Denim at Milan Fashion Week: Let’s Juxtapose

by Jennine Jacob



“Juxtaposition” was my favorite word in college. It pretty much summed up my approach to everything. Putting things that don’t normally go together and snuggle them up. That’s the denim vibe this year in Milan. When London skipped over the denim beat, Milan integrated denim in a very different way. From straight-up preppy of Comptoir des Cotonniers to the dystopian future of MM6 Maison Martin Margiela. Others juxtaposed right within the collection, like DSQUARED2 by placing Native American inspired with European posh. Au Jour Le Jour did something different by taking the 1960′s psychedelia and J-Crew bedazzled their denim (you know what I’m talking about, jeweled sweatshirts!) Anyway, it’s a fun mix this year, and can’t wait to see how it manifests in Fall.


aujourlejour_2aujourlejour_1 dsquared2_3 dsquared2_2 dsquared2  Each-Other-10-1366 mm6-maison-margiela-010-1366 mm6-maison-margiela-016-1366 mm6-maison-margiela-014-1366 (1)

Alexa Chung for AG Jeans Throws a Tri-City House Party

by Jennine Jacob

Want more 70′s inspired denim? Yeah, you do! My eternal hair muse, denim icon,  Alexa Chung has collaborated with AG Jeans to make Spring 2015 all about the 70′s.  From embroidered denim, denim shirt dresses, tunic dresses and those perfectly flared jeans, Alexa makes everything look so easy.

What’s more is that AG and Alexa are going on a three-city tour, with stops in NY, LA & London, to promote the collection with three unique house parties.  So if you’re in earshot of any of those three cities, I guess, know that someone somewhere is having a lot of fun wearing denim. Ha! That’s like every day. I can forgive that, because even though I am not sure what Alexa is famous for, she still is fabulous. And so are AG Jeans.

Alexa-Chung-AG-Jeans-Collection-2015-6 Alexa-Chung-AG-Jeans-Collection-2015-16alexa-chung-for-ag-2015_01 alexa-chung-collaborates-with-ag-jeans-body-image-1421325247

Images courtesy of AG Jeans


Day Trippin’… Mother Denim Loves Embroidery

by Jennine Jacob



It’s hard not to love embroidered denim.  And so does MOTHER Denim. While everyone is focusing on the retro looks of the 70′s, MOTHER reflects back to those hippy days of the late 60′s and early 70′s. Inspired by psychedelic art, this embroidered collection feels like it’s been in the Yellow Submarine.

Of course, I have my own memories of the 70′s. But mostly from a child’s eyes. The denim on the jacket reminds me of that trippy pinball song on Sesame Street:

But for those who cannot remember, and want something a little more every day… these denim shirts and embroidered denim shorts can be integrated in almost any wardrobe. The loosey fray short with embellishments to make any summer the summer of love.




Images courtesy of MOTHER Denim

Icons in Denim: Susan Sarandon

by Jennine Jacob


Susan Sarandon is one of those timeless beauties.Casual, disheveled, probably one of the few who can almost have that Parisian effortless look without being, Parisian.

I once spotted her at this burger joint, she was sitting directly across from me. Being the fangirl I am, I instantly knew it was her and tried not to freak out, but freaked out, and it made her very uncomfortable. She covered her face because she knew I was staring. SO SORRY, SUSAN! Well, she wouldn’t be the only person I’ve made uncomfortable over the course of my life!

Anyway, the photos I did find of Susan in denim had the trademark open shirt, messy hair, this #iwokeuplikethis feel about them. Maybe that’s the key to being hot. Waking up and just going with the flow.

susan_sarandon_denim_5 susan_sarandon_denim_3 susan_sarandon_denim_2 susan_sarandon_denim_1

Which Jeans to Buy for Spring of 2015?

by Jennine Jacob


Believe it or not, I just purged most of my wardrobe. Everything except what I have actually worn in the last six months. Now, I only own six pairs of jeans. SIX! I used to have drawers of them, now I just have a hanging shoe organizer that holds each of my six pairs of jeans.


