Denim Review: Revice Paris Bells in Black

by Kristen Philipkoski


Style: Paris Bells

Color: Black

Price: $78

When I discovered Revice, I thought they had to be too good to be true. Made in the U.S., seventies vintage-inspired styles, AND they cost less than $100? What? How? Maybe the quality would be below par or not the fit would be terrible. Read More >

46 Epic Denim Street Style Looks From New York Fashion Week

by Kristen Philipkoski

They say skinny jeans are not dead, but I saw virtually zero pairs of them on the streets of New York Fashion Week. But there were plenty of non-stretch vintage Levi’s and similar styles. Unlike last season, the frayed R13 style that won the week last season was also not to be found at all this time around. And there were lots of big, billowy blouses perfectly paired with denim. Plenty of cut of shorts and skirts were also plentiful—it was extremely hot weather, after all.

Street style mavens were as creative as ever this season and as always I can’t get enough. Check out the best denim looks from New York Fashion Week outside the spring 2017 shows below!


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Bloggers in Denim: Adenorah Mais’s Perfect Vintage Levi’s

by Kristen Philipkoski

adenorah vintage levi's

To me, this look is perfection. Vintage Levi’s that fit like a glove (but not a super-tight one), a graphic tee, chic but walkable heels, and the perfect little polished handbag.

Anne-Laure Mais, AKA Adenorah, is a French fashion editor who has been blowing up the street style galleries (this jumpsuit is killing me with want) at New York Fashion Week.  Her laid back style is understated, stylish without being too trendy, and very French. See more of this look here, and peruse her blog for more of her perfect denim looks!


Fall is All about Flares

by Kristen Philipkoski

Doesn’t a pair of high-waist, flared jeans with a cozy sweater seem like just the thing for fall? It’s too warm in most places for sweaters, but it’s always a good idea to plan ahead (says the perpetual procrastinator). In the meantime, wear these fab flares with a graphic tee and you’re good to go.


3×1 W25 bell embroidery jeans

stoned immaculate waiting for the sun jeans

Stoned Immaculate Waiting for the Sun bells

alice + olivia Ryley embellished low-rise bell jeans

Alice + Olivia Ryley embellished low-rise bell jeans

citizens of humanity relaxed wide-leg jeans

Citizens of Humanity Irina wide-leg jeans

rachel combi Legion jeans

Rachel Comey Legion jeans

Frame Karlie forever flare jeans

Frame Karlie Forever flare jeans

McGuire Majorelle flare jeans

McGuire Denim Majorelle flare jeans









Frame’s Epic New York Fashion Week Dinner at the Waverly Inn

by Kristen Philipkoski

Frame denim jacket swag Waverly Inn
Photo via Frame on Instagram

This may be the best party swag we’ve ever seen: Frame Denim threw a model- and IFP (important fashion person)-studded dinner party at the Waverly Inn on Saturday night, and each attendee had a patched, personalized denim jacket waiting for them at her place. IFP’s included Natalie Massenet, Doutzen Kroes, Karlie Kloss an many more. Scroll down for more reasons why we all wish we’d been at Frame’s party. Gah! Gimme that jacket!

@joansmalls on the FRAME Fashion Tour last night celebrating the #SS17 collection #NYFW

A photo posted by FRAME (@frame) on

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The Perfect Blue Jeans for a Seventies Flare

by Kristen Philipkoski


You guys, the color of these jeans makes me so happy. Can’t you picture Farrah Fawcett skateboarding in them? They’re by Parker Smith and sadly they are sold out, but you can find a similar wash here, here, here and here.

Also I decided to jump on the off-the-shoulder bandwagon with this many-years-old silk shirt. Some all-around good closet shopping! Read More >

Neck Test: How to Find Jeans That Fit Without Trying Them On

by Kristen Philipkoski

neck test pants

I hate trying on clothes. As a consequence, I have many items in my closet with tags still on, which didn’t fit once I finally tried them on at home and I intended to return but of course never did. I still don’t have an answer for finding a top that fits without trying it on, but I’ve discovered a neat trick for jeans! Here’s how to employ the neck test:

  1. Button or snap the jeans (or any pants for that matter)
  2. Wrap the waistband around your neck.
  3. Determine if they will fit: If they touch or overlap slightly, you have a winner! If they don’t reach all the way around your neck, I’m sorry to report that they will also likely not make it around your waist.
  4. Note that this only works for pants that fit at the waist. Lower-rise jeans probably still require trying-on.

