Loving: Band of Outsiders Pre-Fall 15

by Jennine Jacob


Personally, I’m a bit too straight-laced to be all wavy gravy. Yet, I’m not angelic enough to pass for, whatever it is that makes one wholesome. So I tend to like fashion that is somehow classic but with subversive twists here and there. Say, a blazer made of suede worn with a crisp blue button down shirt. Or the slightest ombre in your jeans. Clogs worn with a denim pant suit. It’s all somehow unexpected but so right, the pre-fall collection for Band of Outsiders straddles the lines between culture and counter-culture without ever skipping a beat.

Band_of_Outsiders_008_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_007_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_006_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_005_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_001_1366


Images via Style.com

Throwback Thursday: Charlotte Gainsbourg

by Jennine Jacob



I usually call this column “Icons in Denim” but since Charlotte Gainsbourg is still very much an icon in denim, I’m going to split the feature on her between vintage Charlotte and current Charlotte (the same could probably also be done for Kate Moss).

Anyway, Charlotte Gainsbourg is one of those people who have style both in the genes and in the jeans (sorry, couldn’t resist!) The daughter of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, she had been surrounded by a timeless effortless, style since conception. Over the years her style has been refined, and still even today is one of my personal style inspirations (along with Emmanuelle Alt and Freja Beha Erichsen) but even back when she was very young (and even as a baby!), she had a penchant for wearing denim as part of her style uniform. She doesn’t commit to one particular style of jeans, although she is quite often spotted in high waisted jeans, and in flares, probably as part of her updated 70′s chic. I’m sure she makes her mom proud.



charlotte_gainsbourg_denim_16 charlotte_gainsbourg_denim_15  charlotte_gainsbourg_denim_13

Okay, so SHE’s not actually wearing denim, but her parents both are!

charlotte_gainsbourg_denim_11 charlotte_gainsbourg_denim_12  charlotte_gainsbourg_denim_8 charlotte_gainsbourg_denim_6 charlotte_gainsbourg_denim_5 charlotte_gainsbourg_denim_4 charlotte_gainsbourg_denim_3 polas4 4 charlotte_gainsbourg_denim_1

Denim on New York’s Freezing Streets

by Jennine Jacob


Growing up in California, believe it or not I used to dream of living in freezing cold weather. Not knowing of course what that actually felt like, I did love the idea of the coats, hats, boots, chunky sweaters, gloves, and scarves. Yess, all those things! When I moved to New York of course the reality set in. It always looks nice in the movies, but the reality of dressing for cold weather presented a challenge. How to look nice when you’re bundled in puffy coats and five layers of winter clothes?

Today WWD posted a roundup of what people are actually wearing on the streets this winter. Just in case you were wondering if ankle boots were still a thing, or that if skinny jeans had really gone out of style, the answer to that is yes and no. Ankle boots are still hot, even in winter. And skinny jeans still reign true at least for the remainder of 2014. What’s *new* well, new-ish, is the prevalence of oversized coats. This could be the Isabel Marant effect, with her famous oversized winter coats, but this trend also presents an opportunity to layer like no one’s business. So bundle up, it’s cold out!

taw-winter-ke08  taw-winter-ke02 taw-winter-ja04 taw-winter-ja01 taw-winter-gc07

Emmanuelle Alt’s Denim Uniform

by Jennine Jacob



When it comes to fashion people, you’ll either get the ones who wear outrageous never-the-same-look-twice outfits (Anna Dello Russo), or the ones wear the same thing all the time (Karl Lagerfeld), and but there are only a few that wear outfits that are totally wearable by everyone, yet completely iconic. Such is Emmanuelle Alt. Editor-in-Chief at Paris Vogue since 2011, she is a fixture on the street style blogs during fashion month. Always wearing a pair of skinny jeans, a sharp blazer or coat and tee-shirt with heels. It’s almost so simple it’s crazy, yet with her Parisian je ne sais quoi there is nothing basic about her style. That said, I believe she’s one fashion icon worth emulating, since basically with her limited color palette and classic pieces are fool proof, even for the most outrageous fashionista or the shyest wallflower.


emanuelle_alt_denim_20  emanuelle_alt_denim_18 emanuelle_alt_denim_17 emanuelle_alt_denim_15emanuelle_alt_denim_16  emanuelle_alt_denim_14 emanuelle_alt_denim_13 emanuelle_alt_denim_12 emanuelle_alt_denim_11  emanuelle_alt_denim_9 emanuelle_alt_denim_7emanuelle_alt_denim_8emanuelle_alt_denim_10  emanuelle_alt_denim_6 emanuelle_alt_denim_5 emanuelle_alt_denim_4 emanuelle_alt_denim_1emanuelle_alt_denim_3 emanuelle_alt_denim_2

Sea’s Pre Fall Denim Has a Touch of German Influence

by Jennine Jacob


Most of the time when designers do the denim thing in their collections, they’ll often take the “cowboy” route or the “rocker” or something historically tied to denim. Or they’ll make things that are not ordinarily denim, like say a suit, and make it with denim instead of wool. That said, it’s always nice to see how jeans can be incorporated with other particularly non-American visual cultures. And leave it to New York based label, Sea, to make that happen.