So, that said, I am buying a new pair of jeans for Spring. Which pair?

Knowing what I ACTUALLY wear, one thing is certain. High waisted skinny jeans are a MUST. Also, nothing communicates the feel of summer like a good light wash, and a heavy dose of distressing. The main think I’m considering is getting a pair with sliced knees. Here are my top four picks:

  1. Madewell Novelty High Riser w/Destruction $128.00
  2. J Brand High Rise Alana Crop Jeans $218
  3. Nolita Slouchy Slim Jeans $168.00
  4. Joe’s Jeans Finn Skinny Ankle Jeans $179.00


Denim Street Style Roundup: LFW Fall 2015

by Jennine Jacob



London has always been the wild child of the fashion weeks. This year, while they continued to keep their edge, things seemed a bit toned down stylewise. Maybe this is the anti-circus trend? Or maybe street style is just “normalizing” either way, one thing is for certain, I’m loving the denim on the streets.

The wide crop made it’s appearance in more than one place this year, both the frayed hem variety and the clean hem. There were some denim paneling, but mostly there were interesting “color blocking” made by denim washes, you know that look when you unroll a hem and the once-hidden folds are more indigo. That, but amplified.

I liked this season’s subdued looks. It just seems more “real.”



3815 3517 04-londay3-012-sized__large 03-londay3-007-sized__large 10-londay3-027-sized__large 09-londay3-026-sized__large  1-londay1-002__large street-style-lfw-aw15-vicki-adamson-01__large hbz-street-style-lfw-fw1015-day1-35 hbz-street-style-lfw-fw1015-day1-30 hbz-street-style-lfw-fw1015-day2-10 hbz-street-style-lfw-fw1015-day2-14 hbz-street-style-lfw-fw1015-day2-19 hbz-street-style-lfw-fw1015-day2-24 lfw_streetstyle_denim_aw15_2 lfw_streetstyle_denim_aw15_1 alexachung_denim_lfw_fall2015


Image sources: Elle UK,, Harpers Bazaar

Denim On The Rise: Greg Lauren

by Jennine Jacob



What do you do when you’re a former soap opera star, nephew to Ralph Lauren and acclaimed artist? Start a fashion line! This is what Greg Lauren has done. One may say that his work was slow to start, beginning in 2011 and taking four years to get recognized on (like, totally, that’s when you’ve “made it” as a fashion designer!) With so many careers under his belt, it’s easy to see how he’s able to marry several aesthetics in some kind of cohesive manner with his 2015 collection. A bit of military, a bit cowboy, a bit zombie apocalypse, Lauren’s sartorial dystopia is a far cry from his “All American” uncle.

I’m loving how the patchwork denim is not merely patches on traditional styles of jeans. The jeans are tailored, patched, destroyed, and tailored some more. Kind of reminding me of that franken-jean we talked about a few weeks ago. Only, this is no DIY project, but that of a skilled artisan.  Not bad, and once the zombie apocalypse breaks out, I’ll be first in line to get a bite out of this collection.

greg_lauren_aw15_denim8 greg_lauren_aw15_denim7 greg_lauren_aw15_denim6 greg_lauren_aw15_denim5 greg_lauren_aw15_denim4 greg_lauren_aw15_denim3 greg_lauren_aw15_denim2

Throwback Thursday: Carine Roitfeld in Denim

by Jennine Jacob



Carine Roitfeld is probably one of the most fascinating people in the fashion industry. She first was discovered on the streets of Paris as a teenager. She dabbled in modeling in her early days only to writing and styling for French Elle for FIFTEEN YEARS before meeting Mario Testino in 1990 and when she collaborated with him. The magic that happened in their collaboration is what made the Carine we all know today. She been Editor in Chief at French Vogue, and she quit that. She started her own amazing fashion magazine. She’s continued to be a force in the industry now into her 60′s.

