Vogue Russia Gets Cozy in Denim

by Jennine Jacob




Coming from California, where it never really gets that cold, I never really understood the whole fur thing. While I don’t want to get into the whole animal debate here — I eat meat — so I can’t really go on about animal rights, though, I have worn furs either vintage or if new, from an animal I’d be willing to eat. Goat? Yes. Mink? Not so much. When I lived in places like Chicago and New York, I realized how much warmer natural animal pelts were than the synthetic counterparts.  In places like Russia, fur is much more common, and how Vogue Russia styled a November editorial, Rodeo Drive. For a California girl, I could easily see donning these looks in faux, dressing down a fur with a pair of jeans or a denim jacket makes the look less old money and more rock and roll bohemian. Get a pair of dark indigo skinny jeans to tuck into your ankle boots, throw on a sweater or a tee shirt, and call it a day.  You’ll be ready for the elements, no matter how cold it gets.

vogue_ru_denim_nov_14_5 vogue_ru_denim_nov_14_4 vogue_ru_denim_nov_14_3 vogue_ru_denim_nov_14_2

Punk Is Not Dead in R13′s Pre-Spring 2015 Collection

by Jennine Jacob





With all the reminiscing about grunge and punk, there are not so many brands that really capture the spirit in a way that rings authentic. While punk couture, or fancy punk goes against the beginnings of the movement 40+ years ago, there are some very luxurious versions of the subculture popping up today. R13 is one of those brands who really approaches denim in an artistic and somewhat anarchistic way. I’ve only worn one pair of R13′s and the denim was so soft it almost felt like velvet, and the wash was distressed so perfectly it seemed as though the jeans were thoroughly worn in over time.

Denim Blog released exclusive photos of R13′s Pre-Spring collection. With plaids and ripped jeans, tee shirts and leather jackets, the collection makes the punk aesthetic a staple for any wardrobe. Now we just need to break out some Buzzcocks and rock ourselves out.

R13_PreSpring_15_1792 R13_PreSpring_15_1693 R13_PreSpring_15_1539 R13_PreSpring_15_1294 R13_PreSpring_15_1170 R13_PreSpring_15_1017 R13_PreSpring_15_0567 R13_PreSpring_15_0123

Painted Denim

by Jennine Jacob



With all the embellishments on denim, patchwork, prints, embroidery, the idea you can just paint your denim pieces with whatever you like is quite liberating. Or maybe the possibilities can overwhelm. Anyway, I was struck by this rose painted on a pair of jeans. While it’s not easy to find painted jeans that aren’t too crazy or cheesy, there are some pieces that really look pretty amazing. If you have that painterly touch, you can just add a little personalization to your jeans just by breaking out the brushes.



painted_denim3 painted_denim2 1080251

Icons in Denim: The Original SNL Cast

by Jennine Jacob


For Throwback Thursdays, we’ve covered a lot of different personalities over the years. Models, actresses and actors, artists, musicians, but one place I hadn’t thought to look was at comedy. Well, I guess it could be considered acting… but in the case of the Saturday Night Live cast, I never quite looked at them from a style perspective. While browsing through the old photos of the original cast with Gilda Radner, Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Jane Curtain, Steve Martin, Dan Aykroyd,etc. It not only becomes clear how good looking they were, (I mean DAN AYCKROYD… never though of him that way) but also how timeless their style really way. From button down shirts, high waisted skinny jeans, tweed blazers, and buffalo check coats, it’s just amazing to see how people dressed not thinking about “fashion” but just pulled off being cool anyway.

enhanced-buzz-wide-6984-1381513497-14  snl_denim_70s_radner_curtian snl_denim_70s_radner snl_denim_70s_4 snl_denim_70s_3 snl_denim_70s_radner_murray snl_denim_70s_2 snl_denim_70s_belushisnl_denim_70s

Citizens of Humanity Heats It Up for Spring 2015

by Jennine Jacob


Even though we are in the thick of Fall, I can’t help but to be excited about the spring lookbooks rolling in. I haven’t been much of a Citizens of Humanity fan, well, since the aughts, but this Spring, I may be changing my tune. The collection incorporates a few key trend denim pieces, a railroad stripe jumpsuit, distressed denim with strategic frayed holes, a vintage inspired denim jacket and harem cargo pants. It’s like you’ll have all your statement pieces in one collection for the year. I also love the styling, pairing the bluest of indigo with the reddest of lips and matching nails. To tell the truth, I’ve not seen matching lips and nails for a long time, and in this lookbook, it looks SO right.

citizens_of_humanity_SS15_denim_8 citizens_of_humanity_SS15_denim_7 citizens_of_humanity_SS15_denim_6 citizens_of_humanity_SS15_denim_5 citizens_of_humanity_SS15_denim_4 citizens_of_humanity_SS15_denim_3 citizens_of_humanity_SS15_denim_2 citizens_of_humanity_SS15_denim_1

Preen Line Does Denim for Resort 15

by Jennine Jacob


Of all the seasons for 2015, Resort is still shaping up to be one of my favorites. It is odd, because I used to haaaaattttteeee “Resort” mostly because, who goes to resorts? It just makes me gag a little. Like, someone asking, “Where do you summer?”