Being a former science reporter, I have to say I was a bit skeptical about this method. So I did some Googling, and found this experiment. The researchers found that in most cases is actually does work. But I would recommend trying it out with pants that fit you before testing it out at the store. I imagine if you’ve given birth or with certain body types, the neck test might not be 100% reliable.

There you have it! Let me know if you try it, and if it was successful.

[Photo via]



Sad Times for Imogene + Willie Jeans

by Kristen Philipkoski

imogene + willie bankruptcy
The high-end jeans with the cute name out of Nashville are facing some trying times. Investors in the brand say Imogen + Willie’s founders, Matt and Carrie Eddmenson, spent $1.5 million on a lavish lifestyle of spa visits, fancy motorcycles and free merch. The Wall Street Journal reported:

Former Chief Financial Officer Celia Hughes blamed Imogene + Willie’s financial problems on the Eddmensons’ ‘irresponsible spending,’ saying she saw the couple spend company money on spa visits, a $10,000 motorcycle and on shopping trips at Barneys and J. Crew, court papers said. The couple gave themselves salary increases and didn’t pay for Imogene + Willie merchandise, court papers said.

Investors are requesting chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and trying to appoint new leadership. The Eddmenson’s have not responded, but a company spokesman called the accusations erroneous.

[Photo via YFS magazine via Nashvillescene]

Seventeen Magazine Writer Test Drives Kylie Jenner’s Butt-Rip Jeans

by Kristen Philipkoski

butt-ripped jeans
Remember how I wondered if you would try out Kylie Jenner’s butt-torn jeans? Most of you probably said no, but a brave writer at Seventeen magazine boldly said yes—and lived to regret it.

A few of her discoveries about navigating the world with your backside exposed:

… there is not a single activity that does not feel weird in these jeans. My bare skin feels weird on my chair. There’s a draft when I walk. I feel extra-creepy riding the escalator.

I felt really awkward showing my butt to everyone at the coffee shop!

Also, Seventeen polled more than a thousand readers. So far, around 450 voters say only Kylie could pull off the look, and another 500 say it’s a big nope. This gives me hope for the future of the world.

[Photo via Seventeen]

Jeans and Fur: This Is a Summer Music Festival in San Francisco

by Kristen Philipkoski


No one ever believes it until they come to San Francisco during a nippy July, but it’s freaking cold here in the summer. It’s something about the cold Pacific ocean air coming in contact with the hot air more inland and creating this crazy fog. Hence, this is what I wore on day three of Outside Lands music festival in Golden Gate  Park.

Details: Madewell Cali demi boot jeansHengst silk shirt (old, similar here and here); vintage shearling jacket (similar here ); Soko brass, fair-trade bracelets; Sheila B earrings, similar here and here; Freda Salvador boots (color sold out, black available here).


Would You Wear Ripped-Butt Jeans?

by Kristen Philipkoski

We talk a lot about ripped up denim here on ESD. Distressed jeanspopularity seems to be waning, but they’re certainly not disappearing any time soon. And despite the waning, Kylie Jenner has taken it to another level recently.

Kylie Jenner butt ripped jeans

If anyone was going to rock this look, it was probably going to to be someone in Kylie’s family. We saw it as early as two years ago (below, also from a Kylie, but this time just one rip), and TBH expected to never see it again. But the trend does seem to be catching on. We spotted them available at Revice and there are even how-to’s on YouTube. Would you rock jeans with a ripped butt? Do tell in the comments!



Photos: Kylie Jenner on Instagramthe daileigh, Revice.

How to Tell When Vintage Levi’s Were Made

by Kristen Philipkoski

selvedge inseamAs we’ve discussed, certain vintage Levi’s will flatter particular body types. But how to tell when the jeans were made before investing the time to try them on? Here are a few guidelines:

  1. If the “E” on the red Levi’s tab on the back pocket has a big E, then it was made pre-1971.
  2.  If the red tab has lettering on only the front, the jeans are pre-1955 (woo!)
  3. single stitch rather than a chain stitch on the top of the back pockets, means the jeans were produced before 1976.
  4. If the inseam on the inside of the jeans shows selvedge (meaning you can see the end of the fabric, usually with a white edge and a red line), then the  jeans are probably pre-80s.
  5. If the jeans have care tags, they were made post-70s
  6. If the inseam has single stitching, the jeans were made before the mid-80s (after that they’ll have a double stitch).

If all this is way too labor intensive, Levi’s currently makes designs that are reminiscent of the best vintage versions, and the sizing is way more predictable.

[Photo via Heddles]

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