Denim is California’s State Fabric

by Kristen Philipkoski

Yep, it’s true. California has a state fabric, and it’s denim. From the Los Angeles Times:

Democratic Assemblyman Marc Levine of Marin County introduced the state fabric measure, AB 501 (as in Levi 501s). With little opposition, it sailed to the governor’s desk. Though his bill does not name any company, Levine said he was inspired by Levi Strauss and its commitment to sustainable business practices.

Well alright! (Unfortunately the article perpetuates the myth that freezing your jeans will clean them, don’t believe it!) If you’d like to read the bill, check it out here.

[Photo via Brandy Melville]

Remembering a Time When You Couldn’t Wear Jeans to the Mall

by Kristen Philipkoski

When I first saw the headline in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “First Person: Jeans, Jeans, Jeans,” I thought the article would be a celebration of my favorite clothing. But, alas, it was a lamentation of denim culture. The subtitle, I soon found out, was: “I miss seeing people dress up for the occasion.”

The author remembers an occasion when her mother took her shopping at Kaufmann’s, and she decided not to change out of her play clothes. She regretted her decision.


Older women in suits with matching hats, handbags and shoes looked at me through eyes narrowed with disdain. Other little girls, wearing the clothes I also should have been wearing, pointed at me and giggled until their mothers hushed them. Sales clerks, taught to treat each customer with respect, had a hard time being polite to me — the rebel without a cause who, due to laziness, had not dressed appropriately for the occasion. My casual attire tainted the shopping excursion for me; even the chocolate cake lacked its usual sweetness.

This next part made me truly LOL, because I thought she was about to discuss disposable, cheap fashion and the havoc it wreaks on our environment and the human rights abuses it creates—I worry about this too: “I worry, too, that our indifference toward how we look manifests itself in the way we abuse the environment.”

But no, she thinks people who wear jeans are litter bugs.

I grew up with a profound admiration for the Cathedral of Learning and its Nationality Rooms. The Cathedral felt like my castle, and the Nationality Rooms were the kingdoms I traveled to on Aladdin’s magic carpet. However, when I recently revisited the Nationality Rooms, I was shocked to find a half-empty Starbucks cup on the floor — no doubt tossed away by someone in jeans.

I grew up in a very small Pennsylvania town, and the elderly woman who lived across the street became a surrogate grandmother to me. I would visit here nearly every day. As I got older, the visits became less, and when I was in college, she moved into a nursing home. I went to visit her with my mother, and I chose my nicest white blouse, complete with ruffles that were trendy at the time (and now!). I’ll never forget how distressed she was. “I just can’t imagine her in jeans!” she said over and over. This article brought back that moment and helped me understand it a little better.

But I do hope that as I get older myself, I’ll work to understand our changing culture as well. A carefully considered outfit might indeed include a pair of jeans. And I hate Starbucks.

The Denim Sculptures of Anna Sew Hoy

by Kristen Philipkoski

Anna Sew Hoy denim artOne of my favorite (non-denim) brands, Osei Duro, is featuring artist Anna Sew Hoy. She does some amazing things with denim. Case in point above! Check out the full interview at the link above, and see more of her denim sculptures and other work, plus find out where you can see her pieces in person at the artist’s website.

She was also featured in The New York Times’ T Magazine in 2010 where a denim piece is featured.

Khloe Kardashian’s Good American Denim Launches Letter Hoodies, They Sell Out Immediately

by Kristen Philipkoski

Good American
, Khloe Kardashian’s denim brand, introduced these sweatshirts on Thursday. Today is Saturday, and every letter from A to Z is already sold out. But you can select your letter and join the waitlist.

Maybe they only made one of each? I have to admit I kind of wanted one. But I would wear mine with pants.

