Fall Denim 2015 Mens: Band of Outsiders

by Jennine Jacob


Denim has always had its roots in workwear, which is what makes Band of Outsiders Fall Mens collection such a treat. Riffing off the cliche of “hardware store chic,” this collection brings workwear front and center. Both playful and classic, many elements like the denim jumpsuit echoing that of a pair of coveralls you’d see a mechanic wearing. Or a pair of slacks that could well be a pair of Dickie’s. Winter gloves that could be mistaken for work gloves. All styled in a way that lets you know that this is no ordinary hardware store attire. I have to say, I love it. All the best collections riff of the every day, which ultimately brings to light the beauty in ordinary things.

Band_of_Outsiders_016_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_003_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_011_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_010_1366

Images via Style.com


Icons in Denim: Paul Newmann

by Jennine Jacob


Looking through old pictures of Paul Newman is basically like taking Prozac. Besides his intense good looks and talent, he was also for all intents and purposes a good person. He was well known for loving his wife of 50 years, Joanne Woodward. He was a family man. He was a philanthropist, his most famous effort, the salad dressing which donates all profits to charity (over $400 million as of 2014). He started a drug abuse prevention program after his son died of an overdose.

As a side note to his life achievements, for which most people to even achieve one would be incredible. Paul Newman was also incredibly stylish. Is it the clothes or the man? I think, in this case, a little of both. Paul Newman had timeless style. Ok, so yeah, he wore rolled up jean shorts, we’ll forgive that. But most often he stuck to the classics. Residing in Westport, Connecticut, he maintained that East Coast prep that the region is famous for. Dress shirts, khakis, sweaters. He wasn’t photographed so much in denim, other than the “on-set” photos as he often played the rugged misfit in his films. Even then, his photos are as timeless as any photo of a person can be.

paul_newman_denim15 paul_newman_denim14 paul_newman_denim13 paul_newman_denim12 paul_newman_denim11 HUD, Paul Newman, 1963 paul_newman_denim9 paul_newman_denim8 Paul Newman, circa 1955. (Photo by Getty Images) paul_newman_denim5 paul_newman_denim4 paul_newman_denim3 paul_newman_denim2 paul_newman_denim1

A Tradition in Indigo: Shibori

by Jennine Jacob


Shibori is not just tie-dye. It’s a Japanese fabric dyeing technique dating back to the 8th Century that traditionally used indigo to create patterns on cotton, hemp or silk. Kind of like tie-dye on steroids, Shibori uses a variety of binding techniques including, pleating, scrunching, twisting and even wrapping the fabric around a POLE to create the patterns. The result is stunning, simple, yet complex. Also, the perfect companion to denim (another tradition in Indigo). Recently, MiH held a Shibori workshop that looked stunning (pictured above), and since we all can’t make it, Honestly WTF has a handy tutorial on creating your own at home. Of course, you could always just buy pre-made Shibori, Tory Burch used the technique in her Spring 2013 collection; Wes Gordon has a wonderful set available now.




shibori_indigo1_toryburch shibori_indigo5 shibori_indigo4

shibori_indigo2  shibori_indigo1

Denim Trend for Spring 2015: The Wide Crop

by Jennine Jacob


Do you really think the skinny jean trend has ended? Even though there has been attempt so thwart the prevailing denim style over the years, (remember when they tried to push flares really hard… oh yeah, that’s every year!). Even the boyfriend jean doesn’t offer the polish and ease of the skinny jean.

That said, there is something new on the horizon. For those too short or too squeamish to don the denim culotte, there is the wide crop. What is that? Wide legged jeans, cropped at the ankle or above. Unlike the boyfriend jean where it’s encouraged to roll (or even peg) This wide crop is hemmed neatly. You can wear flats or heels, or heck even flatforms with this style. The crop even allows for ankle straps. It can be neat or thrown together, so maybe the skinny jean has a contender after all?

wide_crop_denim_sea wide_crop_denim_irfe wide_crop_denim_d2squared wide_crop_denim_chanel wide_crop_denim_MM6 wide_crop_denim_soniarykeil


Images: Ganni, Sea, Irfé, DSquared2, Chanel, MM6, Street Style

Genesis Vallejo Tears It Up In Styleby Magazine

by Jennine Jacob


When the apocalypse happens, will we still be able to look good? Well, I’m sure we’ll all have bigger fish to fry, (hopefully) but the latest editorial in STYLEBY, the Swedish magazine co-founded by Elin Kling highlights a post-apocalyptic scene of torn denim on the gorgeous model Genesis Vallejo. Layered to perfection, you’ll find an array of denim jackets, dark, distressed and even a mint colored denim jacket paired with equally varied styles of jeans. Even the jeans that are torn beyond what I’d normally consider wearing in public look great.

genesis-vallejo-model2 genesis-vallejo-model3 genesis-vallejo-model4 genesis-vallejo-model5 genesis-vallejo-model6 genesis-vallejo-model7


Image credit: STYLEBY Magazine.

