Denim at Paris Haute Couture

by Christina Uzzardi


With vacation season in full swing I’m just getting around to checking out Paris Couture fashion week snaps — and boy did I miss some epic street style denim looks. The couture is on the runway, but denim ruled off — as usual. Everything from denim cut offs w/ thigh high boots (is this still a thing?), to white overalls and the ubiquitous boyfriend jean, the looks were on point. Here’s a roundup of our favorite denim looks spotted on Elle, Vogue and WWWD.

361x543-1 361x543-2 361x543-3 361x543-5 361x543 Couture-Street-Day1-21_133308633769 Couture-Street-Day2-10_175117387622 Couture-Street-Day3-2_154019344849 Couture-Street-Day3-35_154026713649 elle-03-street-style-couture-day-3-xln elle-06-paris-street-style-v-91697570-xln elle-07-couture-street-style-xln elle-10-couture-day-5-h-lgn elle-10-street-style-couture-day-3-xln elle-10-versace-h-xln elle-14-couture-day-5-v-xln

The 2 Bandits Jewelry Lookbook Has Awesome Denim

by Jennine Jacob


For a person who doesn’t really like cowboy stuff, I certainly really like Western Movies, Denim, Country Music, and occasionally, if done “right” I love cowboy style. So maybe, I’m a cowgirl at heart. Probably not!

That said, The 2 Bandits, a jewelry brand, came out with this lookbook with AMAZING denim styling. To coordinate with the label’s edgy Western styled jewelry, you’ll see a mixture of high waisted boyfriend jeans, pinstriped chambray shirts, and even printed denim shirts. It’s truly textural and even in the midst of the city streets, this look is chic anywhere.

2bandits-fall-2014-jewelry4 2bandits-fall-2014-jewelry2 2bandits-fall-2014-jewelry20 2bandits-fall-2014-jewelry19 2bandits-fall-2014-jewelry13 2bandits-fall-2014-jewelry11


Images via Fashion Gone Rogue



Real Life Mom Jeans

by Jennine Jacob


Before I became a mother, I had some crazy ideas over what “mom style” meant. Like as soon as you gave birth, you had to give up your pre-baby wardrobe or something. This morning, Mother Magazine published “Mom Jeans – San Francisco” a roundup of stylish moms wearing denim. Naturally, I want to share this with you and doubly because I’m included in the roundup! See me and Jasper above. That’s pretty much my uniform these days. Jeans and a top with flats. The featured moms generally wear premium denim, Paige (that’s me and Temi below in the pink shoes), J Brand, Mother, Madewell, and a lot of Gap.

Here are a few of my favorites from the post, but be sure to stop by Mother Magazine and see the rest!



Jeanne Chan, Shop Sweet Things



Temi Adamolekun, Pembroke PR


Jeannette Crawford, Sun + Dotter


Kristen Philipkoski, Stylenik


New Trend? Denim Pelvage

by Jennine Jacob



Ok, so the internet exploded when Kendall Jenner showed up on the red carpet bearing slivers of her pelvis, Keke Palmer bared patches of her pelvis peek-a-boo style at the BET awards. And around the same time The Sartorialist posted this photo of a woman on the streets of Milan.

At first, I couldn’t figure quite what made this so, I don’t want to say shocking, but, intimate? I thought the jeans were just low rise at first, but it occurred to me post-Kendall, that it is her pelvis we are looking at. More succinctly, her pelvage. Now, this is far from the red carpet, which might make it even more surprising. Her outfit appears relaxed; she’s wearing one of those belts you can buy from the street vendors in Italy, with a possibly vintage shirt and mens jeans (not boyfriend jeans). Dirty mens jeans.

I guess since the masses have pretty much adopted the high waist jean that perhaps it’s about time that the low-rise will return. Will be interesting to see if and how it does.

More will be revealed. Literally.