The Evolution of Denim in Hip Hop

by Kristen Philipkoski

hip-hop-denim-style-evolution-unnamed2-1200x800 Jeans worn by hip-hop artists did not always strive to show as much of one’s underwear as possible, High Snobiety reveals. In the seventies, when hip-hop first emerged, artists in the genre wore remarkably well-fitting jeans:

In a decade where high style was characterized by stretchy polyester, shiny satin and chintzy velour, hard-wearing denim dungarees symbolized a utilitarian sense of rebellion.

Moving into the eighties, artists even wore head-to-toe denim, and gravitated towards much less showy stagewear that one might imagine in the context of a pretty opulent decade.

Check out the entire evolution of denim in hip hop at High Snobiety, and check out their tips on how to rock the looks from every era now.

[Photo via High Snobiety]

’70s Pants Party at Wallflower in San Francisco, Friday!

by Kristen Philipkoski

15940967_1870268423216134_2902433819791133710_n-2If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, celebrate the beginning of a few days without rain (it’s returning next week!) with Wallflower’s 70s pants party. There’s nothing I love more than a good pair of 70’s jeans, and I love the idea of celebrating them with friends, snacks and beverages. I will be there in spirit only, unfortunately. Being a mom of a preschooler, I do fun things like mandatory preschool meetings on Fridays. But you should go, because Wallflower is RAD not only for 70s pants but for vintage clothing in general as well as home items. Make your way to the back of the store for macrame, brass lamps, mirrors and all sorts of funky interior pieces. RSVP here! Have fun and happy weekend everyone!

What: ’70s Pants Party

When: Friday, January 13 from 6-9pm

Where: 1176 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA

Why: ’70s denim, duh!

Khloe vs. Kylie: Denim Wars?

by Kristen Philipkoski

Obsessed with my new @fashionnova jeans 🍑Get them at 😍 #ad

A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

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Where to Buy Denim Distressed by a Boar Hunter

by Kristen Philipkoski

Onomichi DenimLeave it to Japanese denim fanatics to come up with a crazy-authentic way of distressing jeans. The Onomichi Denim Project asks (and pays, I presume) fishermen, factory workers and wild boar hunters (for some nice blood stains) to wear jeans every day for a year, and then sells them to customers for $250+. Onomichi’s mayor has even worn jeans for the project. Onomichi Denim project

Here’s how it works, according to

Wearers rotate through two pairs of jeans that they promise to wear almost daily for a year. Every week, the jeans are laundered at a special denim processing facility to retain evidence of each participant’s life and work. A pair worn by a fisherman has faded lines left by knee-high rubber boots, a factory worker’s jeans are distressed from a year’s worth of iron powder penetrating the fabric, and those worn by a wild boar hunter have traces of faded blood.

Would I pay up to $500 for jeans worn for a year by a boar hunter? Yes, yes I absolutely would.

[Photos via Onomichi Denim on Facebook and]

Alexa Chung’s Disturbing Prediction for Jeans in 2017

by Kristen Philipkoski

PKT4137 - 298081 KATE MOSS MODEL 1996 Kate's version - at hte Alexander McQueen Show. The supermodel was wearing a vest and low slung trousers known as bumsters at a show by British designer Alexander McQueen hailed as the up and coming star of the London fashion scene.

PKT4137 – 298081
Kate’s version – at hte Alexander McQueen Show.
The supermodel was wearing a vest and low slung trousers known as bumsters at a show by British designer Alexander McQueen hailed as the up and coming star of the London fashion scene.

I’m so loving the high-waists, wide legs and general resurgence of the seventies in denim trends that I’ve been blissfully ignorant of what the future might hold. And then I read something very jarring at Elle, which was Alexa Chung’s predictions for denim trends of the future:

2017 is coming. What’s the future of denim?

We’ve had distressed edges. We’ve had culottes. We’ve had high waisted jeans, we’ve seen the heralding of the new bootcut back again. I’m so sorry to say this to you, but the only way forward is ultra-hipsters, you know? Like super-low cut, low-rider jeans, to the extreme.

Like the Alexander McQueen bumsters from 1996?

It’s not now. But in a year, those will be back. It’s the only way forward.

The idea gives me the shivers. But, thankfully, I think this time around I’ll be old enough to know better.


