Icons in Denim: Diana Ross

by Jennine Jacob


Diana Ross’s “Upside down” was my first favorite song, ever. I mean, like in my entire life, the first song I remember getting excited about was this song. Mostly because I was five years old, and it had fun words in it like, “upside down” and “inside out” and “round and round” the perfect song for kids right? Well, I also didn’t catch the parts about the cheating, which to a five year old, doesn’t really make sense.

Anyway, Diana Ross is one of the most beautiful singers of all time. Even though her career started before the era of video, she did nail that signature chic and off duty style like no one else. Her jeans, high waisted, fitted and never over the top, she always looked put together, even while traveling.

dianaross_denim2 dianaross_denim3 dianaross_denim4 dianaross_denim5 dianaross_denim6

Jeans Fitted at the Waist

by Jennine Jacob


Whether they’re skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, vintage, or destroyed jeans, nothing is hotter than a pair of jeans fitted at the waist. It shows off your curves, doesn’t have muffin top, and goes well with the flowing tops that are around this season. I love how they tucked in blouses look so polished with the jeans! So feminine!

fitted_jeans3fitted_jeans fitted_jeans2

Hey Shortie! Five Jeans Perfect for Petites

by Jennine Jacob

jeans In my mind I’m 5’6″. In reality I’m 5’3″ when I stand up straight. There used to be “Petites” departments in every store, but that was in the 20th Century. Men have the luxury of being able to buy their pants by waist size and inseam length, but not women. We just have to take our pants to the tailor. I’ve been rolling my jeans for ages. And to tell the truth, sometimes I get tired of it. I have cut my jeans to the perfect length, but in the end sometimes I just want a clean finish. Enter cropped jeans. I always knew ankle length jeans were better for short ladies, but it was after trying out “cropped” jeans or anything with a 26 or 27 inch inseam that I realized I had been going about shopping for jeans all wrong. That I could find great fitting jeans both in the waist and the inseam if I had even bothered to check the measurements, and ultimately avoiding rolled jeans and trips to the tailor. Here are 5 pairs of jeans you’ll love if you’re a shortie like me. petitejeans

Top Image via They All Hate Us

Denim on The Rise: Bliss And Mischief

by Jennine Jacob


My love affair with vintage has always been more like an on-again-off-again kind of deal. I wore vintage when it wasn’t cool, hated vintage when it was cool, and now? Well, only here and there will I dabble. One place that seems to be getting better in terms of the ‘vintage gold rush’ is re-worked vintage denim. Some people really love the cuts of Levi’s vintage jeans, how they’re 100% cotton, and how they fit at the waist, worn in and faded in a way that can’t really be achieved by even the best of denim wash houses.

Hilary Justin founded Bliss and Mischief this year after nearly a decade of fashion design and vintage selling. Combining her skills in both fields, she creates one-of-a-kind re-worked vintage pieces in denim by embroidering them with desert motifs. Where each piece of denim goes from being an old treasure to a piece of art.

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BAM_04 BAM_03 BAM_07 bam1

21 Denim Halloween Costume Ideas

by Jennine Jacob

It’s that time of year again. You have exactly ONE WEEK to come up with a Halloween costume. Do not fret, even if you don’t have the time to go out and get the costume of your dreams, here are a few ideas just for you!


James Dean

The ultimate denim icon…


Marilyn Monroe


Sons of Anarchy/Biker

Kind of along the lines of James Dean, but if you can add biker gang patches to a jacket… I personally love Jemma, and her hair!

Random Hippy

The headband, the circle glasses, a psychedelic top and jean you’re ready to go!


Farrah Fawcett

All you need is that hair and a pair of bell bottoms!


Britney & Justin

Great couples costume!


Marlboro Man

Bonus points if you have an oxygen tank.


Jacques Cousteau

My inspiration from last year


Steve Jobs

Since they’re trying to make a biopic film actually worth watching, I’d say enough time has passed to finally be Steve for Halloween.


Deborah Harry

Any excuse to attempt that eye makeup! All you’ll need is a trucker denim jacket and high waisted jeans. Enough said.


Daisy Duke

So iconic some people refer to short denim shorts as, “Daisy Dukes.”



Dirty Dancing

Nobody puts Baby in the corner.


The Ramones

All you’ll need are bowl cuts, biker jackets, tight tee shirts and jeans.


The Runaways

If you prefer not to have a bowl cut…



Don’t forget the lingerie!


