Get Your Coat On. Coated Jeans That Is.

by Jennine Jacob


Coated Jeans are one of those things you think will only be around for a season or two. But no… they have stuck around long enough to be a permanent member of the denim family. An alternative to leather (and pleather), coated jeans are both light weight enough and breathe enough to give that edgy look without the cost. This season, DL1961 has a great collection of coated jeans utilizing their 4-way trademark stretch, giving you that perfect fit that retains its shape. The Emma Coated Legging Jean is a classic style to add to your fall wardrobe.

The only thing is how do you care for coated jeans? Turn them inside out and hand wash, or you can also send them to an eco-friendly dry cleaners that doesn’t use heat. You  could also recoat your jeans, but try it first on an older pair so you can practice your technique.

RiverPintuck_TOULOUSE $268 Florence_BARCELONA $178 Florence_LONDON $178 Emma_Clash $178 Emma_Platinum $179

Fall Inspiration: Cable Knit Sweater & Jeans

by Jennine Jacob


I’ve become quite discerning when it comes to sweaters. Many a time I’ve purchased an ‘affordable’ sweater only to have it pill so badly it rendered itself unwearable. When the temperatures drop, having a cozy sweater is always key for comfort. But what kind of sweater would be worth an investment? Surely you’d want to get a sweater that looks chic year after year.

Enter cable knit sweaters.

The style based off the Aran knit sweater came from Ireland, originally made with unscoured (the sheep’s natural oils left in the wool) making the sweaters water-resistant. Perfect for fisherman! These days, the sweater style is made in a variety of fibers and colors, and since the style has survived the test of time. (Kind of like how jeans are a timeless classic.)

Combine the beautiful textures of a cable knit sweater with a pair of well-worn jeans and you have that perfect outfit that will look great year after year.


cable_knit_fisherman_denim_jeans9 cable_knit_fisherman_denim_jeans8 cable_knit_fisherman_denim_jeans7 cable_knit_fisherman_denim_jeans6 cable_knit_fisherman_denim_jeans5 cable_knit_fisherman_denim_jeans4 cable_knit_fisherman_denim_jeans3 cable_knit_fisherman_denim_jeans2 cable_knit_fisherman_denim_jeans1Images via: Le Fashion, Fashion Gone Rogue Tumblr, Derek Blasberg Instagram, Madewell, and various places on Pinterest.


Free People Heads to The Mountains for Fall

by Jennine Jacob

Free People Mountaineer 6


There is nothing like a trip to the mountains in the fall. Why? Usually that’s where the seasons never fail to show up. It’s always good to get out of the rat race of the cities and suburbs, and let’s face it, the beaches just won’t get you into the fall spirit. Free People released their October lookbook paying homage to mountain style. My sister lives in the mountains, and I can attest, her style is very tom-boyish. Mountain boots, overalls, jeans, flannels, layers upon layers. Everything revolves around practicality. I would have to say that Free People really straddled the line between the trend styling and the reality of mountain living. It makes me want to leave my city clothes behind and head to the hills.

Free People Mountaineer 5Free People Mountaineer 1Free People Mountaineer 2Free People Mountaineer 4 Free People Mountaineer 7

Icons in Denim: Madonna

by Jennine Jacob


Oh Madge, how do I even begin? When Madonna first entered the cultural conversation she changed everything. Sure, at the time people were just saying she used sex to get attention, that she didn’t have any talent, they called her a whore. When nude photos of her taken before she was famous were published in Penthouse and Playboy, she responded by saying, “So what?”  She continued doing what she wanted and rose above her critics.

Of all celebrities, Madonna is probably the most Post-Modern in terms of her image. Ever evolving, borrowing from cultures, religions, mixing fashion styles and creating something that is really totally her. When it comes to denim, she nailed the trend that would define the image of the 80′s. Relaxed fit, light wash, distressed, and most of all layers upon layers.

tbt_madonna_denim17 tbt_madonna_denim16 tbt_madonna_denim15tbt_madonna_denim8 tbt_madonna_denim14tbt_madonna_denim11 tbt_madonna_denim10 tbt_madonna_denim9
tbt_madonna_denim7 tbt_madonna_denim6
tbt_madonna_denim4 tbt_madonna_denim3 tbt_madonna_denim2 tbt_madonna_denim1