Princess Leia Was Almost a Blond and Carrie Fisher Never Wore Jeans

by Kristen Philipkoski

14832535057_f8136d1550_bWhen I heard that Carrie Fisher has tragically passed much too young on December 28, my first reaction was: My goodness how old was she? My second reaction was: wow, that’s only 12 years older than me. My third reaction was: Just when I thought it wasn’t possible, 2016 just got even worse. And my fourth reaction was: I wonder if Carrie Fisher wore jeans much?  Read More >

Happy New Year! What Are Your Denim Resolutions?

by Kristen Philipkoski


kristen-18Denim is a huge part of our lives. We live in jeans, and whether they’re comfortable and whether they makes our backsides look attractive has an enormous impact on our states of mind on a day-to-day basis. That said, I suggest that it’s not entirely weird to make denim-specific resolutions. Here are mine:

1. Stop Sweating the Numbers

My size is historically between 28 and 29 in most jeans, and anytime I have to suffer the higher number, I become slightly depressed. I don’t go so far as to refuse to purchase size 29 jeans, but I don’t do it happily. And I have, on occasion, forced myself into a 28 when a 29, a would have been much more comfortable.

But everyone knows that denim size anything but uniform across brands. And beyond that, a number should not have such a strong impact on one’s self esteem. And so, in 2017 I resolve to only wear jeans that are comfortable and look good, even if the size on the tag is outside of my comfort zone.

2. Mind the Trends

Not every trend is going to look great on every person. And while this is obvious to everyone including myself, sometimes I forget, just like the Naughty Bunny so often forgets to be good. Certain lengths and cuts flatter my wide-hip, narrow-waist (hourglass?) figure. I resolve this year to not force myself to believe I look good in those trends that do not. It’s ridiculously difficult to be objective with ones self, but I vow to try my best.

3. Quality Over Quantity

Being the author of a denim blog, it’s probably not surprising to hear that I’m a denim hoarder. And since denim brands often donate jeans for me to review or feature them, I have accumulated an embarrassingly large collection of jeans over the years. My point is that some are better than others, and I vow to dump the crappy ones and wear with pride those that are well-made.

Now let’s get this crappy year over with and move on to 2017, shall we?! What are your denim (or otherwise) resolutions for 2017?

How to Dress Up Your Denim for New Year’s Eve

by Kristen Philipkoski

Even if you’re spending a chill night with close friends on New Year’s Eve, you still want to make it feel a little special by wearing something a notch or two more fun than your regular #OOTD. Your favorite jeans are the perfect choice in such a situation, because you can dress them up in numerous ways. Here, five bloggers show us how it’s done.

Black Fashiony Top, Black Heels

jeans, new year's eve

Dallas blogger Fashion Jackson’s black ruffle top, jeans and black heels is simple but still special and therefore perfect for a night out on the town or at home with friends.

Over-the-Knee Boots, Sequins and Fur

jeans new year's eve

Anytime you think the elements of your outfit may be adding up to that “too much” level, just add jeans. Problem solved. Here, San Francisco blogger Shannon Yoachum of Style by Lolly shows us how to combine three dramatic pieces with jeans for a perfectly balanced New Year’s Eve outfit.

Off-the-Shoulder Velvet, Coated Denim

jeans new year's eve

Shelby of Louisville Kentucky-based blog Glitter + Gingham creates the perfect amount of shine with an off-shoulder velvet top, coated jeans and black patent pumps. The animal print bag is a nice touch.

Fancy Footwear

jeans new year's eve

Jeans with sequin booties are a match made in NYE outfit heaven. Houston-based Kate Blue of For the Love of Fancy shows how it’s done by topping off the outfit with a simple but formal-feeling black blouse.

Red Sweater


A red cozy sweater is always festive. Add a bright red lip like Olivia of What Olivia Did in London and you’re in business. Flats are a good option, especially if you’re only going to kick them off to lounge on the floor and watch the ball drop.










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