Denim Girl Crush: Alexa Chung

by Jennine Jacob


To be honest, I really don’t know WHAT Alexa Chung is famous for. Other than always looking fabulous. She’s kind of one of my secret (but ok, not so secret now) girl crushes. I always bring photos of her when I get my hair colored. Her and Freja Beha Erichsen. And like Freja, Alexa Chung has a habit of wearing denim all the time. She tends to be spotted in overalls or denim shorts, but she also is a lover of skinny jeans and chambray shirts. She keeps it simple, but with this Zoey Deschanel twee thing going without being too girly. I love her balance between playful and chic, as it’s a hard line to walk.

alexa_chung_denim17 alexa_chung_denim16 alexa_chung_denim14alexa_chung_denim15  alexa_chung_denim13 alexa_chung_denim11  alexa_chung_denim12alexa_chung_denim10 alexa_chung_denim9 alexa_chung_denim8 alexa_chung_denim7 alexa_chung_denim6 alexa_chung_denim4alexa_chung_denim5  alexa_chung_denim3 alexa_chung_denim2 alexa_chung_denim1

Denim Icons: 90′s Drew Barrymore

by Jennine Jacob


Drew Barrymore was probably one of the first actresses I “identified” with. We’re both Pisces born in 1975. We had, um, struggles growing up? Also, she really influenced my style in the 90s. I wish I could have that big curly hair and boyfriend jeans… but no, more of that short hair, pencil-thin eyebrows, matte lipstick and choker look. The baby-tee and big jeans look. So embarrassing!

But looking back on the images of Barrymore in the 90′s she had a lot of different looks in denim. First off she was the face of Guess during the 90′s which was kind of the last of their heyday. Those ads from Guess were just amazing. She also had made the transition from child star to adult by starring in cult classic films like Poison Ivy and also by posing in Playboy… remember that? It was probably the first and only time a child star had done that and everyone (I knew) said, “Oh wow, that’s actually a really great editorial.”

The thing I like about  90′s Drew Barrymore was that I actually knew people who dressed the way she did. Not that Kate Moss kind of cool 90′s where, I certainly didn’t know anyone who was so timeless. Barrymore took fashion risks. Whether it be double denim or overalls she wasn’t afraid to try. My kind of girl.

drew_barrymore_denim_27 drew_barrymore_denim_26 drew_barrymore_denim_25 drew_barrymore_denim_24 Drew Barrymore drew_barrymore_denim_22 drew_barrymore_denim_21 drew_barrymore_denim_20 drew_barrymore_denim_19 drew_barrymore_denim_18 drew_barrymore_denim_17 drew_barrymore_denim_16 drew_barrymore_denim_115 Drew Barrymore drew_barrymore_denim_13 drew_barrymore_denim_12 drew_barrymore_denim_11 drew_barrymore_denim_10  drew_barrymore_denim_8 drew_barrymore_denim_7 drew_barrymore_denim_6 drew_barrymore_denim_5  drew_barrymore_denim_3 drew_barrymore_denim_2 drew_barrymore_denim_1

Cropped Jeans & Denim Culottes at Valentino Pre-Fall 15

by Jennine Jacob


Everywhere the 70′s are coming back.  But does that mean we all have to throw out our skinny jeans and throw on a pair of flared jeans? Well, not so fast. Pre-Fall 15 has been super interesting this year and to tell the truth it’s also fascinating what kinds of collections designers come out with for the seasons “no one” pays attention to. Pre-Fall, Resort, Holiday. They are the baby collections, and some designers do little snippets to keep our fashion appetites curbed and others, like say Valentino came out with a 97-look mega-collection. Even for Fall and Spring it’s pretty huge.

