Icons in Denim: Charlotte Rampling

by Jennine Jacob


Charlotte Rampling first appeared on my radar in the film the Swimming Pool, which is actually came quite late in her career. I loved the movie, but in it, she played a dowdy and uptight old woman. For me, I was shocked when I discovered that she is more known for her sex appeal and sizzling hotness. Even now, landing gigs as the face of the NARS this year, she is as beautiful as ever. But in true Throwback Thursday form, we’re focusing on the past, and photos of Charlotte Rampling in the 60′s and 70′s she had a style about her that looks as current today as it did back then. She has nailed the tomboy style with her wide-legged trouser jeans and high waist jeans paired with button down tops and riding boots. It makes me think it’s time to revisit the riding boot with jeans tucked in.


charlotte_rampling_denim8 charlotte_rampling_denim7 charlotte_rampling_denim6 charlotte_rampling_denim5 charlotte_rampling_denim4 charlotte_rampling_denim3




LOVE this “mommy & me” look in Overalls

Metallic Love: Paige Denim Fall 2014

by Christina Uzzardi

I’m a big Paige Denim fan (have been for years) but their Fall 2014 collection is seriously hitting all the right spots even more than usual. Although the consensus seems to be that skinny jeans are out — when it comes to metallic skinnies in colors like blue galaxy, violet and copper — than maybe we can make an exception. This collection is full of statement denim. Skinny metallics, a ton of patchwork, leather and even a handful of the popular boyfriend jeans and some relaxed leather sweat pants as well. Now the 100 degree weather needs to ease up a bit  so I can try a pair! Here are some favorite looks, now available.













Burberry Banks on Denim Jackets for Spring ’15

by Jennine Jacob


Burberry is normally known for being the purveyor of the classic trench coat. For classic style in that, “I speak in a fancy accent and drink tea with my pinky up,” kind of way. It’s awesome, and we all would love to drink tea with our pinkies up, but perhaps the young Bailey is getting tired of thinking of different ways to make a trench because this season he put a new spin on the denim trucker jacket. Just as we were all settling into oversized denim jackets, faded and ripped…. he comes out with wasp-waist denim jackets with luxurious embellishments,  ostrich feathers and Mongolian lamb trim to pair with ruched tulle and enormous sequins. It’s not the first time we’ve thrown a denim jacket over a prom dress, but it’s something I’d expect more from J.Crew than Burberry Prorsum.


burberry_ss15_denim_5 burberry_ss15_denim_4 burberry_ss15_denim_3 burberry_ss15_denim_2
Photos via Style.com


Let ‘er rip! LFW’s Denim, Worn & Ripped

by Jennine Jacob


New York down, London is on, and two more to go. Fashion Month is in full swing. I’ve always had a soft spot for London style. Edgy, irreverent and always cool, street style photos from London never fail to inspire. Like New York, trends still favor ripped and frayed denim, loose fits (not so much on the skinny jeans) and denim jumpsuit worn by Alexa Chung based on the mechanic’s coveralls are the hottest thing ever. And with the heat still on, probably literally hottest thing ever. Anyway. I’m loving it.

hbz-lfw-ss2015-street-style-day2-25-lg hbz-lfw-ss2015-street-style-day2-09-lg hbz-lfw-ss2015-street-style-day2-06-lg hbz-lfw-ss2015-street-style-day2-02-lg lfw_vogue_ss15_denim_7 lfw_vogue_ss15_denim_6 lfw_vogue_ss15_denim_5 lfw_vogue_ss15_denim_4 lfw_vogue_ss15_denim_3
london-str-a-rs15-5982__large london-str-a-rs15-5469__large
london-str-a-rs15-6696__large london-str-a-rs15-6631__largeImages via Elle UK, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue.com


6397′s Spring ’15 Collection Focuses on Essentials

by Jennine Jacob


The label 6397 was named when founder Stella Ishii dialed “n-e-w-s” on the phone. Just thought I’d throw that tidbit… the label is a project that focuses on minimal and essential clothing for the tomboy in all of us. Each piece has it’s updated twist, sometimes quite literally… remember those Levi’s “Engineered” jeans circa 1999? Well, 6397 has reimagined them in a slouchy skinny jean. Softer and more more lightweight than the Levi’s version. The denim jumpsuit, 6397′s signature piece based on old Italian boilersuits, makes an appearance for Spring of next year.. therefore giving any splurges on your denim jumpsuits this fall at least another year of on-trend wear.  I love the fits of this collection, beyond the boundaries of what constitutes as “standard” in the denim world. However, the washes I’m not soo crazy about. They have a hint of G-Star during the Aughts in them, a little too over the top. So basically, I’m not ready to relive the Aughts…. too soon, even in 2015.