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SF Looks: San Francisco Style Through a Scandinavian Eye

by Jennine Jacob


Just when you think you know your city, someone comes along and shows it to you with fresh eyes. I had written off San Francisco as the place where tech startup tee-shirts come to die, and long time street style blogger from Helsinki, Liisa Jokinen made the move a to the bay and started up SF Looks, the San Francisco sister of Hel Looks. There are a few street style bloggers who photograph outside the expected fashion week circuit, (Fasionist, is another based in San Francisco). Anyway, it’s interesting to see how people can spot out of a crowd like-minds. Jokinen has a way of finding a Scandinavian twist on a very Californian scene. And the denim! No jeans and tech-startup teeshirts here. High waisted boyfriend jeans, cut-off mens shorts, black denim on black denim. So cool.

sf-looks_denim3sf-looks_denim11 sf-looks_denim8 sf-looks_denim9sf-looks_denim7 sf-looks_denim6 sf-looks_denim5sf-looks_denim1sf-looks_denim2All images from SF Looks


Faustine Steinmetz: Denim as Art

by Jennine Jacob

faustine_steinmetz_ss15_denim9 We all know the usual suspects when it comes to denim. Jeans, jean jackets, denim shirts. Everything evolves at a snail’s pace in the denim world. But we like it that way. Subtle evolutions in fit and fabric to the denim connoisseur is like the notes of fruit and wood to the wino. However, those evolutions would never make big leaps without fashion designers, real designers, who think of fashion as an art form. One of which is Faustine Steinmetz whose Spring ’15 collection focuses on denim.  Made of destructed denim, frayed layers, and denim yarn formed onto tailored pieces, this collection questions the very foundation of a pair of jeans. Steinmetz told Dazed Digital, “All the yarns are made from recycled denim,” she explains of her process. “We unravelled the old denim and used traditional pleating and hand stitching techniques.” Of course, it’s not for everyone to wear on the streets, but couldn’t you see a bit of detailing here in your wardrobe? faustine_steinmetz_ss15_denim7faustine_steinmetz_ss15_denim8 faustine_steinmetz_ss15_denim6 faustine_steinmetz_ss15_denim5 faustine_steinmetz_ss15_denim4 faustine_steinmetz_ss15_denim2 faustine_steinmetz_ss15_denim faustine_steinmetz_ss15 All Images from Dazed Digital

A Blondie Ambition in Vogue Turkey

by Jennine Jacob



One person I never get bored or tired of is Debbie Harry. Her look during the Blondie years is unmatched by any other female musician (in my opinion) or maybe it was those cheekbones and almond shaped eyes. Anyway, Vogue Turkey ran an editorial featuring Natasha Poly inspired by those 70′s photos of Harry, except the one with the baby. I’m not sure what the baby is doing there. I’m not even sure if the baby knows what the baby is doing there. None the less, I keep coming back to photos of skinny jeans tucked into knee-high boots. Maybe it’s time to get back on that…. I seem to have forsaken my knee-high boots as of late. Anyway, I love how this editorial makes even the simplest outfits (skinny jeans and striped tee, denim shorts and a blazer, double denim) look fierce.

natasha-poly-blondie-style-photoshoot2 natasha-poly-blondie-style-photoshoot6 natasha-poly-blondie-style-photoshoot8 natasha-poly-blondie-style-photoshoot9


Images via Fashion Gone Rogue

Vintage 1970′s Levi’s Ads

by Jennine Jacob


WARNING: There are a few NSFW ads in this post.

Yes, can you believe it… LEVI’S running NSFW ads in regular magazines? FOURTY YEARS AGO? Apologies for the gratuitous capitalizations… but looking back at the golden age of advertising, and the golden age of Levi’s, you have to admit that some of the advertising is even more progressive than what you would see today. More diversity, psychedelic design, heck, even nudity!