What I took from sifting through all the looks was the presence of denim (and the next generation of that Rockstud IT shoe!) How the wide legged jeans suggested a flare but were neat and slightly cropped, kind of like a grown up culotte. This style is updated enough to look fresh but classic enough to pull off any time of the year. Which I’m have to say is pretty awesome.

Valentino_074_1366 Valentino_073_1366 Valentino_049_1366 Valentino_032_1366 Valentino_033_1366 Valentino_020_1366 Valentino_019_1366


Image credit: Valentino



The New Pegged Jeans

by Jennine Jacob


Back in the 80′s when skinny jeans were harder to find (they hadn’t quite mastered the whole denim stretch yet) to get that perfect fit around the ankles teens would PEG their jeans.

You know, fold the hem THEN roll it up!

It was an art. How do you get that perfect cuff that wasn’t too bulky, yet neatly rolled. They also wore the pegged jeans with socks, which, nowadays, is not really something one would do in public.

Alas, everything comes back in fashion, and here I’ve been noticing how pegged jeans have evolved. No longer neatly pegged in the front, boyfriend jeans are more “effortlessly” pegged either on the sides or bunched almost like pleats. They have that, “I didn’t try too hard” look to them, although we all know, if the jeans are paired with a hot pair of high heels, they tried pretty hard. Which, I’m all about trying hard!

pegged_jeans4 pegged_jeans3 pegged_jeans2

Denim Icon: Daria Warbowy

by Jennine Jacob



Everyone looks good in jeans. Everyone. But few people embody the effortlessness of the denim spirit like Daria Werbowy. She’s not a stranger on this blog, one of our favorite Canadians and models, she can make a pair of jeans and look fashion forward where the rest of us might just look like we’re going to the super market. I guess that’s what makes a model a super model! Over the years, she’s been the face of nearly every fashion brand, but recently she’s made waves with her self-portraits for Equipment (she began modeling to fund her art school education… so makes sense she’d be a great photographer!). Even though I’m not a huuuge fan of Mango, the campaigns she’s done with them area all amazing. And let’s not forget about that campaign with AG Jeans, I still think about that double denim look when deciding what to wear in the morning.



daria_werbowy_denim20daria_werbowy_denim19daria_werbowy_denim18daria_werbowy_denim22   daria_werbowy_denim17 daria_werbowy_denim16 daria_werbowy_denim15 daria_werbowy_denim14 daria_werbowy_denim13 daria_werbowy_denim12 daria_werbowy_denim11 daria_werbowy_denim10 daria_werbowy_denim9 daria_werbowy_denim8 daria_werbowy_denim7 daria_werbowy_denim6 daria_werbowy_denim5 daria_werbowy_denim4 daria_werbowy_denim3 daria_werbowy_denim2 daria_werbowy_denim21

Sonia Rykiel’s Pre-Fall ’15 Styling May Be The One to Get Us On Board With Flared Jeans

by Jennine Jacob





I believe everyone has a “decade.” You know, style-wise. Some people are great at appropriating that 70′s look so it doesn’t look like a costume. Me? Not so much… I have a very hard time with flared jeans. While I do like wide-legged jeans a la Katharine Hepburn, it’s very hard for me to really work a pair of flared jeans without feeling like a poseur.

With the Pre-Fall collections STILL coming in (do designers ever get a break from fashion shows?) before Fall-Winter Fashion Month commences next month, Sonia Rykiel squeezes in a couple of denim looks that update that 70′s flare while still being true to the era. The photo above with the long trench coat over a pair of high-waisted, flared jeans reminds me of something my mom used to wear around the time I was born. The 70′s were all about length, maxi-dresses, long coats, long hair, long legs. And it’s all in this collection, yet it’s surprisingly 21st century.

Sonia_Rykiel_008_1366 Sonia_Rykiel_005_1366  Sonia_Rykiel_002_1366

Oh Brother Jeans Where Are Thou? (Right Here)

by Jennine Jacob



We all know that hand-me-downs can make essential wardrobe staples, but MOTHER Denim has taken it to the next level with the “Brother” a style of jeans that has taken inspiration from that pair you’d find in your brother’s closet.  I’ve wondered myself about the family of jeans, Mom, Boyfriend, Dad jeans, and the “brother” I guess is also completely subjective. My brother usually goes way, way baggier than is pictured above, and I’d look more along the lines of Aaliya (only with way, way flabbier abs) than this. But if your brother is tall, skinny and a little bit rock and roll, then this may be true to your denim family!

Welcome, Brother!

Image via Mother Denim


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