“When I was in Germany buying fabric for the season, I got so inspired by the prints and embroideries there,” Monica Paolini told Style.com.

While traditional embroideries and laces certainly make up a lot of ethnic German attire, one thing I noticed while living in Germany for a few years, and well, having a German husband, is an obsession with the 80′s. One can see the influence in the denim pieces woven throughout the collection. The paneling particularly brings me back to 80′s parachute pants, culottes and all those zippers! How fun!

Sea_37_1366 Sea_36_1366 Sea_28_1366 Sea_27_1366  Sea_25_1366 Sea_20_1366 Sea_19_1366 Sea_14_1366 Sea_13_1366s

See by Chloe Reins in The Denim for Pre-Fall 2015

by Jennine Jacob


Speaking of 2001… that year seems to be a theme the past few days. But I don’t know how many of you might have remembered *that* collection Stella McCartney did when she took over Chloe at the beginning of her career. Inspired by her love of horses and George Stubb’s Whistlejacket, she incorporated horses in one of the most iconic collections the house of Chloe ever produced. Remember?

Here’s that Whistlejacket dress:


And the ad campaign from the collection:


I still wish I had a piece from that collection! Iconic, yet timeless.

Anyway… to get back to the point of denim, and pre-fall, of which the collections are coming out just before the fall collections debut in February/March for fashion month, See by Chloe, the diversion label incorporated a very similar horse motif in it’s pre-fall collection. The denim pieces incorporated have that equestrian influence, distinguished with a slightly distressed wash. I love the denim romper and the denim tunic worn with bermuda style denim shorts. It’s an interesting mix and will be interesting to see if there will be more influences from the turn of the century coming soon.




Also… those FRINGE BOOTS!See_by_Chloe_013_1366 See_by_Chloe_008_1366 See_by_Chloe_006_1366 See_by_Chloe_005_1366


Images via Style.com



Icons in Denim: Aaliyah

by Jennine Jacob



There are just a handful of musicians so talented that even though their careers cut short, they stay with us for years through their work. Aalyiah who died tragically in an airplane crash in 2001 is one of those people. When Lifetime released plans for a “biopic” last moth about the beloved artist, much controversy arose since even thirteen years later, her fans are still as dedicated as they once were since the cable channel did not approach Aaliyah’s family nor gain permission from them.

Her style too helped shape the trends of the 90′s and with the crop tops and baggy jeans. Her style had elements of a tomboy, but she also oozed with feminine hotness without being overly sexualized (as opposed to, oh I don’t know, Miley?) Also, my goodness, those abs! Well, apparently she trained five days a week, so yeah, I’m never going to do that, therefore will always have my doughy belly.

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll see late 90′s influence come through in a few years, so it’s worth revisiting the style of some of the icons we sorely miss.

aaliyah_denim_12aaliyah_denim_113  aaliyah_denim_11 aaliyah_denim_10 aaliyah_denim_9 aaliyah_denim_8   aaliyah_denim_5 aaliyah_denim_4 aaliyah_denim_3 aaliyah_denim_2 aaliyah_denim_1

Old Levi’s Jeans

by Jennine Jacob


Maybe it’s because Levi’s are kind of like a “hometown hero” since they play such a big role in my city (San Francisco’s) history, or that if there ever were a heritage brand for denim, Levi’s would be it. Without question. One thing that’s been nice to see around is the prevalence of old Levi’s in street style photos these days. Finding that perfect fit may be a little tough since people are wearing them a bit loose like boyfriend jeans, there is no stretch other than cotton’s natural stretch, and many vintage Levi’s are broken in by someone else giving them a slightly different shape. You could buy the vintage style new, Levi’s Vintage Clothing released the 1954 version of their 501′s or you could as one of my friends does get them tailored to fit you exactly. Or you could just scour the vintage shops until you find just the right fit. But once you do find it, rest assured, it will be a classic mainstay in your wardrobe!

levis_501_vintage_jeans_11 levis_501_vintage_jeans_10 levis_501_vintage_jeans_8levis_501_vintage_jeans_9  levis_501_vintage_jeans_6 levis_501_vintage_jeans_5 levis_501_vintage_jeans_4 levis_501_vintage_jeans_3 levis_501_vintage_jeans_2 levis_501_vintage_jeans_1


Image Credits: Oyster Magazine, Sea of Shoes, These Tings Take Time, Levi’s, Man Repeller, Refinery 29, Wall Street Journal

Edgy Lady Tomboy: Sonia by Sonia Rykiel for Pre-Fall 15

by Jennine Jacob



My own personal style incorporates a lot of denim. It is also true that my style is a bit preppy, and a bit lady like and a bit tom boy. Is that even possible? Well, yes, but it’s rare to see all those components in a singular collection, yet the Sonia by Sonia Rykiel pre-fall collection does just that. Jewel embellished denim in the form of a denim dress or wide legged &  cropped jeans, or a simple pair of dark skinny jeans with a cropped blazer has all the components of an edgy lady tomboy. I also have to say that the lookbook’s Paris street photos puts me in the mood for, well, Paris. Enchanté, pre-fall.