Anyway, this year there were some excellent Resort collections, and one being Preen Line, the diversion line for Preen by Thornton Bregazzi. For years they have been wanting to do a denim collection and here they mixed denim, chambray and silk georgette with digital prints of denim mixed in making the pieces have the look of denim with the flow of silk for those hot days on the beach. 

Preen_Line_resort15_denim_6 Preen_Line_resort15_denim_5 Preen_Line_resort15_denim_4 Preen_Line_resort15_denim_3 Preen_Line_resort15_denim_2 Preen_Line_resort15_denim_1


Image credit: Preen Line



High Rise Denim, 10 Inches & Up

by Jennine Jacob




As much as I love cropped tops, I’m still not a fan of baring my midriff. One of my solutions is to pair crop tops with super high waisted jeans (or pants in general). Since low-rise dominated the aughts, somehow anything above a 9″ rise is considered “high waisted” although, from my experience in fit, 9″ usually sits right at the pelvis, you’ll need to go to at least 10″ to get to the curve of your waist. That extra inch though, wow, it does take a turn for the feminine by showing off your curves! I bought a pair of high waist jeans over the weekend, and am loving them. Here are a few picks to show off those those curves!





Top Image via A Love Is Blind

Merry Metallic Denim

by Jennine Jacob


If you can believe (I’m having a hard time myself)… the holidays are really here. Do you know what that means? Bring on the festivities, the holiday cheer, and what better way to do it than by dressing the part with metallic denim? While not everyone can get their hands on a pair of Balmain flares (as seen above)… a pair of metallic skinny jeans is an approachable special treat.



Icons in Denim: Peggy Lipton

by Jennine Jacob



To be honest, I only really found out about Peggy Lipton while looking up Rashida Jones. Peggy Lipton, and actress and model,  is the mother of Rashida Jones.  She was most famous for two roles, one as a flower child in the hit 60′s television show, the Mod Squad, and then as the waitress at the diner in Twin Peaks, as well as being famous for being the wife of legendary producer, Quincy Jones, she also is the mother of two very talented actresses.

Aside from the Hollywood story, her style, when it comes to denim is actually quite timeless. Sticking to dark wash jeans, crisp and well-fitted, she did not indulge too much in the trendy over the top denim pieces worn by many during the late 60′s. She stuck to tee shirts, button downs and crew neck sweaters, all pretty much what you could wear today without looking like a time warp. Even her hair is timelessly perfect.

peggylipton_tbt peggylipton_tbt_denim6 peggylipton_tbt_denim2peggylipton_tbt_denim5 peggylipton_tbt_denim4 peggylipton_tbt_denim3  peggylipton_tbt_denim

5 Totally Wearable Denim Outfit Inspirations for Fall

by Jennine Jacob

ISABEL MARANT Pre-Fall 2014 look book

One of the great things about personal style blogs was that they introduced a way of styling fashion a person could actually wear. I mean, fashion editorials are fantastic, but so often they were over the top and totally unwearable in real life. I’ve been noticing however a shift where in editorials and lookbooks, a styling emerging that evokes a “real life” type narrative. Not your 1000 layers of crazy designers, but of simple, casual and ever so amazing. Isabel Marant’s white jeans. Free People‘s cuffed jeans paired with a slouchy sweater. A belted coat with skinny jeans. Everything you need to look sharp this fall.

free-people-fall-fashion-looks10-612x916 f37769d4aa037b322a94a4ac85ae7b2e c7fd9c17bfc30afe4f7705c8a9cb76cc linda-vojtova-street-style04


Images via: Isabel Marant, Free People, Elle France & Czech, Vogue Paris



MOTHER Denim “Swing” 2015 Lookbook

by Jennine Jacob



We may be heading into the holiday season, but in the fashion world, we’re already plotting what’s on for Spring. MOTHER Denim released their “Swing” lookbook (aka Spring) for 2015. Of course, I’m a big fan of MOTHER, and this season does not disappoint. With embroidered denim shirts, skinny jeans split at the cuff and denim rinsed with that “worn in” looks really quite natural. Guess we’re going to have to get some embroidery in our wardrobes for next spring! (Ok, twist my arm, will ya?)


mother_swing_15_12  mother_swing_15_10 mother_swing_15_9 mother_swing_15_8 mother_swing_15_7 mother_swing_15_6 mother_swing_15_5 mother_swing_15_4 mother_swing_15_3 mother_swing_15_2 mother_swing_15_1

Denim on The Streets of Tokyo

by Jennine Jacob


If you ever need to take a break from the regulars of street style, sometimes it’s just a matter to looking over at what’s going on in Tokyo. Yeah, yeah, sometimes it can get a little over the top with the Gothic Lolitas and Bagel Heads, but all in all, there is a lot to say about Japanese street style. It’s so different from how we dress here in the west, even though they are wearing pretty much the same things, they style them it in a way that’s completely different. Vintage denim skirts, high waist skinny jeans with western shirt, fedora and creepers. 90′s Candy raver JNCO jeans. It’s all the retro components sans the grunge and minimalism favorited by the west. So, is it time to get a pair of creepers already?

tokyo-street-style-kanami-fukushima.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x tokyo-street-style-roro-ruko.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x tokyo-street-style-yu-hirukawa.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x


Images via The Cut



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