#Throwback Thursday: The Beatles in Denim

by Jennine Jacob






There are few bands that not only have music that speaks to us throughout the ages, but also had members so well dressed, their fashion sense even has a timeless quality. Even the bell bottoms and the patchwork jeans could be seen today without the bat of an eyelash, but mostly The Beatles dressed in a subdued, yet incredibly stylish fashion. Kind of like their music. I kind of got lost in the images of John, Paul, George and Ringo (not so much Ringo…where is he? He’ll have to get his own post.) The Beatles offer such an incredible well of inspiration for either dressing yourself, or someone in your life. Who knew John was so into white denim? Or that he could skateboard?


john_denim6 john_denim5 john_denim4 john_denim3 john_denim2 john_denim1
thebeatles_denim2 thebeatles_denim george_harrison_denim5 george_harrison_denim4 george_harrison_denim3 george_harrison_denim2 george_harrison_denim george_john2 george_john1 george_john

Velvet Launches Denim Collection

by Christina Uzzardi


Velvet, known for their classic, chic and well-fitting tees has very exciting news – the launch of a new denim collection! Featuring the gorgeous Lily Aldridge (and Velvet Muse), the collection features three key styles (Toni Skinny Jean, Jenny Boyfriend Jean, & Yves Tuxedo) in on-trend hues and classic washes. Continuing their commitment to products made in America, the collection is crafted exclusively in the USA. I’m eager to try  them all but the boyfriend jean – cuffed of course — is on the top of my list. 






Denim Highlights from Mens Fashion Collections SS15

by Jennine Jacob




I have to admit, I do tend to err on the conservative side when it comes to style for men. Even though I have a son, I do tend to pick out more “classic” pieces for him, as I encourage my husband to stick to a masculine color palette rather than making bold fashion choices. However, with the rise of male fashion icons this century, people like Pharrell and Jared Leto for different reasons open the spectrum of what’s stylish and what’s masculine for men.

When it comes to denim, it’s easy to fall into the 5-pocket jean style in a collection and call it a day, however these designers not only pushed the envelope for mens style, but also integrated denim in interesting ways. From Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy’s all white denim to reflect the tough guys on the corners of southern Italy, where he is from… to the Baquiat-esque graffitied jeans of DSQUARED2, to the crisp denim sports jacket of 3.1 Phillip Lim. Each of the denim pieces from this season tells a story. Even if it is MSGM telling us that normcore is really a thing.


MSGM_SS15_mens_denim2 MSGM_SS15_mens_denim1

Opening Ceremony

Maison Martin Margiela


dsquared2_SS15_mens_denim3 dsquared2_SS15_mens_denim2 dsquared2_SS15_mens_denim1
A.P.C.apc_SS15_mens_denim1 apc_SS15_mens_denim2

3.1 Phillip Lim31philliplim_SS15_mens_denim2 31philliplim_SS15_mens_denim1lec

Are Old Ladies the New Market for Premium Denim? 7 for All Mankind’s New Line Jen7 Thinks So.

by Jennine Jacob


Once I was at a blogger event, and another blogger walked up to me and said that she didn’t realize I was so “sophisticated.” I am a lot of things, but sophisticated is certainly not one of them. It was then, I realized that sometimes “sophisticated” is a word used instead of mature, which is a euphemism for “old.” Now I’m completely comfortable with my age, and contrary to baby boomer’s attitudes about getting older, I embrace the process. There ARE perks in getting older, like becoming more confident, eating less Top Ramen.

7 For All Mankind seems to have an understanding of this by launching a new line of denim, Jen7. Somewhat. As Denimology puts it, “Jen7 is confident, cultured and classic. She has lived life and knows what she needs; once she finds it, she is a fan for life.” Denim Blog hails Jen7 as the jean for the “working mom.”

Translation: Jeans for women over 40.

Even the lookbook uses a model, who is ageless. She could be in her 30′s or maybe 40′s, as opposed to the younger models used in most denim lookbooks. The styling though? As someone near 40, I can say, it’s a bit conservative. Even if I were older, I don’t think I would dress that way. Kind of like, I’ll never be old enough to shop at Ann Taylor. Hopefully.

That said, what’s interesting about Jen7, other than its fit is supposed to cater to the needs of a sophisticated woman. Does it work wonders in butt lifting? Back to my point, the thing that I find interesting is that this line embraces getting older. So, maybe after all, fashion designers are realizing age really is nothing but a number.