6397_ss15_denim_8 6397_ss15_denim_7 6397_ss15_denim_6 6397_ss15_denim_5 6397_ss15_denim_4 6397_ss15_denim_3 6397_ss15_denim_2 6397_ss15_denim_1Image Credit: 6397


Icons in Denim: Stevie Nicks

by Jennine Jacob

stevie_nicks_denim_7Sometimes I wonder if featuring 70′s rock legends in denim is kind of low hanging fruit when it comes to the “Throwback Thursday” feature… like, almost everyone in the 70′s wore denim! However, this series could never be complete without Stevie Nicks. Formerly of Fleetwood Mac, the quintessential 70′s rock band. Nicks honed in the boho-chic like no one else. Being the 70′s, Nicks naturally wore flared jeans, most often with patch front pockets, and a super high waist. J Brand’s The Doll High Waist Flare has just the updated appeal to this style.


stevie_nicks_denim_10stevie_nicks_denim_12stevie_nicks_denim_11 stevie_nicks_denim_9 stevie_nicks_denim_8
stevie_nicks_denim_6 stevie_nicks_denim_5 stevie_nicks_denim_4 stevie_nicks_denim_3 stevie_nicks_denim_2 stevie_nicks_denim_1

How to: Platforms and Denim

by Christina Uzzardi


In the ever evolving realm of fashionable footwear, it’s a common theme of late that one ugly shoe trend replaces another every season. And I’ve been chronicling these trends here, particularly how they relate to denim. Wedge sneakers, Birkenstocks, slip on shower shoes, and now platform sneakers. I’m addressing a fairly broad platform category that includes sneakers, creepers and even brogues. Take a sneaker, glue a five inch platform to the bottom and you’re good to go. Well not that easy because 1. getting the guts to wear these guys is a feat and 2. It takes work to pair them. We’re all off to a good start because skinny jeans are dead, and those never really looked that great with platform anyways, so. Here are TWO easy ways to wear your platform sneakers, brogues and creepers with denim.

1. Cuff them

This one is my favorite mainly because it’s really easy. Just rock one simple three in cuff with straight leg jeans.



2. Pair with Capri or Cropped Denim

I guess even easier than cuffing when you think about it. I love the look of cropped or capri jeans with platforms.




(Images via here, here and here)

Rachel Comey Denim Is Again, Awesome

by Jennine Jacob

RACHEL COMEY Spring Summer 2015 Lookbook


There are only a few fashion designers that I buy from season after season. Rachel Comey is one of them. She never fails to give me exactly what I’ve been craving yet always surprises. Delving into the romantic this season, Comey lavishes in pale colors, ivory, blush pink contrasted nicely with dark grey and indigo. The denim is perfectly on trend with frayed hems and generous silhouettes and white denim. I love the tunics both in indigo and in white layered over cropped pants and denim culottes. And the puff sleeves! They’re like balloons! Love them. The white denim dress above could easily become a wardrobe staple for the spring and summer months. It has just the right texture to possibly use as a seasonal piece (could you imagine pairing it with a chunky cashmere sweater?)

Anyway, I sense that denim is pumping up the volume in terms of silhouette, so these pieces will not only be on trend, but future classics. RACHEL COMEY PreFall 2014 Lookbook RACHEL COMEY Spring Summer 2015 Lookbook RACHEL COMEY Spring Summer 2015 Lookbook RACHEL COMEY Spring Summer 2015 Lookbook RACHEL COMEY Spring Summer 2015 Lookbook RACHEL COMEY Spring Summer 2015 Lookbook
RACHEL COMEY Spring Summer 2015 LookbookImages via Rachel Comey


NYFW Spring 2015 Street Style Verdict: Skinny Jeans Are Officially Dead

by Jennine Jacob


If there is one thing to say about how the trendiest are wearing their denim this season at NYFW, is that there are no rules. Denim was pretty much all over the map, but one theme is apparent.


