Miranda Kerr is “Obsessed” with 7 For All Mankind

by Jennine Jacob

Oh my, Miranda Kerr has been in the news a lot this week. But, here we’re not going to talk about that, unless you really like to! So, in other news, 7 for All Mankind has released their new Fall campaign, featuring the beautiful model. “A woman obsessed with her jeans, and a man who’s obsessed with that woman.” Okay. You know, I’m obsessed with denim, so I get it. But when it comes to concepts for ads, I’m a little wanting for more. Like the image above, doesn’t it remind you of the Teddy Girls we talked about yesterday? I love that look! The Edwardian necktie and the cuffed boyfriend jeans reminisce of the sub-culture. However, in the other photos we have Miranda and the rolling around in bed. Which is great, but, I’d like to see more Teddy Girls, please!

mirandakerr_7fam4 mirandakerr_7fam3 mirandakerr_7fam2 mirandakerr_7fam1

#Throwback Thursdays: Teddy Girls in Denim

by Jennine Jacob



It always shocks me whenever I hear that the idea of “teenagers” is a markedly Post-World War II construct. That “teen rebellion” didn’t exist until after World War II, seems strange, like what did teenagers do before? Obey their parents? The “Teddy Boy” sub-culture in Britain after World War II  was the first to be identified as “teenagers”. Their code of dress was Edwardian era inspired dandies. Since the Edwardian Era was merely 40 years prior to this, I would guess that it’s one of the first instances of retro dressing, but taking a 40-year leap instead of the regular 20-year leap (you know, how everyone is obsessed with the 90′s? Last decade it was the 80′s etc.). Early Teddy Boy had more historically correct attire, but as Rock and Roll set and became a cultural influence, denim came into the scene. I particularly love this look. Buttoned up, with cropped boyfriend jeans and loafers. While some of the cuts of the blazers are a little to structured for modern use, it’s certainly something that can be appropriated to a look today.

d2768551331c4066951f4ca5cecc17fb tumblr_mtax5mQHJf1stoa0io1_400ken_russel_teddy_girls2ken_russel_teddy_girls1


These girls are in Germany… not Teddy Girls, but have a similar look. Love the one on the right!


See the Edwardian influence? Love the sandals!!



This image kept coming up in my search, I don’t think it’s from the 50′s, but I love it.
ken_russel_teddy_girls3Several images are by Ken Russell

Denim Editorial: LiveFAST’S ‘Denim Days’

by Christina Uzzardi


LiveFastMag, with L.A. based Vivianne Lapointe at the helm, has been creating buzz online since it launched, and the mag’s shaping to making even more noise, as they recently announced they’re going to print as well! FAST is short for Fashion, Art, Sex and Travel — and they do not disappoint. I visit regularly to peek their beautiful editorials, shot, styled and modeled by some of the most talented people in the city. So naturally I jumped at their most recent Denim editorial, Denim Days, shot by Eric Chakeen (and styled by Neelo Noory). Living up to the LiveFAST brand, the series is fun, laid back, airy, and flirty. But importantly, it showcasing some killer denim looks. Including summer’s hottest: White denim overalls, boyfriend jeans, patchwork denim and denim cut-offs Check it out! Visit LiveFAST for more…













(Photographer: Eric ChakeenModel: Tereza, NOUS ModelsHair & Make-up: Andrea MartinStylist: Neelo Noory)

Six Examples of The Denim Jumpsuit Trend Successfully Worn

by Jennine Jacob


OK… so the jumpsuit thing. I’ve been holding off on it because, well, not to over share, but I hate, hate, hate wearing a jumpsuit because of the whole bathroom situation. You know, when you wear a jumpsuit, you basically have to disrobe to get your business done. Which wouldn’t be bad if you never left the house, or use a public restroom. But for most of us, the whole point of wearing cool clothes is to leave the house.

