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A Gift for the Geekiest Denim Dads

by Kristen Philipkoski


If you’re dad is WAY into jeans, denim machine making company Tonello’s book marking its 35th anniversary in the denim-finishing machinery business might be just the thing. “From Here to There—Denim in Motion” is “emotional object” of inspiration and design, Tonello says. The book is a behind-the-scenes look at denim production in Italy, including sketches of Tonello family members along with Adriano Goldschmied, Piero Turk, Mariette Hoitink of HTNK, Koizumi Sumio of Edwin Co., Bart Sights of Levi’s and Andrew Olah of Olah Inc.


Bloggers in Denim: Julia Lundin Interprets Jeans + Tee

by Kristen Philipkoski



Is there any better combination than a white tee and jeans? And as many times as I’ve seen this combo, I never get tired of it. Even the simplest styling can make it look fresh and polished. Well done, Julia!


[Photos via Julia Lund]

Three Ways to Stretch Your Jeans

by Kristen Philipkoski


It’s not often that your body will fit perfectly into a pair of jeans. Jeans that fit in the legs and hips often gap at the waist, or if they fit your waist they’re extra snug. Or that thing when the jeans look amazing in the dressing, but when it comes to sitting down out in the world, it gets painful.

Luckily, stretching your jeans up to an inch is totally doable. Here’s how:

1. Lunge.

Lunging in your jeans helps break the fibers and stretches them out. This technique is especially good for those who need some stretch in the thighs and butt.

2. Spray.

Step one: put on your jeans. Step two: spray them with warm water—preferably in that order, because it’s easier to get the jeans on when they’re dry.

3. Take a bath…

… with your jeans on! Make the water warm, and stay in for at least 15 minutes. Then get out, towel dry, do a few lunges, and keep the jeans on for about 30 minutes. Take them off and hang to dry.

How do you stretch your jeans?

Why Is ASOS Wasting Denim and Offending Not-Tall People?

by Kristen Philipkoski

A spate of social media message has outed ASOS for delivering jeans that are a couple FEET (as in 24 or more inches) longer than customers ordered. What’s happening here?

According to ASOS, customers like George (above) need to read the description. The jeans are the super-skinny longing stackers, and they’re supposed to be that way. The idea is to let them bunch up a bunch along the calf and ankle for a “gathered effect.”


Sorry George, ASOS didn’t mean to offend. Try the scrunching and let us know how it goes!

Refinery 29 Editors’ Kill It With Their Own Denim Designs

by Kristen Philipkoski

image-2Refinery 29 editors recently partnered with Earnest Sewn to design their own denim, and the results are so good! Each style is quite different, yet I want—and can see myself wearing—every one of them. My favorites are Connie’s asymmetrical anti-fits above, and Christene’s white flares (they come in indigo, too). And the beautiful things is, each design is for sale! I’m loving the collages as well. The article is worth a full read for more about what inspired their designs. image

image-5 image-4 image-3

Vintage Score: ’70s Denim Jacket

by Kristen Philipkoski


I was so excited to find this vintage denim patchwork jacket at the UBI-IND shop in San Francisco because the way the denim is sewn is exactly like a long-lost pair of bell-bottom jeans and matching vest set that was my favorite in third grade.

More recently, I wore the jacket with an Ali Golden dress (courtesy of Refined), the Melanie culotte jeans courtesy of Citizens of Humanity, and Freda Salvador boots and my charm bracelet, also circa third grade.





Thank you Mai Sofala for the photos!

7 Times Bruce Springsteen Wore Denim Like a Boss

by Kristen Philipkoski

style-blogs-the-gq-eye-Bruce+SpringsteenIt occurred to me today that we’ve never published a roundup of the glorious Bruce Springsteen wearing jeans, which he does so very well. Let’s change that today! In his earlier days, he was such a hippie. The hip-huggers he’s wearing in the shirtless image below is freaking me out with its sexy hippie vibe.

When I graduated from high school, Born in the USA was the hugest album in the country. Just to be contrarian, I walked around saying I hated it, but it was a lie. I loved it and still do—only today I’m perfectly happy to admit it.

