Is The Skinny Jean Trend Really Over?

by Jennine Jacob


I can remember back in 2006-07, I tried on my first pair of “skinny jeans.” I was nervous. Were they unflattering? What would I wear them with. But once I bought a pair, it was all over, skinny jeans would be the main staple of my wardrobe for the next eight years. It was like getting an iPhone after having a Razr flip phone. Like, was there life before? I dunno, can’t remember.

Then, I started to notice something, after ignoring the boyfriend jean trend for ages, I bought a pair of boyfriend jeans. Even back in March, I predicted that the pair of jeans you should invest in, was the high waisted “mom” style. I’ve always worn my skinny jeans a bit slouchy, so that wasn’t a big leap. Then, getting used to the comfort of a more relaxed fit, I started experimenting with sweatpants. The last few weeks, sweatpants have been pretty much all I’ve been wearing. Fancy sweatpants. I even wrote a post about it on my other blog.

It seems that I’m not alone. Sales of skinny jeans are down. Sweatpants are up. It seems that every retailer has their version of the dressy sweatpant.  “Women basically said, ‘I’m not wearing tight jeans — I’m done with them,’” Marshal Cohen, chief analyst at trend research group, NPD Group, INC  said to Bloomberg.

While I never felt that “tight jeans” were uncomfortable, unless they didn’t have any stretch and they didn’t fit properly, there is something to be said about getting into a more relaxed jean. The comfort, ease, and style contributes to an effortless look.

That said, I still believe that a great pair of skinny jeans coupled with blazer, tee-shirt and flats looks great any time of day, any time of year. So don’t throw out your skinny jeans yet… but also, don’t dismiss boyfriend jeans and sweatpants either, because there is something to be said about being comfortable.

[Image credit: Damsel in Dior]

Icons in Denim: Brigitte Barot

by Jennine Jacob


It’s impossible to say the word “bombshell” or “sex symbol” without eventually thinking of Brigitte Bardot. Along the lines of Marilyn Monroe, she was the archetype for the curvaceous blonde. Her first dream was to become a ballerina, but cut her teeth on modeling for her mother’s hat line. Over the years, she eventually became an actress, then retired from show business in 1973, then she became a animal rights activist for which she continues to this day.

One of the things that is striking about the photos of her from the 50′s-70′s is how she wore her denim, completely effortless, and even a bit like she just rolled out of bed. Perhaps that’s just a thing that the French can do so well. While her signature is the super tight skinny jeans, she also has been spotted wearing boot cut jeans, as well as tucking flared jeans into boots a la pirate look! Arrr! So good.

brigitte_bardot_denim_icon_15 brigitte_bardot_denim_icon_14 brigitte_bardot_denim_icon_12brigitte_bardot_denim_icon_13 brigitte_bardot_denim_icon_10 brigitte_bardot_denim_icon_9 brigitte_bardot_denim_icon_8 brigitte_bardot_denim_icon_7 brigitte_bardot_denim_icon_6 brigitte_bardot_denim_icon_5 brigitte_bardot_denim_icon_4 brigitte_bardot_denim_icon_3 brigitte_bardot_denim_icon_2

Denim Crush: Industry Standard

by Christina Uzzardi

I have a new obsession and it’s called Spring. A couple of my friends who sell their beauty products on the new shopping app tipped me off a few weeks ago and I’ve been hooked ever since the recent launch. I use it to shop already cherished brands, but also discover new ones like Industry Standard New York. A pair of high rise white jeans made me click, and I had to learn more. Recently founded by Nicole Najafi, The line is designed in New York, and produced in Los Angeles. For now the selection is carefully edited, with just a handful of classic, everyday styles you’ll live in, like the Simone Midrise, a midrise skinny jean composed of a comfy, stretchy blend, and the Margo Highrise, a highrise skinny jeans washed in the perfect indigo and composed of that same fabric. I can’t wait to get a pair, I just can’t decide on a style. Oh, and another selling point, all styles are designer and manufactured in the US, and retail at $95 – $105. Excuse to buy a few? Perhaps.