That said, I’m totally loving the jumpsuit trend. While I haven’t tried the denim jumpsuit personally, I’m loving the way people are styling it. Like double denim, but better and more comfortable looking. Especially since high-end designers like Stella McCarney have gorgeous renditions of the denim jumpsuit. You can pair your jumpsuit with heels, or layer it with a chunky sweater, add a statement bag, and you’ll be the chicest person on the block.

denim_jumpsuit_wdugt denim_jumpsuit_bazaar peaceloveshea_denim_jumpsuit denim_jumpsuit_wwwd denim_jumpsuit_wwdImages via: Style Heroine, Where Did U Get That, WWD, WhoWhatWear, Bazaar


Eleven Times Susie Bubble Wore Denim

by Jennine Jacob


I’ve been reading Style Bubble for a long time. Susie Lau wears just about anything and everything whimsical and delightful. However, one thing I have noticed is she’s not really a denim person in the way most of us are. Like everything she wears, she wears denim like no one else. How? She’ll layer a frayed denim mini skirt with skinny jeans. Wear (Chanel) denim culottes with sneakers, ripped jeans with tights underneath. A denim pencil skirt with wide legged trousers and sneakers. She really takes a lot of risks and somehow makes it work. Even if you can’t personally pull off a Susie Bubble look, it’s worth checking out how she does things, maybe it’ll inspire us all to think out of the box when it comes to denim.

susie_bubble_tuileriessusie-bubble-denim2 susie-bubble-denim3 susie-bubble-denim4 susie-bubble-denim5 susie-bubble-denim6 susie-bubble-denim7 susie-bubble-denim8 susie-bubble-denim9 susie-bubble-prada_0Images from Style Bubble, Street Peeper, PopSugar, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour


MiH Denim on Vanessa Jackman Blog

by Jennine Jacob


Vanessa Jackman is one of my favorite street style blogs, and occasionally she does editorial photo shoots as well. Here she photographed model, Cris wearing MiH jeans. I absolutely love the freshness of this photo shoot. Also, the different jeans she’s wearing all look equally effortless.

Cris19-web Cris73-web Cris179-web Cris204-web Cris208-web

15 Artists in Denim

by Jennine Jacob


It’s not a far stretch to picture an artist painting, probably wearing a pair of jeans with paint crusted on them. Heck, you can even buy jeans with paint on them, and that’s actually a thing.

Where that image comes from is, you guessed it, artists wearing jeans. In research, I was expecting some to of course wear jeans and not find them (like, Cindy Sherman, can you do a denim character?) And surprised to see the likes of Frida Kahlo wearing wide legged jeans. And Georgia O’Keeffe in a button fly jean? She just got cooler in my book. Anyway, it’s inspiring to see how artists wear jeans, because they often wear them as actual work clothes. And maybe as a fashion statement too.

Above: Jean Michel Basquiat


Frida Kahlo



Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner





Max Ernst (and Dorothea Tanning)


Kara Walker, Keith Haring


Francis Bacon, Jasper Johns


Georgia O’Keeffe


Tracey Emin

dekooning warhol

Willem DeKooning, Andy Warhol


Robert Rauschenberg


Denim at Paris Haute Couture

by Christina Uzzardi


With vacation season in full swing I’m just getting around to checking out Paris Couture fashion week snaps — and boy did I miss some epic street style denim looks. The couture is on the runway, but denim ruled off — as usual. Everything from denim cut offs w/ thigh high boots (is this still a thing?), to white overalls and the ubiquitous boyfriend jean, the looks were on point. Here’s a roundup of our favorite denim looks spotted on Elle, Vogue and WWWD.