Sonia_by_Sonia_Rykiel_07_1366Sonia_by_Sonia_Rykiel_05_1366 Sonia_by_Sonia_Rykiel_06_1366 Sonia_by_Sonia_Rykiel_26_1366Sonia_by_Sonia_Rykiel_04_1366  Sonia_by_Sonia_Rykiel_11_1366  Sonia_by_Sonia_Rykiel_03_1366 Sonia_by_Sonia_Rykiel_01_1366

MM6 Pre-Fall Melds the Best of Margiela & The Best of the 90′s

by Jennine Jacob


Ok, so the whole 90′s revival thing. We all talked about overalls to no end. High waisted faded jeans made their come back. But the elephant in the room remains when we talk about 90′s and also denim in the same breath. That JNCO look. Skater jeans. Baggy pants. Not your wide leg glamourous version, but that version you’d wear with a trucker chain securing your wallet. How on earth will that be reimagined in a way that’s chic in 2015? Well, leave it to MM6, Maison Martin Margeila‘s diversion line for pre-fall. Mixing dark denim reminiscing of that 90′s go to cut. Baggy. Add paint splatter, a few strategically placed panels, or even an apron type thing to make it a la Margiela. I have to say it’ll be interesting how this trend will manifest in the mainstream.. or even if it will. Who knows? I’ve yet to see people really adopt the overalls, but then again, boyfriend jeans stayed way longer than I thought they would!

MM6_Maison_Martin_Margiela_014_1366 MM6_Maison_Martin_Margiela_013_1366 MM6_Maison_Martin_Margiela_012_1366 MM6_Maison_Martin_Margiela_004_1366 MM6_Maison_Martin_Margiela_026_1366

Icons in Denim: Bob Dylan

by Jennine Jacob





Few people have impacted on our collective culture like Bob Dylan has. From a young age, Dylan has influenced generations of musicians with his songwriting and albeit terrible singing, beautiful songs. One thing that I didn’t really think of, kind of like how I did not think of SNL as a potential “style inspiration” Bob Dylan, particularly in his younger years had an iconic style that could be worn even today with the same level of coolness. Skinny jeans, black blazers, chambray shirts or stripes, shaggy hair and ankle boots, one can never really go wrong with this look. So apparently, not only does Bob Dylan’s music withstand the test of time, as does his personal style.

bob_dylan_denim_18 bob_dylan_denim_17 bob_dylan_denim_16 bob_dylan_denim_15 bob_dylan_denim_14 bob_dylan_denim_13 bob_dylan_denim_12 bob_dylan_denim_11 fd60e9f2d51cef2460f5d1e18a71dcc1 bob_dylan_denim_9 bob_dylan_denim_8 bob_dylan_denim_7 bob_dylan_denim_6 bob_dylan_denim_5 bob_dylan_denim_4  bob_dylan_denim_2 bob_dylan_denim_1

NSFW: Alexander Wang Uses Sex to Launch His New Denim Collection

by Jennine Jacob


What? Sex SELLS?

Gosh, I remember in junior high school we used to joke about masturbation. Not in a Louis CK kind of way where he’d admit to it and talk about how depressing it is, but in the kind of, “oh how embarrassing” kind of way.

Perhaps the practice which used to be riddled with shame has not come front and center where it’s used in, well, denim ads. This morning Alexander Wang released the images for his new denim collection which launched December 8th. The ads feature a naked woman with jeans around her ankles and the brand name strategically placed across her nips, and another the  boldly suggests female masturbation. Wow, ok!


Wang himself… (Now we’re joking about sex, I can’t help but to chuckle a little writing his name. Yes, I’m that immature.) … Anyway, Wang is almost always spotted wearing denim, so much I wrote about his tee shirt and jeans uniform AND included him in a roundup of fashion designers who wear denim (but don’t have denim collections). I’m actually rather curious to see how he approaches denim in what he calls an “over-saturated market.” While some designers (ie. Proenza Schouler, Balmain, Marc Jacobs) tried to make that leap from runway to denim, they somehow failed to nail down what makes a denim line so special. Either the fit, or the styles or even the denim itself lacks the “thing” that makes a pair of jeans a wardrobe foundation. Being as Wang is such a connoisseur of denim, as well as his way of approaching fashion with a street style sensibility, he may be the one to actually create a denim line equally as covetable as his runway and diversion lines.

The collection which launches December 8th consists of three different styles, according to WWD the styles are:

“The Wang 001 is not a “skinny” jean per se, but a “slim” with a high rise to sit at the waist as well as 1 percent stretch for the two indigo washes and 2 percent for the black wash.”


The Wang 002, or relaxed fit, has zero stretch and is based on a classic men’s fit, but cut for a woman’s body.”



“…the Wang 003. “We’re not calling them boyfriend jeans,” he said of the boy cut, which rides low and has a wider yet tapered leg. “I hate it when you roll them and your ankle is swimming, so I cut it so you roll it twice and it stays pegged.” “



Are you looking forward to giving these bad boys a spin?

Images via WWD.

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