Because she only modeled for a relatively brief time in her early days before delving into styling, finding those rare photos of her in denim as a young fledgling fashionista is kind of hard. While she was gorgeous as a teen, with her high wasited denim shorts and wide legged jeans, you can see that she’s grown into her beauty rather than out of it. Such an inspiration!



carine_roitfeld_denim_7 carine_roitfeld_denim_6 carine_roitfeld_denim_5 carine_roitfeld_denim_4 carine_roitfeld_denim_3 carine_roitfeld_denim_2

Free People Releases “Vintage Loves: She Sent Post Cards” Collection

by Jennine Jacob

Free People Vintage Loves- She Sent Postcards 8

Free People has always embodied the bohemian look of yesteryear. Especially with their denim looks which couldn’t be hotter now that “that 70′s look” is really going to happen for 2015.

What better way to celebrate the vintage look than by releasing the “Vintage Loves: She Sent Post Cards” collection of hand-selected pieces:

The roughly 150 piece collection is marked by special cotton tops, gauze dresses, and embroidered jackets featuring a broad array of bright colors and bohemian inspired prints. Some highlights are one-of-a-kind denim pieces, including patchwork widelegs, painted denim cutoffs, and 4 pocket shortalls. The apparel heavy collection also features unique accessories, including oversized statement woven bags and leather sandals, ideal for the warmer months ahead. 

I was personally  impressed by the variety in the collection, well-edited, yet varied enough to find just the right thing to add to your 70′s wardrobe. The collection is available here, hurry, because it looks like it’s selling fast!

Free People Vintage Loves- She Sent Postcards 5 Free People Vintage Loves- She Sent Postcards 10 Free People Vintage Loves- She Sent Postcards 4 Free People Vintage Loves- She Sent Postcards 3 Free People Vintage Loves- She Sent Postcards 2 Free People Vintage Loves- She Sent Postcards 1

NYFW Denim Roundup: 3.1 Philip Lim, See by Chloe, Karen Walker & The Elder Statesmen

by Jennine Jacob


They said it last season… “the 70′s are coming.” So far, this is proving to be true in the denim roundup. The 70′s are everywhere. From Karen Walker’s 70′s smock, to See by Chloe’s patchwork flares, this is really going to be a thing.

I just have a question.. does this mean we’ll have to dig out our platform shoes again? Ug. I keep waiting for the platform shoe trend to just die already!

Anyway, I’m loving 3.1 Philip Lim’s twist on black denim. Wide, cropped and frayed, just what the doctor ordered!

The-Elder-Statesman-12-1366 karenwalkerdenim_nyfw_aw15_2 33philiplim_denim_nyfw_aw15_2 33philiplim_denim_nyfw_aw15

Rachel Comey Is the Queen of Cool Denim Style

by Jennine Jacob


Since Rachel Comey started including denim in her collections just a few years ago, it’s been interesting to see how she’s developed her craft, from being fairly inconsistent with the form and silhouette going between standard and avant-garde, she has certainly hit her stride where you can look at a denim piece and almost know it’s Rachel Comey. That way she creates clothing that’s both comfortable and chic, the kind you can just throw on and look amazing. If any American designer can create “effortless cool” to rival the Parisians, it’s certainly Rachel Comey.

Rachel-Comey-09-1366 Rachel-Comey-08-1366 Rachel-Comey-07-1366 Rachel-Comey-05-1366 Rachel-Comey-04-1366 Rachel-Comey-02-1366 Rachel-Comey-10-1366


Images via

DL1961′s Spring ’15 Campaign Creates the Perfect Seasonless Uniform

by Jennine Jacob


If you didn’t know by now, I live in jeans. Denim is my neutral. What changes over time is the fit, the wash, the choice to distress or not. But living in San Francisco, the seasons are all pretty much the same, and they all entail wearing denim. DL1961‘s Spring Campaign is the perfect balance of  Spring transitional, and well, seasonless dressing, which is great for people like me who hate wearing “Spring colors”.

The campaign highlights several trends from DL1961′s Spring collection, including vintage fits reimagined – like the seventies flares and relaxed skinny, Americana detailing such as red and blue side taping and fringe – all in the brand’s revolutionary fabrics, DLX and dlpro.






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