Apparently, everyone got the memo that the skinny jean trend has run its course. There were ripped jeans, clean jeans, embellished, colored, high waisted, low rise, but all of them had a lot of room to move around in. Of course you’re going to see a lot of jean shorts at NYFW in September because it’s still hotter than Hades, and well, those ladies are appropriately dressed! But what I found interesting was the prevalence of frayed hems and ripped knees.  So those ripped jeans you have? Hang on to them. Also, check out Jenna Lyon in all white with white jeans. Kind of reminds you of the Frame Spring 2015 collection, no? Methinks, yes!


elle-02-street-style-h-xln elle-04-street-style-v-xln elle-05-street-style-h-xln elle-07-street-style-h-xln elle-43-nyfw-ss15-street-style-day-3-v-xln elle-38-nyfw-ss15-street-style-day-3-v-xln
elle-11-nyfw-street-style-h-93936480-xln elle-08-nyfw-street-style-v-xln elle-03-nyfw-street-style-h-26155732-xln elle-00-nyfw-street-style-lgn-lgn ss15_denim_nyfw_streetstyle_vogue6 ss15_denim_nyfw_streetstyle_vogue5 ss15_denim_nyfw_streetstyle_vogue4 ss15_denim_nyfw_streetstyle_vogue3 ss15_denim_nyfw_streetstyle_vogue2
leandra-medine.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2xthecut phillip-lim.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2xthecut nyfw-street-0905-clara-racz-3.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2xthecut

Images via: Elle.com, The Cut, Vogue.com

FRAME Denim’s Spring 15 Collection is Tight and White

by Jennine Jacob


In  case you were wondering what was going to be hot for Spring… what better way to find out ahead of time (you know, so you can invest wisely in your Fall pieces that they will carry over into the next season). FRAME Denim is putting all it’s chips on white denim. Makes sense, for fall they went “Back to Black“.  A fledgling brand, last season they introduced tee shirts, and now they are expanding to leather and knits. Featherweight cashmere for Spring (or California Winter) goes perfectly with a pair of ripped jeans, giving you that refined edgy look. Perfect indeed.

frameSS15_11 frameSS15_10 frameSS15_9frameSS15_7frameSS15_8
frameSS15_4frameSS15_3frameSS15_5 frameSS15_2 frameSS15_1

Images via Fashionista

Icons in Denim: Winona Ryder

by Jennine Jacob


I couldn’t really say what my life would be like if it weren’t for Winona Ryder. It feels weird to say that, especially since I only follow celebrity stuff for fun. Even though she didn’t write the parts she played, Winona made weird, off-beat, irreverent female archetype accessible. She articulated the complexity of the good girl / bad girl like no one has before or since. Lydia in Beetlejuice, Veronica in Heathers brought irreverence to the mainstream. Impressionable as I was, she was kind my idol growing up, even if at the time I would never admit it. I mean, she was engaged to JOHNNY DEPP! Anyway, today I’m dedicating this post to Winona and her looks in denim from back in the day. That perfect boyfriend jean (they were just regular jeans back then) with a leather jacket and tee-shirt with combat boots is just timeless. Her oversized denim jackets would be the hottest denim piece you can wear this season. And her bob-haircut (I mean, after all, Beyonce just got a bob) is perfect as well.

So basically, I’m still looking up to Winona.


winona_ryder_denim12 winona_ryder_denim11 winona_ryder_denim10 winona_ryder_denim9 winona_ryder_denim8 winona_ryder_denim7 winona_ryder_denim6 winona_ryder_denim5 winona_ryder_denim4 winona_ryder_denim3 winona_ryder_denim2 winona_ryder_denim1


See more Denim Icons Here.

MOTHER Denim’s Fall Collection “Wanders” In Style

by Jennine Jacob


MOTHER Denim is one of those brands that are really playful in their demeanor, but still very stylish in their collections. As a mom myself, I can attest to the need to bridge the gap between being ready to play, and not looking like I gave up on life. Hence the love for denim…  MOTHER Denim calls their fall collections “Wander” and this season, it includes perfectly distressed and relaxed fit jeans, and even a pair of frayed hem skinny jeans in case you were searching for the perfect pair (I’m still nervous about cutting my own skinny jeans). There are even a few playful twists on the classic trucker jacket in this collection, one with a raglan french terry sleeves, one with statement denim cuffs, the oversized “it” jacket to wear this season, and a shearling paneled jacket which plays on the classic denim/shearling combo.

I’d say this collection hits all the essential denim trends for Fall!

mother_BLAME_BLACKOUT_1164_156_001 mother_BLOW_OUT_1042_265_003 mother_SKY_PIRATE_1191_220_001 mother_POP_POP_SNAP_1564_207_052 mother_RIDE_A_DARK_HORSE_3121_258_013 mother_DARK_MOON_MAGIC_1164_179_002 mother_GUILTY_AS_SIN_1431_180_066 mother_AFTER_CLASS_1101_274_044 mother_HOPSCOTCH_CORD_1164_268_055Images courtesy of MOTHER Denim


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