, the shorts felt a bit like wearing a more secure mini skirt. A word of warning, Rag & Bone runs a little large, so if you’re super tiny, these might not work for you. I usually hover around a 27, but comfortably wore a 25 in these.

The Denim and Construction:

These are a worn chambray with splattered bleached accents and a distressed feel. The chambray is a thick cotton and adds some structure to the silhouette. The shorts have 4-pocket styling in a more traditional trouser cut. The zipper and hook and eye closure enforce that feeling.

Styling Notes:

I’ve been playing with the idea of mixing denims and wearing different updated versions of the “Texas Tuxedo” or “Canadian Suit”. Here I pair an oversized indigo cotton/linen blazer with the Rag & Bone/Jean Portobello Shorts to get a visual homage to the double denim look. Since my legs look like they go on for an afternoon (not for days), the shorts with a 4-inch platform visually extended my leg line. To tone down some of this busyness, I threw on a simple black tank top to “match” the belt and shoes.

Denim Poll: How Much Would you Pay for Distressed Denim?

Monday, March 25, 2013

I’ve paid nearly $300 for distressed denim. Or as my mother calls them, ripped jeans. Let’s be honest, that’s kind of what they are. And as with any big purchase, I did my research: tried on way too many pairs, laid out all the different styles and brands available, and in the end pulled the trigger on a pair o f Rag&Bone/JEANS. Yes, I could have grabbed a pair from my overflowing arsenal, applied some DIY “distressing” and saved myself a good chunk of money, but I’m happy with my purchase. Because I love them. The fit is just right, and is the distress — spot on.


Why do I feel a wee bit silly revealing how much I paid for my ripped jeans? It’s almost as if there is some kind of hidden shame in paying top dollar for something most people try to prevent. Disclaimer: No shame in revealing to you. Obviously.


Which leads me to the question I ask every stylish person I know. How much would you pay for distressed denim?



Let’s Discuss: The Playful Denim Pencil Skirt

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

If you were to rank all the denim items that have been worn in the past that I was so not ready to revisit – you could put the denim pencil skirt pretty high up there. However, after seeing Ann’s post last week on that amazing distressed Acne skirt and seeing so many fun renditions popping up on Shopbop, I’m having a change of heart. (Clearly the above photos are not all denim pencil skirts, but the idea is there – the shape, the pattern – the whimsy!)

I’m having visions of myself in the late spring and summer, pairing a bright, fitted and flirty little pencil skirt with a filmy t-shirt (tucked in of course), a great necklace and a nice tall wedge. That’s the thing about a pencil skirt – because of the length it really requires a heel to keep you from looking totally stumpy. Sorry, but it’s true!

In keeping with this year’s massive move towards colored denim, the pencil skirts I’m smitten with go right along with all the trends we’re seeing:

First, this Robert Rodriguez skirt in stretch denim, is high-waisted and 23″ long in a bright, sunny color. I don’t have the legs of a model and you might not either, so I’m betting it would fit a bit longer on one of us. Second, the Paige Denim Loveland skirt, in the same ‘Chello’ print as my favorite floral jeans. I love the button detailing and this print has proven to be much more wearable than I ever imagined. Finally, this darling Blank Denim skirt in lavender or white.

If you’re still a bit shy about this cut (and these colors), keep it super traditional (but in my opinion, a tad snore-worthy) in this easy, classic Current / Elliott Stiletto skirt. (However I love their buttoned-up white Dorothy skirt.)

So, what do you think? The pencil skirt is making a huge comeback in general this season, so will you try it in denim?

[Image credits: Eat, Sleep, Denim; Lucy Laught; Atlantic-Pacific; Olsens Anonymous.]

Denim Resolutions for 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So by now most of us are back at work, hitting the ground running for this first week of 2012. I hope you all had a fun, refreshing and rejuvenating New Year’s Eve, and have made some great resolutions. Perhaps you’re going to start a new fitness plan, get organized, re-connect with long-lost friends? I’ve got a laundry list of resolutions like that, but a list that’s even longer when it comes to my closet. I begin each year with a renewed vigor to dress better and shop smarter.


Here are my denim resolutions for 2012 that you should try too:


Invest: My shopping budget is something I struggle with on a daily basis. Each year I renew a promise to myself to spend less money on disposable, just-for-a-season pieces and save my money for spendier, high-quality purchases. This holds especially true for denim. As an adult woman, there’s just no need to be walking myself down the streets of Manhattan in cheap, saggy, inferior-quality denim. Since I started writing this blog I’ve been fortunate enough to try out dozens of pairs of jeans, and really learn a thing or two about fit, quality, stretch and fabric. I know many of you out there are on a budget – and let me assure you, I am too. We can’t afford to fill our closets to the brim with premium denim, but I know for sure that I’d rather have just two or three pairs of perfect jeans than 6 or 8 pairs of mediocre ones.

Be Bold: 2011 was a big year for denim, we had some really big trends take hold, especially with color and print. I tend to sway much more towards classic styles in just about everything, but I want to step out of that pattern this year. I fell in love with bold looks like the Current / Elliott cheetah jeans and Rag & Bone Kelly green skinnies, and those pairs helped me realize something. I can maintain a classic, classy and sophisticated look while experimenting with bold denim. By mixing them in with my more subdued pieces they serve to add a healthy dose of whimsy to everyday looks.

Try A New Cut: The one thing I was most hesitant about when I started writing Eat, Sleep, Denim was having to try all kinds of different cuts of denim. As I’ve said many times before, I was always a die-hard skinny jeans girl. However, I’ve grown to love trying out new cuts and trying to make them work. Does every pair of jeans end up looking great? Not on your life. But much like being an experimental eater, being an experimental denim-wearer has opened my wardrobe to jeans I never thought I’d wear. From flares to cropped and rolled boyfriend jeans, try something new in 2012 – I promise you’ll be better for it.

