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Bloggers in Denim: Aimee Song of Song of Style in Patched-Up Jeans

by Kristen Philipkoski

Aimee Song

Aimee Song

Photo via Popsugar

I feel like we don’t see Ms. Song in jeans all that often, so I was excited when this photo of the Song of Style blogger popped up during my perusal of street style photos from Paris Fashion Week. It looks as if the destroyed-denim trend is making way for the patched-up trend. I’m all for it!

13 Denim Dresses and Skirts to Wear Now and Forever

by Kristen Philipkoski

elleDenim skirts and dresses are similar to traditional jeans in that they never go out of style. The silhouettes and lengths change (in 2001, apparently, it was long and strapless), but there will always be denim dress to be found in someone’s collection. This season they are plentiful, as the women on the streets of New York and London demonstrated outside the shows of fashion week proved.

Photos 1-4 via Harper’s Bazaar, 5 via Refinery 29, 6-9 via NYMag, 10 via Cosmo, 11-13 via Elle

These Jeans Are Made With Coffee

by Kristen Philipkoski

Hilary Duff coffee jeans

Photo via Hilary Duff on Instagram

American Eagle has launched a pair jeans called the Denim X Cafe that are made with recycled coffee. Each pair is made with 2.25 grams of recycled coffee grounds, and according to the brand’s Instagram feed, the jeans will be available October 15 on the American Eagle website.

The coffee in the jeans absorbs odor, so you can go longer in between washes. They also protect from UV rays.

“The coffee grounds have microscopic pores that reflect UV rays, thereby providing UV protection,” Helen Kang the brand’s senior director of design told Refinery 29.  They will retail for between $45 and $50. Sadly, the jeans do not smell like coffee.

Giant Python Cozies Up to Vintage Denim

by Kristen Philipkoski

CP6lFRpWgAQbSI4We interrupt your regularly scheduled fashion month for a denim news brief: a vintage shopper hunting for denim treasures in Miami earlier this week found a python nestled between piles of jeans, the Miami Herald reports. Was it an awesome pair of python booties? No! It was a python, as in a snake. The 40-pound creature was not a pet, and it was turned over to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission without incident. Authorities say it was likely looking for a dark, warm place to digest a large meal. I feel you, Mr. Python.

Fall’s Coolest Denim Trend: Graffiti Jeans

by Kristen Philipkoski


Cool-girl denim embellishments, whether painted on or sewn, have been gaining serious steam lately. It’s my favorite denim trend of the season, in fact. Joe’s jeans has a version in their fall 2015 collection, and the look has been all over the streets of New York, London and Milan during fashion month.

This is another of those trends that we’ve seen in previous decades, executed in a way that now makes me cringe a little (faux gems and glitter and such). But the current looks are far enough on the side of punk rock that perhaps we won’t feel badly about our choices in five years.

Photo 1 via High Snobiety, 2-4 via PopSugar, 5 via Cosmo, 6 via NYMag, 7 via NYFW, 8-10 via Refinery29, 11 via Harper’s Bazaar


8 Ways to Look Overall Stylish on the Street

by Kristen Philipkoski

As trends come and go rapidly in the world of fashion, overalls have some serious staying power. They’ve been a street style force for nearly a decade. And really, any street style star worth his or her salt can always find a way to make a good pair of overalls work.

At the moment, brands including Citizens of Humanity and Stella McCartney have some highly coveted overall designs available, and that means they’re making multiple appearances on the streets outside the shows this fashion month. Check out some of my favorite looks in the gallery. Side note: Some of these looks are not exactly overalls but do you think Chiara’s Fendi getup is denim? She calls it denim on her blog, so I really, really hope it is (it might just look like denim). And I realize it’s not exactly overalls, but it’s too stunning not to document.

Slide 1 via FashionTimes, 2 via InStyle UK, 3 via Vogue, 4-5 via Harper’s Bazaar, 6 via NYMag, 7-8 via PopSugar

Wearing Dresses Over Jeans Is Officially a Thing Again

by Kristen Philipkoski

vogue3I think it was the early 2000’s when the jeans-under-dresses look last reared its head in force, and I hated it at the time. I don’t know if I’ve changed or it’s the way women are styling the look it this time around, but I’m loving it! I was so inspired that I tried it out myself recently. My teenager made fun, but that’s to be expected.

My favorite dress-over-jeans looks on the fashion week streets this month were the sheer, lighter-than-air frocks worn over rough denim. When I first glimpsed Susie Lau of Style Bubble in her gray chiffon, one-shouldered number layered over shredded jeans and a black tee, my brain failed to compute for a moment. The outfit seemed more than a little on the crazy side. But then I fell in love. That’s the magic of street style mavens—they can take you from fruity to fashion in the blink of an eye.