361x543-1 361x543-2 361x543-3 361x543-5 361x543 Couture-Street-Day1-21_133308633769 Couture-Street-Day2-10_175117387622 Couture-Street-Day3-2_154019344849 Couture-Street-Day3-35_154026713649 elle-03-street-style-couture-day-3-xln elle-06-paris-street-style-v-91697570-xln elle-07-couture-street-style-xln elle-10-couture-day-5-h-lgn elle-10-street-style-couture-day-3-xln elle-10-versace-h-xln elle-14-couture-day-5-v-xln

The 2 Bandits Jewelry Lookbook Has Awesome Denim

by Jennine Jacob


For a person who doesn’t really like cowboy stuff, I certainly really like Western Movies, Denim, Country Music, and occasionally, if done “right” I love cowboy style. So maybe, I’m a cowgirl at heart. Probably not!

That said, The 2 Bandits, a jewelry brand, came out with this lookbook with AMAZING denim styling. To coordinate with the label’s edgy Western styled jewelry, you’ll see a mixture of high waisted boyfriend jeans, pinstriped chambray shirts, and even printed denim shirts. It’s truly textural and even in the midst of the city streets, this look is chic anywhere.

2bandits-fall-2014-jewelry4 2bandits-fall-2014-jewelry2 2bandits-fall-2014-jewelry20 2bandits-fall-2014-jewelry19 2bandits-fall-2014-jewelry13 2bandits-fall-2014-jewelry11


Images via Fashion Gone Rogue



Real Life Mom Jeans

by Jennine Jacob


Before I became a mother, I had some crazy ideas over what “mom style” meant. Like as soon as you gave birth, you had to give up your pre-baby wardrobe or something. This morning, Mother Magazine published “Mom Jeans – San Francisco” a roundup of stylish moms wearing denim. Naturally, I want to share this with you and doubly because I’m included in the roundup! See me and Jasper above. That’s pretty much my uniform these days. Jeans and a top with flats. The featured moms generally wear premium denim, Paige (that’s me and Temi below in the pink shoes), J Brand, Mother, Madewell, and a lot of Gap.

Here are a few of my favorites from the post, but be sure to stop by Mother Magazine and see the rest!



Jeanne Chan, Shop Sweet Things



Temi Adamolekun, Pembroke PR


Jeannette Crawford, Sun + Dotter


Kristen Philipkoski, Stylenik


New Trend? Denim Pelvage

by Jennine Jacob



Ok, so the internet exploded when Kendall Jenner showed up on the red carpet bearing slivers of her pelvis, Keke Palmer bared patches of her pelvis peek-a-boo style at the BET awards. And around the same time The Sartorialist posted this photo of a woman on the streets of Milan.

At first, I couldn’t figure quite what made this so, I don’t want to say shocking, but, intimate? I thought the jeans were just low rise at first, but it occurred to me post-Kendall, that it is her pelvis we are looking at. More succinctly, her pelvage. Now, this is far from the red carpet, which might make it even more surprising. Her outfit appears relaxed; she’s wearing one of those belts you can buy from the street vendors in Italy, with a possibly vintage shirt and mens jeans (not boyfriend jeans). Dirty mens jeans.

I guess since the masses have pretty much adopted the high waist jean that perhaps it’s about time that the low-rise will return. Will be interesting to see if and how it does.

More will be revealed. Literally.

#Throwback Thursday: The Beatles in Denim

by Jennine Jacob






There are few bands that not only have music that speaks to us throughout the ages, but also had members so well dressed, their fashion sense even has a timeless quality. Even the bell bottoms and the patchwork jeans could be seen today without the bat of an eyelash, but mostly The Beatles dressed in a subdued, yet incredibly stylish fashion. Kind of like their music. I kind of got lost in the images of John, Paul, George and Ringo (not so much Ringo…where is he? He’ll have to get his own post.) The Beatles offer such an incredible well of inspiration for either dressing yourself, or someone in your life. Who knew John was so into white denim? Or that he could skateboard?


john_denim6 john_denim5 john_denim4 john_denim3 john_denim2 john_denim1
thebeatles_denim2 thebeatles_denim george_harrison_denim5 george_harrison_denim4 george_harrison_denim3 george_harrison_denim2 george_harrison_denim george_john2 george_john1 george_john

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