Kate Moss

You can go one of two ways for this… the Calvin Klein Kate if you are confident enough to go topless, or the leopard coat and skinny jeans with her blonde hair. Bonus points for cigarettes and cocaine, and a “Nothing Tastes Better Than Skinny Feels” tee shirt.


Thelma & Louise

For you and your bad-ass friend.


The Outsiders

Great group costume!


Walking Dead Survivors

There are NO high heels in the apocalypse!


Supernatural / Sam&Dean

I’m showing my nerdiness here. But I have actually seen every single episode of Supernatural ever. Sam & Dean would be the perfect nerd costume.

And if you are a fan of she show, and probably a girl as I think even with their “boys club” their demographics are female….  you can be girl versions of the boys.


True Detective

Ah, Cohle…


Icons in Denim: Kurt Cobain

by Jennine Jacob



One can not really talk about the 90′s without talking about Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. That would be like talking about the 60′s without talking about the Beatles. I can’t really think of a musician or a band since that was so reluctantly famous. Or felt their popularity somehow detracted from the artistic merit of their music. Nor a band so simultaneously unconcerned about their clothes while driving an aesthetic that would define at least a couple of years. I look around at a lot of photos of people, and not many can I say it’s hard to find a photo of them not wearing jeans. But with Kurt Cobain, it’s actually difficult to find him wearing pants that aren’t worn in jeans, falling apart, probably Levi’s bought at Sears or a thrifted. The thing about his denim is that unlike many jeans you see today (because, myself included, are too impatient to actually break in our jeans) his are worn in naturally. The wash is pebbled  from just throwing them in the wash and the frayed edges uneven and natural. Cobain struggled to maintain a sense of authenticity, and you can see that even in the way he wore his clothes.



kurt_cobain_denim17 kurt_cobain_denim16 kurt_cobain_denim15 kurt_cobain_denim14 kurt_cobain_denim13 kurt_cobain_denim12 kurt_cobain_denim11 kurt_cobain_denim10 kurt_cobain_denim9 kurt_cobain_denim7kurt_cobain_denim8kurt_cobain_denim6 kurt_cobain_denim5 kurt_cobain_denim4 kurt_cobain_denim3 kurt_cobain_denim2 For more in this series, check out this link!

5 Perfectly Worn-In Jeans You Can Get Right Now

by Jennine Jacob





I keep going back to this photo from Collage Vintage. Is that Emmanuelle Alt? The look is perfect. That worn-in denim look paired with a simple plaid shirt and d’orsay pumps. Classic, chic, worn, but polished.

Of course, I don’t really wash my jeans all that often. I also have too many jeans to really commit to getting that worn-in look naturally. The fix for this craving? Finding that pair of perfectly distressed jeans. Mid-wash with high contrast whiskering in the knees and at the top of the thighs. While we may not be able to get this exact pair… there are a few on the market right now that really can work with your wardrobe…


  1. 3×1 Distressed Boyfriend Jean $345 (Check out that back hem detail!)
  2. R13 Relaxed Skinny Jean $325 (Also, back hem… never thought to dart the hem like that, but it’s brilliant.)
  3. Maison Scotch BJ Jeans $210
  4. Goldsign Frontier Straight Leg Ankle Jeans (With a 27″ Inseam, perfect for petites.)
  5. Levi’s Vintage 1957 501′s $275 (Nothing beats a classic!)


Get Your Coat On. Coated Jeans That Is.

by Jennine Jacob


Coated Jeans are one of those things you think will only be around for a season or two. But no… they have stuck around long enough to be a permanent member of the denim family. An alternative to leather (and pleather), coated jeans are both light weight enough and breathe enough to give that edgy look without the cost. This season, DL1961 has a great collection of coated jeans utilizing their 4-way trademark stretch, giving you that perfect fit that retains its shape. The Emma Coated Legging Jean is a classic style to add to your fall wardrobe.

The only thing is how do you care for coated jeans? Turn them inside out and hand wash, or you can also send them to an eco-friendly dry cleaners that doesn’t use heat. You  could also recoat your jeans, but try it first on an older pair so you can practice your technique.