Check out these dress-over-jeans looks spotted at New York, London and Milan fashion weeks!

Photo 1 via WhoWhatWhere, 2-3 via Refinery 29,  4 via Harper’s Bazaar, 5-6 via NYMag, 7 via Cosmo, 8 via PopSugar, 9 via Vogue, 10 via  NYMag

How to Style Denim on Denim Like a Street Style Star

by Kristen Philipkoski

vogue paris1

A former colleague in the late ’90s called it the “jean suit.” It also has been known as the Canadian Tuxedo, a name that originated in 1851 when Bing Crosby was denied entrance to a fancy hotel in Vancouver for wearing an all-denim outfit (they let him in once they figured out who he was). To make old Bing feel better (i.e. to capitalize on the situation), Levi’s designed and sent him an all-denim tuxedo, which the company reproduced in 2014. Hey, you learn something new every day!

These days, Canadian tuxedo wearers are happily granted entrance to the fanciest of fashion shows. Many fashion bloggers, editors, models and other street styles stars went for the look when getting dressed to view the spring 2016 collections in New York and London. We’ve come such a long way! Here is some of my favorite jean-on-jean action from the fashion week streets, and great sources of inspiration for making a denim-on-denim look work.

Photos 1-2 via Refinery29, 3 via InStyle UK, 4 via The New York Times, 5-6 via Vogue Paris, 7 via NYMag, 8-9 via PopSugar

Bell-Bottoms, Flares and Boot Cuts Were Back on the Streets of New York and London Fashion Weeks

by Kristen Philipkoski

r29 londonPhoto via Refinery29

I’m just gonna come out and say it: I’m obsessed with wide-leg jeans. It’s the ’70s lover in me, the freedom lover, the lover of all things loose and carefree. I’m a hippie, dammit, and I won’t apologize for it. Oh you were judging? Sorry, got carried away. Anyway, I just had to celebrate the folks on the streets of NYC and London who went for the wide leg when dressing to attend the spring 2016 fashion shows. We are birds of a feather, you and I. And while I realize the wide-leg is a bit of a trend at the moment, advocates of this style know that even when the trend fades, our devotion persists. Power to the (wide) pants!

Photos 1-2 via Refinery29, 3 via InStyle UK, 4-8 via Harper’s Bazaar, 9-10 via NYMag, 11-12 via PopSugar, 13 via High Snobiety

7 Dudes Who Look Extra Cool in Their Jeans

by Kristen Philipkoski

In light of my previous post about the difficulty men can have finding jeans that fit great, I couldn’t help but start noticing stylish men in denim in the various street style roundups popping up across the web. They are fewer in number, but, as you can see here, they get no less creative with their denim duds. From wide-legs to skinnies, cut offs to perfect hems, these guys could give Bruce Springsteen a run for his money.

Photos 1-3 via High Snobiety, 4-5 via Harper’s Bazaar,  6-8 via NYMag

The Ultimate Jeans Fit Guide for Men

by Kristen Philipkoski

mens journal body types

I don’t mean to be callous. But sometimes I lack empathy when it comes to men and their sartorial issues. I mean, they just seem to have it so much easier than women. The choices, body image issues, and pressure to look good are undeniably fewer.

Not that I would trade places! I get some serious joy from obsessing over my clothes and shoes. But, historically, I would not feel too bad for a guy who was having trouble finding jeans that fit.

And then I read this article at Men’s Fitness, and I realized that for men, jeans are sometimes an even more important wardrobe stable than they are for women. Men wear jeans everywhere. And sometimes they have those big hamstrings causing problems. Or the calves. So, in a slightly more empathetic mood, I present to you the Men’s Fitness denim brand guide to finding jeans that fit great. From the endomorphs to the exomorphs out there, there’s something for everyone.

Image via Men’s Fitness

11 Destroyed Denim Looks From New York and London Fashion Weeks

by Kristen Philipkoski

Denim is one of those things that like wine gets better with age. And it gets even better yet when it looks like it’s been sent through a wood chipper, as these street style stars demonstrate. This seems to be a trend that will never go away, so it’s lucky we have so much inspiration to draw from!

Photos 1-2 via InStyle UK, 3 via NYTimes, 4 via NYMag, 5-6 via Vogue Paris, 7-8 via Cosmo, 9 via High Snobiety, 10 via Elle, and 11 via NYFW

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