JEN7_BRAND_BOOK_page9_image5 JEN7_BRAND_BOOK_page9_image3 JEN7_BRAND_BOOK_page9_image12-606x1024 JEN7_BRAND_BOOK_page9_image8 JEN7_BRAND_BOOK_page9_image11-604x1024 JEN7_BRAND_BOOK_page9_image13-667x1024 JEN7_BRAND_BOOK_page9_image14-607x1024 JEN7_BRAND_BOOK_page9_image15 JEN7_BRAND_BOOK_page9_image9


[Image credit: 7 for All Mankind]

Like This, Like That: Madewell Done Two Ways

by Jennine Jacob



If there ever were a high-street brand that you could always count on to make great denim pairings, its Madewell. Especially since they’ve been edging up the brand’s styling, I’ve come to love following them on Pinterest especially for the lookbooks. I mean, I’ve been craving a short sleeve jacket forever. This July, Madewell’s lookbook is titled “Like This, Like That” and have taken single pieces and styled them two ways. I always love seeing the same piece styled in multiple ways, to give an idea of how versatile a piece is. High waisted denim shorts styled the twee way and the rocker way. Skinny jeans styled uptown casual and downtown casual. Ok, the two ways are still very much the Madewell way. But still, a fun idea, no?

madewell_july14_denim8madewell_july14_denim4 madewell_july14_denim2 madewell_july14_denim3madewell_july14_denim1 madewell_july14_denim10madewell_july14_denim7


madewell_july14_denim9All images from the Madewell Pinterest Page


Throwback Thursdays! Lauren Hutton in Denim

by Jennine Jacob


If there ever were an American fashion icon that has stayed both true to her own style and stylish decade after decade, it would be Lauren Hutton. At 71, Hutton is still very much a model and muse.  Though career as a model began in the early 1960′ she’s still landing gigs with The Row, J. Crew, Tom Ford, Alexis Bittar, Club Monaco as well as still gracing the covers of fashion magazines Elle and Bazaar.  Who says modeling is for the young?

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose” – Lauren Hutton.

Anyway, it’s not her timeless beauty that makes her a style icon (although it helps), it’s that she is one of the first people to embrace sportswear for women.  Always dressed as though she just threw on her clothes, Hutton became the very embodiment of “effortless chic.” Wearing jeans like they are meant to be worn: for a life well-lived. You never feel like her outfits are forced… of course, when you are as beautiful as Lauren Hutton, you can pretty much wear whatever you want and look amazing.


lauren_hutton10 lauren_hutton9 lauren_hutton8lauren_hutton13 lauren_hutton7 lauren_hutton6 lauren_hutton5 lauren_hutton4 lauren_hutton3 lauren_hutton2 lauren_hutton1 lauren_hutton


Inspired by: Christopher Kane Resort ’15

by Christina Uzzardi


We’ve discussed — maybe not discussed but broached the topic — embroidered denim many times here on ESD. And here we go again, it’s a huge trend this coming fall ’15! And leading the gang of embroidered genius’ is Christopher Kane and his standout Resort ’15 collection. Featuring two colorful embroidered jeans, I’ll have dreams of tonight. So pretty! This collection just screams DIY — get the look with a colorful floral patch and some boyfriend jeans! Easy peasy.


embroidered jeans

Boyfriend Jeans  // Floral Patch 

Wear Now: The Classic Jean Jacket

by Jennine Jacob


Once, at a fashion show and this “fashion person” said to me, “Do you wear denim jackets?” I said, “Of course.” Like, who doesn’t? She replied back, “Hmm. I haven’t worn them since I was a kid.”

The classic jean jacket is something that I ALWAYS have in my wardrobe. What’s more, I wear them year after year. From 2002-2005 I wore a jean jacket every single day. I don’t do that anymore, but I did take out my jean jacket just the other day:

Do you feel like jean jackets are hard to pull off? Don’t. You can pretty much wear them however you like. They make the perfect summer jacket because they are lightweight, yet the fabric is dense enough to block the wind (important for San Francisco summers).

Here are few looks in denim on my inspiration board.

denim_trucker_jacket_8 denim_trucker_jacket_7 denim_trucker_jacket_6 denim_trucker_jacket_5 denim_trucker_jacket_4 denim_trucker_jacket_2

denim_trucker_jacket_3Images via:,, Wildfox Blog, Captianandthegypsykid, Streetstyleseconds, Theyallhateus


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