Anyway, those were the 70′s. The only things I actually remember from those days revolve around the Muppet Show, Star Wars, and playing outside by myself. That said, it’s worth noting that Levi’s do have a vintage collection with new versions of old styles available to purchase, in case you are feeling a bit nostalgic.


levis_ladies_70s_14 levis_ladies_70s_12levis_ladies_70s_13levis_ladies_70s_11 levis_ladies_70s_10 levis_ladies_70s_9 levis_ladies_70s_8 levis_ladies_70s_7 levis_ladies_70s_3levis_ladies_70s_6levis_ladies_70s_5


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Wear Now: Black Jeans & Camel Hair Coat

by Jennine Jacob


One of the things I miss about distinct seasons is the opportunity to wear my camel hair coat. Here in California it’s just too warm, or maybe it’s climate change, but whatever the reason… if you live in a place cold enough to wear a real coat, camel hair coat is a timeless investment. I wore my camel hair coat for five years, and would break it out again if I could.

Last year it was all about the denim and the trench, but as the black and white “timeless” trend comes front and center for 2014 and 2015, nothing is more timeless than a solid pair of black jeans. Black jeans have replaced the boring black work pants in many a wardrobe (certainly mine) as they are a bit more casual and edgy than those office pants that only see the light of day for job interviews. Pair your luxurious camel coat with a pair of black jeans and a pair of sneakers or loafers and you’ll have yourself an on-trend outfit (and you’ll be cozy too!)

black_jeans_camel_coat2 black_jeans_camel_coat3 black_jeans_camel_coat4 black_jeans_camel_coat5black_jeans_camel_coat7 black_jeans_camel_coat8

The 5 Best DIY Videos on Distressing Denim

by Jennine Jacob

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 11.00.40 AM

This week I’ve finally decided to get out of my fear around DIY distressing jeans. I frayed the hems of a few pairs of jeans and am wearing them around. The whole thing got me itching to try out some other denim DIY techniques to get them distressed just exactly the way I want them.

While I regret nothing about buying my jeans pre-distressed, sometimes a pair of jeans would be “perfect” if they had just that piece of distressing that’s updated and on trend or subtle enough not to feel like I’m trying too hard. Distressing your jeans at home is not just a matter of taking a pair of scissors to them. Learn from the mistakes of others, and maybe get some inspiration to try your own experiments.

Here are a few videos I found to be helpful on distressing jeans at home:

The Basics on Distressing:

For the Sliced Knee:

For the Frayed Hem:

To Lighten Your Jeans:

To Splatter Bleach Your Jeans:

IRO for Spring 2015: Edgy Basics

by Jennine Jacob


Ok, so it’s October. Only “fashion” people are thinking about spring. I get it. But in reality, it really helps to map out what investments to make in your wardrobe (where to splurge and what to skip) when you have an eye on what’s coming out next season. Not sure about white jeans for fall this year? Well, it’s not such a big gamble if you know that white jeans will still be white-hot come spring.

IRO, is a French label that hopped on the “timeless basics” trend before it became a trend again (this year), most of their collections are founded in the black and white color palettes, and this coming spring is no exception. What I’m loving about this season are the cropped white jeans  paired with a lace-up ankle boot. Jeans that are faded almost white with a very slight cuff is an subtle twist to some of the more statement cuffs we’ve seen on jeans lately. But no matter if the jeans are crisp and white or tattered it’s all in the crop. So we’ll see if it’ll take to the streets since cropped jeans have almost been entirely reserved for the moms on vacation. On the other hand, you can get away with anything wearing those lace-up booties!


Iro_022_1366Iro_020_1366 Iro_018_1366 Iro_006_1366 Iro_016_1366 Iro_017_1366

Iro_001_1366Images courtesy of IRO, via


E. Tautz Debuts Line for The Luxury Tomboy

by Jennine Jacob


Women have Paris Couture, men have London’s Savile Row. Only, nowadays tomboy chic has played a big part in everyday style for a lot of us. I for one am always wearing button down shirts and jeans, and I don’t even consider myself a tomboy! Anyway, my point being is that now is as good a time as any for luxury menswear brands to dabble in the vast womenswear market. This fall, E. Tautz debuted their womens collection. Based off the maritime theme, the palette for this season is navy and white. Simple, yet oversized silhouettes remind me of Katharine Hepburn’s custom jeans (tailored on Savile Row as well). There is something in these jeans I’m really loving. Maybe not so much in the styling of this particular collection, but in how the wide-leg denim trend is interpreted here. etautz15 etautz13 etautz12 etautz11 etautz10 etautz08 etautz07 etautz06 etautz05 etautz04 etautz03 etautz01Images via


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