Unsurprisingly, there is an entire blog devoted to Bruce’s derriere. Enjoy.






Images 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,


Stop Hunting for Flattering Jeans

by Kristen Philipkoski


Chloe Lonsdale, founder of M.i.h, says finding the perfect jeans is no longer about finding the pair that will make your butt look great or make your legs look longest. It’s about the story you tell when you put them on.  She told the Hollywood reporter:

It’s so exciting to see the current move from super skinny jeans to non-stretch vintage-fit denim in authentic blue washes. Vintage-feeling denim has always been at the heart of what we do, so we are experts in the area and at the forefront of the movement. It’s not about the most flattering, leg-lengthening skinny jeans anymore, but about the attitude that a jean gives you.

Lonsdale knows from jeans: her dad, Tony, founded Jean Machine in London—a denim retail store that’s still going strong—and her mom, Chekkie, was a model.

I love thinking about jeans (and any other garment for that matter) with this in mind. What freedom to forget about my butt and just think about feeling badass when I walk into a room. M.i.h is fast becoming one of my favorite denim lines.

[Photo via Telegraph]



A Test: Can You Cuff Flared Jeans?

by Kristen Philipkoski



I’ve been diving so head-first into the flare/bell trend that I found myself looking for a way to switch things up. When I’m feeling that way with straight or tapered jeans, the answer is often to cuff them up once or twice. But doing so with flared jeans gave me pause, because, would they stay cuffed?

But I tested it out anyway, because I was digging the look. The answer to the questions, at least with these McGuire Gainsbourg baby boot cuts, was yes, but only with gentle wear. Once you start rigorously stomping through an airport, which I did shortly after these photos were taken, the cuffs will likely fall out. That was OK in my case since the jeans were so long that they would drag on the ground—but be aware that if your jeans are long, you could end up with dirty jeans fast.


In addition I would say the stiffer your jeans are, the longer they’ll stay cuffed. You could also sneak a safety pin inside your jeans on each side at the seams—discreet and easy enough to remove when you’re feeling the long look again.

This photo shoot (with my dad!) also marked my first try-out with the bandana trend (better late than never!), which I thoroughly enjoyed, until I got really overheated after running to my flight :) Let me know if you try cuffing your bells!

More outfit deets: Freda Salvador Star boots; vintage Phillies t-shirt, similar here; blue bandana.

[Photos by Richard Philipkoski]

Perfect Your Casual-Cool Summer Vibe With Strom

by Kristen Philipkoski

8-1Ever since Strom launched last year, founder and designer Erika Stromkvist has been killing it. This is the brand’s second lookbook, and it has me ready to chill at a beach bonfire with an adult beverage. I’m particularly loving the high-waisted flare below—they look so relaxed. I’m also needing the jeans with released hems to get in my closet ASAP, please.



















The Latest Perfect Jeans from M.i.h: High-Waist, Slim Cut Mimi

by Kristen Philipkoski


These high-waisted, slim-cut jeans are like that perfect vintage find that rarely happens—and when it does, they’re not in your size. Leave it to the jean geniuses at M.i.h to nail your denim hopes and dreams. It’s up to you to decide whether fulfilling them is worth $270 :)



Bloggers in Denim: Sincerely Jules Doesn’t Just Wear It, She Designs It

by Kristen Philipkoski

Screenshot 2016-05-23 15.07.40

Sincerely Jules launched her own clothing line in 2012, and I’m loving the denim she’s been adding to her collection lately. I’m especially smitten with the Brooklyn skinny jeans below, and the prices are totally doable. Plus, I love seeing a blogger take her blog to another level with retail and totally kill it.  

wanderer skinny

Wanderer skinny jeans in black or white, $119

Screenshot 2016-05-23 15.16.15

Riley black denim cutoff shorts (also in white), $89

two jeans

Brooklyn skinny jeans in washed black, $119 and Detroit distressed bluejeans, $119

3 tops

Forever denim camisole, $90; faithful denim camisole, $90; Ruby denim dress, $98

Screenshot 2016-05-23 15.07.54




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