RiverPintuck_TOULOUSE $268 Florence_BARCELONA $178 Florence_LONDON $178 Emma_Clash $178 Emma_Platinum $179

Fall Inspiration: Cable Knit Sweater & Jeans

by Jennine Jacob


I’ve become quite discerning when it comes to sweaters. Many a time I’ve purchased an ‘affordable’ sweater only to have it pill so badly it rendered itself unwearable. When the temperatures drop, having a cozy sweater is always key for comfort. But what kind of sweater would be worth an investment? Surely you’d want to get a sweater that looks chic year after year.

Enter cable knit sweaters.

The style based off the Aran knit sweater came from Ireland, originally made with unscoured (the sheep’s natural oils left in the wool) making the sweaters water-resistant. Perfect for fisherman! These days, the sweater style is made in a variety of fibers and colors, and since the style has survived the test of time. (Kind of like how jeans are a timeless classic.)

Combine the beautiful textures of a cable knit sweater with a pair of well-worn jeans and you have that perfect outfit that will look great year after year.


cable_knit_fisherman_denim_jeans9 cable_knit_fisherman_denim_jeans8 cable_knit_fisherman_denim_jeans7 cable_knit_fisherman_denim_jeans6 cable_knit_fisherman_denim_jeans5 cable_knit_fisherman_denim_jeans4 cable_knit_fisherman_denim_jeans3 cable_knit_fisherman_denim_jeans2 cable_knit_fisherman_denim_jeans1Images via: Le Fashion, Fashion Gone Rogue Tumblr, Derek Blasberg Instagram, Madewell, and various places on Pinterest.


Free People Heads to The Mountains for Fall

by Jennine Jacob

Free People Mountaineer 6


There is nothing like a trip to the mountains in the fall. Why? Usually that’s where the seasons never fail to show up. It’s always good to get out of the rat race of the cities and suburbs, and let’s face it, the beaches just won’t get you into the fall spirit. Free People released their October lookbook paying homage to mountain style. My sister lives in the mountains, and I can attest, her style is very tom-boyish. Mountain boots, overalls, jeans, flannels, layers upon layers. Everything revolves around practicality. I would have to say that Free People really straddled the line between the trend styling and the reality of mountain living. It makes me want to leave my city clothes behind and head to the hills.

Free People Mountaineer 5Free People Mountaineer 1Free People Mountaineer 2Free People Mountaineer 4 Free People Mountaineer 7

Icons in Denim: Madonna

by Jennine Jacob


Oh Madge, how do I even begin? When Madonna first entered the cultural conversation she changed everything. Sure, at the time people were just saying she used sex to get attention, that she didn’t have any talent, they called her a whore. When nude photos of her taken before she was famous were published in Penthouse and Playboy, she responded by saying, “So what?”  She continued doing what she wanted and rose above her critics.

Of all celebrities, Madonna is probably the most Post-Modern in terms of her image. Ever evolving, borrowing from cultures, religions, mixing fashion styles and creating something that is really totally her. When it comes to denim, she nailed the trend that would define the image of the 80′s. Relaxed fit, light wash, distressed, and most of all layers upon layers.

tbt_madonna_denim17 tbt_madonna_denim16 tbt_madonna_denim15tbt_madonna_denim8 tbt_madonna_denim14tbt_madonna_denim11 tbt_madonna_denim10 tbt_madonna_denim9
tbt_madonna_denim7 tbt_madonna_denim6
tbt_madonna_denim4 tbt_madonna_denim3 tbt_madonna_denim2 tbt_madonna_denim1


For more from this series of Icons in Denim, click here!

SF Looks: San Francisco Style Through a Scandinavian Eye

by Jennine Jacob


Just when you think you know your city, someone comes along and shows it to you with fresh eyes. I had written off San Francisco as the place where tech startup tee-shirts come to die, and long time street style blogger from Helsinki, Liisa Jokinen made the move a to the bay and started up SF Looks, the San Francisco sister of Hel Looks. There are a few street style bloggers who photograph outside the expected fashion week circuit, (Fasionist, is another based in San Francisco). Anyway, it’s interesting to see how people can spot out of a crowd like-minds. Jokinen has a way of finding a Scandinavian twist on a very Californian scene. And the denim! No jeans and tech-startup teeshirts here. High waisted boyfriend jeans, cut-off mens shorts, black denim on black denim. So cool.

sf-looks_denim3sf-looks_denim11 sf-looks_denim8 sf-looks_denim9sf-looks_denim7 sf-looks_denim6 sf-looks_denim5sf-looks_denim1sf-looks_denim2All images from SF Looks


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