Purge: Okay, now this can be a tough one. I have a really hard time letting go of clothes, especially ones that were expensive or worn for a special occasion. However, some things just have to go. It’s a good rule of thumb that if you haven’t worn something for a year or more – let it go. Especially denim. If you don’t feel amazing in every pair of jeans you own – you’re wasting your money and closet space. Jeans should be the most flattering thing you put on, and you should always feel great in them. If you don’t today, you probably won’t a month from now. Banish bad jeans immediately and make room for a pair you love.


What are your denim resolutions for 2012? Will you purge? Will you purchase? Let me know!


Denim Fit To Flatter: Putting Your Best Butt Forward

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I’ve been blogging over here at Eat, Sleep, Denim for about three months now. We’ve covered a lot of denim topics, from shorts and tights to white denim to trousers to the worst jeans you’ve ever owned. In short, I feel like we know each other. Which is why I feel like it’s finally time to have a serious discussion about our, ehem, derrieres. That’s right, butts. have put mine on display for you here, all in the name of denim.

Perhaps the most important and personal part of the jeans-purchasing process is finding a pair that flatters you from behind. Anyone who says they don’t care about how their butt looks in their jeans is either lying, or resigned to a life of nothing but tunic tops.

Yesterday a couple of the ladies from the office and I went out to do some market research. We all have wildly different body types, but we wanted to see if there was one brand of denim that was universally rear-view friendly. We found that between us we couldn’t land on one brand. We also found that trying on pair after pair of jeans, looking for nothing but a nice butt can be really taxing on your self esteem and your faith in denim.

Personally, I have found Paige Denim to be most flattering on my butt. I have a small, flat one, so I prefer a no-flap pocket that sits higher and closer to the center seam. One of my coworkers also has a petite derriere but with a little more shape, and she relies on her 7 For All Mankind flares and J Brands to get her most flattering fit. My third coworker also likes Paige, along with Levis Curve ID.

What I’ve concluded is that the shape of your body is going to play the biggest role. For some girls, a trouser can minimize and flatter a large butt, where mine just drowns. Some prefer a high waist, some low. Skinny jeans, flared jeans, boot-cut – it’s a matter of proportion. At least I think so. I’m just one woman after all.

Now I want to know: What jeans flatter you best? Do you have a go-to cut or a tried-and-true brand? Come on and share, won’t you?

[Images by Nando Alvarez & personal iPhones.]

Denim Confessions! The Worst Jeans I Ever Owned

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I know what you’re thinking. There’s no way that I, a denim blogger, could ever have owned an embarrassing pair of jeans. You probably assume that I came out of the womb in a pair of dark denim skinny jeans. Alas, I wasn’t born with a sixth sense for denim style. It was cultivated and nurtured over many years, and not without it’s share of serious missteps.

Through my interviews and conversations with other bloggers for our Denim Style features, I realized I’m not alone in my shameful denim past. I thought it might be fun find out what kind of crazy, ill-fitting, scandalous, and just plain unattractive  jeans some of my favorite and most stylish friends have owned at one time or another.

I suppose to kick things off, I’ll go first:

The worst, most embarrassing jeans I ever owned were from Abercrombie & Fitch, that I wore religiously my junior year of high school, circa 2003. These jeans (a pricey $70 at the time), were ultra low-rise, dark denim and had suede laces where the zipper fly is supposed to be. They also lacked pockets on the derriere (this was before the days of tunic tops), and had a 7-inch slit at each ankle, so I could show off my platform Jack Percell tennis shoes from the side. They were trashy, age-inappropriate, and I loved them.

Katy Atlas, Sugar Laws:

“I had a pair of denim overall shorts.  From the Gap.  That I wore – in college.”

Grace Atwood, Stripes & Sequins:

“The worst pair of jeans I ever owned was my first pair of jeans.  Bought in the third grade, I had begged my mother for weeks for them.  They came from Marshall’s and managed to incorporate three of the worst trends from the late eighties all at once:  High waist, acid wash, and, wait for it… neon tie-dye.  Over twenty years later, they still haunt me.”

Alicia Lund, Cheetah Is The New Black:

“Well I used to love really baggy, super long denim (and still do). I was always dragging the bottoms of my jeans in high school and I had a pretty crazy pair of super bells without back pockets. I hate denim without back pockets now (they can be so unflattering), but I still love flared denim!”

Jordan Reid, Ramshackle Glam:

“The ugliest jeans I ever owned: a pair of way-too-big men’s jeans that I picked up at the Salvation Army in 9th grade. They were sorta bell-bottomed, but so enormous on me that you could barely tell what shape they were…they mostly just looked huge and messy. I ended up wearing them constantly during a summer I spent teaching English in Costa Rica, and after two months of nearly daily wear they were mud-caked and ripped up to the point of nearly falling apart. So they were ugly, for sure, but they were also one of my most treasured posessions for many years, because of the memories that they held. Today those jeans are my very special DIY Project Pants, and as such have accumulated countless more stains courtesy of paint, glue, and what-have-you. You’d never catch me wearing them in public…but I love ’em anyway!”

Emily Knightly, Sugar & Spice:

Boyfriend jeans that didn’t taper, and were too long, and in a weird blue somewhere between indigo and stonewashed.”

Sonia Gupta, In Pursuit Of Style:

“Wide-leg overalls from Old Navy that I wore in the ’90s.”

Thank you so much to everyone who emailed and tweeted their denim confessions. Did you ever have an embarrassing denim moment? Share it in the comments!

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