industry standard 1

Nicole has made technology a focus from the beginning. Not only is the brand on Spring, but they’re also offering studio visits to all customers who place orders through the app. And come September, they’re launching Clothes Horse on the site, a size guide platform that helps customers know what size to order based on their previous purchases at other brands. Tech and denim — my two favs! Shop Industry Standard online here. P.S. all orders arrive bundled up in the cutest packaging (see below).

industry standard 2

industry standard 3

industry standard 4

industry standard 5

industry standard 6

industry standard 7

industry standard 8

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 9.00.15 AM

Fall Trend: Skinny Jeans, Fat Cuffs

by Jennine Jacob


As someone who buys “cropped jeans” that always turn out to be, well, normal length on me, cuffing is kind of a fact of life. I’m always cuffing jeans (unless they are “cropped” ), and for a while I was wondering if I should give up on the cuff, but lo and behold, the dramatic cuff started appearing on skinny jeans. I talked about the statement cuff a few months back, and it’s amazing, though worn with a boyfriend cut jean, it’s a bit bolder of a statement since boyfriend jeans can be a hard look to style. The fat cuff / skinny jean combination works because skinny jeans are more wearable, and the long inseam is quite easy to find. You can wear the fat cuff / skinny jean with sneakers, booties or heels all the same. It’s quite possibly the most versatile look ever.


Image credits: Clemence Poesy, Apartment34, Sincerely Jules

Baldwin Denim Mens Fall Collection is Perfect

by Jennine Jacob



My husband does two shopping trips a year. Once in the fall for the major shopping trip, and again in the spring for a smaller trip. My shopping trips are more frequent, but I tell you, fall is a major time for me as well. This year all around I’ve noticed the trend towards developing a timeless wardrobe. Clean lines, minimal styling and crisp colors. That’s why Baldwin Denim’s mens collection is the one to watch this season for mens streetwear. From the perfect sweatpants (yes, sweatpants! love them!) to an amazingly sharp pair of chinos which can be paired with the eternally cool shawl collar sweater. This collection has the foundation for the best wardrobe ever.




Baldwin_FW14_Look02_0006 Baldwin_FW14_Look02_0007 Baldwin_FW14_Look02_0008 Baldwin_FW14_Look03_0022 Baldwin_FW14_Look04_0011-682x1024 Baldwin_FW14_Look05_0009-682x1024
Baldwin_FW14_Look06_0000 Baldwin_FW14_Look07_0029-706x1024 Baldwin_FW14_Look08_0012 Baldwin_FW14_Look09_0013-682x1024 Baldwin_FW14_Look09_0014 Baldwin_FW14_Look10_0003 Baldwin_FW14_Look10_0004

Icons in Denim: Patti Smith

by Jennine Jacob



Patti Smith is one of my favorite musicians and style inspiration. Ahead of her time, not only did she pioneer a genre of music, she also pioneered a style of dress. You can see her influence in style in people today (I’m thinking of Freja Beha Erichsen specifically) but also in that androgynous, timeless sense. That jeans and button-down shirt combination she wore so well never went out of style in the 40 years since she started wearing it. I love how her jeans back then are perfectly distressed, ripped and cuffed, the original “boyfriend jean.” Even if worn today. And the denim shorts paired with a trench coat? That’s awesome.


patti_smith_denim14 patti_smith_denim13 patti_smith_denim12 patti_smith_denim11 patti_smith_denim10 patti_smith_denim9 patti_smith_denim8 patti_smith_denim7 patti_smith_denim5
patti_smith_denim4 patti_smith_denim2patti_smith_denim3patti_smith_denim1patti_smith_denim15

Summer’s Hottest (& Shortest) Denim Cut-off

by Christina Uzzardi


Love denim cut offs? Yea, me too. But apparently I’ve been cutting and wearing mine wrong for months! OK not really but I swear everyone I see in cut offs this season are wearing their shorts this way: cut at an angle towards the thigh (often like underwear), with tons of fray, and short as possible. I’m not sure if I can get away with the style on an everyday basis, but definitely like covering up a bathing suit with shorty shorts – and if styled right support this look. Who am I fooling? If you have the confidence (and gams) to pull them off than please do! Get the look with:

left // middle // right

denim cut offs

Love these looks:









(images via: herehere here, here)

Simplicity in Denim

by Jennine Jacob



One of the things I love about denim is the simplicity of its statement. Fashion photographer, Oscar Correcher photographed a new model, Misty Downs, for a photo story, “School’s Out for Summer.” While wearing triple denim is the last thing I’d want to wear in a New York City Summer, I do love the simplicity of the styling. No gaudy accessories, interesting, but not over the top shoes, and variations in mid-wash denim and white jeans. It’s really inspiring as to how I can wear my denim on an every-day basis.


misty-oscar-correcher7 misty-oscar-correcher8 misty-oscar-correcher9

MiH Fall 14 Collection Goes to The Countryside

by Jennine Jacob


If there are two things we start thinking about come August, it’s escaping the city and escaping the heat. MiH’s fall/winter collection for this year does just that. With that Indigo denim coat I’ve been lusting over for ages paired with the MiH Manchester Jean, it’s a new spin on the double denim that doesn’t look too contrived. I’m also really feeling that poncho, since I’ve been taking out my very own poncho from time to time this summer (I’m in San Francisco, it gets cold this time of year). Anyway… I’m digging the feel they’ve captured in the English Countryside, it makes me want to escape there to drink some tea and hang out with the horses.

mih_fall_2014_5 mih_fall_2014_4 mih_fall_2014_3 mih_fall_2014_2 mih_fall_2014Images courtesy of MiH


That 70′s Cher: An Icon in Denim

by Jennine Jacob


There  are really only a handful of people who have managed to stay in the public eye year after year, but for six decades? While for most of us, we think of Cher as the dance music goddess with elaborately naked costumes, and sometimes stars in cheesy but oh-so-good movies of the late 80′s and 90′s.  She was also a major force in the 70′s. First as one half of a folk-rock duo and television variety show, Sonny & Cher, aside from their music, they wore unisex clothes which was revolutionary for the time. For us looking back at them, there was a delightful amount of denim. What else can you expect from the 70′s? As the decade moved on, her life and career moved on, Cher’s off-duty style incorporated a lot of denim, at the airport, shopping, running errands, even in jeans she still looked fabulous in thigh-high boots or glamorously oversized sunglasses. Of course, that gorgeous long flowing black hair didn’t hurt either.

cher_70s_denim_11cher_70s_denim_3 cher_70s_denim_10 cher_70s_denim_9 cher_70s_denim_8

cher_70s_denim_12 cher_70s_denim_6 cher_70s_denim_5cher_70s_denim_7 cher_70s_denim_4cher_70s_denim_2

She’s not in denim here… but I just had to post. I mean, she’s WALKING DOWN THE STREET in just a leotard, fishnets and a cowboy hat. Flippin’ awesome.

Would You Wear Ripped Rear Denim

by Christina Uzzardi

We talk a lot about ripped up denim here on ESD. Distressed jeans are popping up in many sub categories: ripped knees, ripped white jeans, all over distressed jeans, you-can-almost-see-your-underwear-the-holes-are-so-big distressed. Which leads me to a newer trend I’ve witnessed: the ripped rear. A large rip right below the cheeks. And honestly, if you have a nice round hiney (that reminds me, I have a pop physique class in 20), totally works. Examples below. But what if you don’t? What if you’re over a certain age? What if? I’m not sure.  Are we going to be seeing more of this? I’m not sure but would love to hear by our opinion on the style!



(images from left: Kylie Jenner, the daileigh (love this outfit and the rip totally works here)

DL1961 FW14 Lookbook is Super Sleek

by Jennine Jacob


DL1961 has made some really interesting advancements in denim. From 4-way stretches that push the boundaries of comfort and fit to exploring various denim textures and coatings. This season, not only does the brand build off that foundation of fit and texture, it applies it to the fashion wardrobe. With minimalism hitting the fashion streets, DL1961′s collection is minimal with bold details, and I’m not talking embellishing. Front paneled and back paneled jeans, clean denim shirts and paneled black denim jackets. It’s really trendy while completely classic.


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